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Man of the Hour

The Bills make Purdue Quarterback Matt Jones their first overall pick.

A New Hope

The Atlanta Falcons have drafted Utah quarterback Donald Culver to compete with A.J. Jefferson.

Jumping Up

Tre Dikes, cornerback from Oregon, completes his massive pre-draft climb and is selected by the Redskins in the first round.
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    Bears' Statement on Quincy Honeycutt

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    Members of the Bears medical team have advised the Bears organization that QB Quincy Honeycutt (knee) will likely not be ready for training camp or the beginning of preseason.


    According to the medical staff the surgery to repair his torn ACL went well but strength and conditioning will be a problem based on the type of damage that was suffered. Honeycutt will be unavailable until week 3 of the pre-season and will be questionable for weeks 3 and 4 before becoming probably for week 1 of the regular season.


    Quincy Honeycutt gaines -25% starting fitness for 2022.

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