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He's Coming Home!

It took a drunken decision but it's finally happening. Lads he's coming home.

Sometimes a neutral site is a second chance...?

Raiders look to avenge their regular season loss to the Eagles in what is sure to be a memorable Super Bowl VIII.


No words needed.

Packers Head Coach Arrested

Inspiral was arrested late last night for DUI. When asked by police how many he had he responded "we/td]] fite me, soliunA DONT REAT THIS BYE".
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    Daily Discussion: Talk about Dynamic Duos

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    This can be about yourself or other users on the site. Which NFLHC coach should pair with which GM, due to style or whatever? Which CFBHC coach would have been a great match/fit with which player? Let's hear it...

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    Since there hasn't been a real answer I'd like to see a very adaptable GM work with a very adaptable Head Coach. inspiral working with DStack would be excellent but obviously won't happen. Broletariat with alien is a similar combination in my mind.

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    I would have enjoyed seeing Danger try to run an offense around Solomon McLaughlin. He has never had a real feature back at TCU. It would have been interesting. I’d also like to see Franz Kafka coach an Aaron Shea- or Matt Jones-type stud pocket QB. 


    In the NFLHC arena, a pair like Rome (HC) and Mimsy (Owner/GM) would be great theater. Or the analytics corner of Bubada (GM) and Stormstopper (HC) would be fantastic. It would be like the Houston Rockets of the NFLHC.

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    I think Alien and Slinky would make a good combo of offense and defense.


    I'd like to see what Inspiral could do with Brian Brown.


    Taffy with Akili in the NFL to see if he could pull off what he does in college.


    Bubada and Rome I think would make a good combo.


    I think me and Jumbo as an organization would be interesting as well  :ninja:


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