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After falling to #2 in the rankings, the Michigan Wolverines received some more disappointment over the weekend as they fell 17-16 on a last second field goal to the 25th ranked Penn State Nittany Lions. This loss opened up the B1G East and set up a potential deciding game in the final week between Michigan and long time rival and 7th ranked, Ohio State.


As the AFC North tries to figure out who really wants to win the division and play in the playoffs, the battle heats up as Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Baltimore all win their respective games. The Pittsburgh Steelers will play Monday night to see if they can remain tied with Baltimore for the lead at 6-6.


Recruiting season begins to wind down but there are still some major decisions to be made as teams look to fill out their classes. Will these players be able to live up to the hype? Or will they crumble under the pressure of expectations. Stay tuned to find out.


The battle for the NFC East remains hot as well, for all the right reasons as both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys picked up wins on Sunday. The Eagles beat the Falcons 31-28 and the Cowboys beat the Panthers 31-20, making the NFC South a bloodbath as well as the league heads towards the playoffs.
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    [2021] NFLHC Offensive Scheme Analysis - A Second Look

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    I did an article about this earlier in the season, but now that every team is out of their bye week, I thought I'd do another analysis piece for everyone about NFLHC schemes.


    Since I'm about to catch the train I'll add a bit more to this later, but for now here's an overview of total usage of each offense from Week 4-12 (Weeks 1-3 were not published so I don't have this data). This includes the three games where an AI team chose a gameplan (twice for the Cardinals, once for the Seahawks). This should get the early discussion going.



    Primary Offense

    Smashmouth - 2

    Wing T - 9

    Wishbone - 7

    Option - 16

    Pistol - 20

    Spread - 89

    Spread Option - 16

    Pro Style - 86

    Vertical - 9

    Air Raid - 2



    Secondary Offense

    Wing T - 6

    Wishbone - 8

    Flexbone - 15

    Option - 27

    Pistol - 43

    Spread - 71

    Spread Option - 7

    Pro Style - 62

    Vertical - 9

    Air Raid - 7

    West Coast - 1



    Other Notes:

    Two offenses, Trick Plays and Empty Backfield, have never been used as a Primary or Secondary.

    In addition, the 2RB versions of Smash Mouth and Wishbone have not been used.


    19 Teams have used the same Primary Offense since Week 4.

    11 Teams have used the same Primary AND Secondary Offense since Week 4.


    The most unique divisions are the AFCN, NFCE, and NFCS.

    Even then, in all of those divisions at least three teams have been committed to a consistent offense of their own.


    The least unique divisions are the AFCE, AFCS, and (less so now) NFCN.

    The AFCS has a variety of Secondary Offenses, however.





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    2 minutes ago, Rome said:

    I'll break out Trick Plays once we're officially out of the playoffs.


    Which will be never. I'm coming for you, Titties.


    Are you literally just copying me now?



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