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    [2022] BigXII Off-Season Interviews: Oklahoma

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    After half a season back at his ala mater, HAFFnHAFF's squad returns a lot of talent and then some more



    What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2022 season?
    HAFFnHAFF: Our biggest loss was easily OLB Jeremy Green.  Green left early for the NFL draft as a 4.5/4.5 junior.  I didn't really expect him to leave early but I do expect him to thrive at the next level.  He was the heart and soul of our defense last year and led the team in tackles (61), and also had 4 TFL, 3 sacks, 2 INT, 1 PD, and 1 FF. 

    On the flip side, our biggest addition is Juco transfer Jeremiah Melvin.  Melvin is a 4.0/4.5 Jr DE that completes our defensive front and allows freshman Damon Bolton to redshirt a year and improve some of his technique.  I expect Melvin to have a big year and to help open things up for David Kaiser on the interior defensive line.


    Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most?

    HAFFnHAFF: We aren't afraid of any team.  But the Big XII isn't called the "nation's most exciting conference" for nothing.  There are a lot of good teams on our schedule that will test us.  I'm particularly looking forward to our two rivalry games in week 9 (Red River Rivalry) and week 16 (Bedlam).  This state is ours.  It has always been ours and that will never change.


    In the latest outlook ratings published by the Chicago Tribune, Oklahoma is one of the 4 teams to be rated as "Skyrocketing". How do you handle this pressure to perform and how is your team taking it?
    HAFFnHAFF: The team is handling it very well.  We already had very high expectations for ourselves heading into this season.  When Maurice White told the team he would be back for his senior season he said it was because this team has unfinished business to take care of, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about calculus.


    After you said that you hate Batman and Iron Man because they are not superheroes because "tHeY hAvE nO sUpErPoWeR's". Should Captain America also be included in this hate circle of yours and if you hate Captain America, does this logically mean that you are a domestic terrorist and a secret operative of Al Qaeda?

    HAFFnHAFF:  In the interest of full disclosure I like Batman and I love Iron Man.  Iron Man is my favorite avenger.  But neither of them are superheroes for the simple reason that they don't have super powers.  They are heroes, but not superheroes.  Captain America is a superhero because he possesses superpowers.  Don't nerd fight me!  You will lose!


    Editors Note: The websters dictionary lists a superpower as an "imaginary superhuman ability". Although Captain America possesses SUPERHUMAN abilities such as strength and agility, he does not have any SUPERPOWERS that are outside of any normal humans abilities. So in conclusion, do not trust HAFF.


    Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game.

    HAFFnHAFF: This team has all the tools it needs to succeed. Top notch running game, stellar WRs, good offensive line.  If Eric Pope can continue to play as well as he did to close out last season our offense is going to be difficult to deal with.  On defense we are a little young on the defensive line but we are improved over last year's unit that was very good.  And we have playmakers all over the linebacking unit and secondary.  This is by far the most talented team I have ever coached.  I'll take 11-1 with a trip to the Big XII championship game.  I'm not too picky on who we beat in it, I'll let the rest of the league fight over that.

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