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Thursday Night Kickoff

Christian Skaggs and the Panthers travel to the desert to take on Nick Hall and the Raiders in the Season Opener.

Take A Bow

#1 Auburn cruises to a comfortable victory on the back of a powerhouse offense and a defense that left no room for TCU QB Felix Luck to breathe.
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    [2022] Chicago Tribune Outlook Ratings

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    17 minutes ago, stormstopper said:

    Oklahoma: Skyrocketing




    Nice stuff Storm!  I hope OU can take a leap this year with Pope becoming less erratic at the end of last season.  White returning for his senior year was surprising but is a huge help to the offense as well. 

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    How does one take @stormstopper posts and mainline them directly into the bloodstream? Asking for a friend.


    Those PAC and MAC projections pretty much line up with how I see those conferences. I could argue that WMU is better than it was last year, but probably not enough that it registers as mildly bullish.


    SO looking forward to the full piece, great work!

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    On 9/19/2018 at 6:20 PM, stormstopper said:

    Big Ten East
    Indiana: Freefall
    Maryland: Steady
    Michigan: Mildly Bearish
    Michigan State: Freefall
    Ohio State: Steady
    Penn State: Bullish
    Rutgers: Steady 

    In theory Rutgers should be better than last year - I really hope we can capitalize on most of our division seemingly in decline. Rivalry week vs. Maryland is going to be an exciting game once again, I'd wager.


    But I'm looking forward to the whole number article, I'd like to see the reasons for us being classified as "steady".


    Last but not least, go to hell PSU!

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