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He's Coming Home!

It took a drunken decision but it's finally happening. Lads he's coming home.

Sometimes a neutral site is a second chance...?

Raiders look to avenge their regular season loss to the Eagles in what is sure to be a memorable Super Bowl VIII.


No words needed.

Packers Head Coach Arrested

Inspiral was arrested late last night for DUI. When asked by police how many he had he responded "we/td]] fite me, soliunA DONT REAT THIS BYE".
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    Reshad Jenkins comments on current contract

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    Jets free safety Reshad Jenkins says he's "comfortable" with his current contract.


    Jenkins is currently in the hunt for the Super Bowl, coming off of a wonderful year in which he recorded 31 tackles, 3 interceptions, and 4 passes defensed. There has been some talk whether the 27 year old, who had just signed an extension last year, was already considering sitting out in hopes of seeing an increase payday. "I got my contract man. I'm already feeling set for prime years, no idea where this nonsense comes from. I just signed a deal and I'm fully planning to honor it. I'm just going to go out there and play and hopefully win us a title. Jenkins current contract is set to expire after the 2025 season, at which point the free safety will be 31.


    Jenkins and all other starting Jets secondary players gain 20% chemistry for their next game and 12% starting chemistry each at the beginning of next season if none of them are replaced.

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