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The 2022 CFBHC Season kicks off on Thursday with USC-Notre Dame highlighting the week one games.

A Red Dawn

NDSU and Eastern Washington kick off the first fully simulated FCS season with their saturday night prime time matchup.

Take A Bow

#1 Auburn cruises to a comfortable victory on the back of a powerhouse offense and a defense that left no room for TCU QB Felix Luck to breathe.
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    All-Time starting 5

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    So my team would be as follows:


    PG - Magic Johnson - Obviously one of if not the best PGs in the game.  I chose him because of his size, vision, and also because in his career he played with other huge superstars.  I think when building this fictional team you have to balance "alpha" dogs with these superstar guys who can fit into a role.  

    SG - Michael Jordan - the GOAT.

    SF - Kawhi Leonard - "OMG YOU'RE DUMB, WHY NOT LEBRON?!?!?!"  Listen - MJ is my alpha dog on this team.  Kawhi brings a lot of things to the table.  He's the best defender in the NBA, he's the only person who has been able to consistently make life difficult for Lebron.  Also, isn't Kawhi basically just a evolved version of Scottie Pippen?  He can shoot the long ball a little better, he might be a little better individual scorer.  Pippen probably has him beat on playmaking, but that's why we have Magic.  

    PF - Larry Bird - Bird does a lot of things very well.  He's clutch, he can shoot multiple types of shots, and he's a bad bad man.  I think he gives us a lot of flexibility with our lineup.  

    C - Tim Duncan - Normally I'd put Tim at the PF position, but with Larry on the roster I'll bump him to Center.  Frankly, I think Tim Duncan should be on every single person's all-time starting 5.  He is a top 10 player of all time, that fact can not be disputed.  For a franchise player he had the best attitude and was the best teammate of any superstar in the history of the NBA.  When the Spurs needed him to score 40 he did it.  He had a near quadruple double in the closeout game of the 2003 NBA finals.  He's the perfect fit for a team of the game's best players. 

    6th man  - Jerry West - the logo... 'nuff said. 


    Coach - Gregg Popovich - Every Spurs team that won a championship had a different flavor on how they got it done.  Gregg is the best coach in the NBA when it comes to adjusting the gameplan to the team he is provided.  I trust Gregg more than any other coach to find the best system for my group.  

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