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Thursday Night Kickoff

Christian Skaggs and the Panthers travel to the desert to take on Nick Hall and the Raiders in the Season Opener.

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#1 Auburn cruises to a comfortable victory on the back of a powerhouse offense and a defense that left no room for TCU QB Felix Luck to breathe.
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    ACC Top 5: Quarterbacks

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    ACC Top 5 Series: Quarterbacks

    -- Raleigh, NC


    The ACC has players. Some are good, and some are not as good, and some, unbelievably, are bad. But this list is a top 5 list. So the bad ones won't be named. 

    The players on this list will be among the most influential players in the conference in the 2022 season. Some have the potential to send their team to bowl games, or conference championships and others may not be enough to bring their team to success.

    The first position up for this series is the most important position in the game... the Quarterbacks.



    1. Bryce Thompson -- The Reigning ACC Player of the Year is the obvious choice for number 1. He faces some competition from Clemson newcomer AW3, and Georgia Tech Gunslinger Josh Beckett, but the bonafide Heisman Candidate has earned his number 1 spot on this ranking.

    2. Josh Beckett -- It would be borderline disrespectful to put AW3 at this spot, but he comes close. AW3’s only disadvantage is that he simply hasn’t played a down of FBS Football. Beckett is the reigning yards leader and touchdown leader in the conference, and together with Anthony Swanson, look to lead the ACC’s most feared passing attack for a second season.

    3. AW3 -- AW3 so far is a mythical creature. His actual name, given to him by his mother and father, is Akiem Williams III, but there is doubt that he will be called that often. AW3 is an NFL caliber talent, who will spend one year at Clemson before bolting to the NFL. He looks to immediately give this offense a spark going into this next season, and bring Clemson back to ACC Title contention.

    4. Messiah Winston -- The reigning ACC Offensive Rookie of the Year will be an important piece for the Pittsburgh attack in 2022. While he may be the 4th ranked QB in my rankings to start the year, it is possible that he could struggle due to a lean receiving corps, and no Alpha in the run game.

    5. James Betts -- There is a drop off between QBs 1-3 on this list, and definitely before number 5. Betts had a solid year last season for Wake Forest, as they surprised the rest of the conference on their way to a bowl season, but will the lack of Second Team All ACC running back Kyle Palmer hurt? Most likely, and the impending redshirt of former blue chip prospect Jacob Benson could leave Betts lacking in weapons in the 2022 season


    Biggest Questions

    Q: Can FSU find the answer at QB?

    Between Brett England, and Red Mosher, they have 2 of the coolest sounding QB names in the conference (behind AW3) and a lot of people consider them talented QBs. However, this wasn’t shown last season as both QBs struggle. How these QBs do will determine how far these teams can go.

    Q: Will Miami Freshman QB Logan Wilson Redshirt all year long?

    The indication so far is that he will, but if, and probably when Jason Ledford starts struggling, will the blue chip true freshman get the call? Could be some hesitance on the part of Miami’s coaching staff to burn his redshirt, but Miami seems like they could be a piece away from contending for the ACC, and the potential of Wilson could be seen by fans as that missing piece.

    Q: Which QB besides Thompson can emerge as a Heisman candidate this year?

    Well this question is actually easy. AW3 may already be a Heisman candidate (despite no one seeing him play) and Beckett throws the ball 90 times a game, which helps out any QB. I don’t think Georgia Tech will win enough for him to get any serious consideration. But a step down by Thompson and underperforming by AW3 could lead to Beckett getting consideration for ACC Player of the Year awards.




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    I like the lists Darman, kudos.  Virginia does not have a player here listed in the top 5 of any of these skill positions on offense, yet have a preseason rank of #22.  The defense is gonna need to step up big time.  I think QB Mike Lucas being a sophmore with some more experience may help as well.  Man I can't wait for the season to start.

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