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Spooky Scary Scramblers

The Ravens jump to 2-0 as the 0-2 Jets are still unable to overcome their fear of scrambling QBs.

No Luck Needed

Felix Luck leads TCU to 4th quarter victory over in-state foe Rice.

Y'all Got Any More of Them OLBs?

With W.M. Mitchell tearing his ACL, the Packers have 3 OLBs on IR just two weeks into the season.

Missouri Builds the Wall

And makes Kansas pay for it as they take home the victory in the Border War 28-14.

Battle for AW3 2... Me

After AW3's scorching debut, Clemson fans will be cheering him on while SMU hopes to show him he made the wrong decision.
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    [2022] BigXII Off-Season Interviews: Texas Tech

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    Image result for texas tech footballSolomon is back and that makes @acewulf happy


    What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2022 season?

    Without a doubt, our biggest loss this offseason is Chase Shapiro.  While he never was really a guy to set the world on fire through the air, his leadership and poise will definitely be missed as we try and find the answer to replace him under center.  We like a lot of our younger guys, but his dual threat ability at times will definitely be missed this season.  

    Our biggest gain is one of 2 guys.  Both JUCO transfers.  One on either side of the ball.  Samir Sample and Graham Beck are easily the biggest additions for the Red Raiders this season.  Beck brings one of the biggest receiving threats for the Raiders since Eugene Sanders. We hope his older leadership will help us as we transition to a new QB this season.  A huge position of need, we were incredibly excited to see him favor us in JUCO.  And the most versatile player we got in JUCO is the smaller Defensive End, Samir Sample.  We love his size and fit for him next to our other star DE Curtis Jones.  We are also experimenting with him as a pass rushing LB to try and get more nasty pass rushers on the field curing those crucial 3rd downs.  We're incredibly excited for both of these guys.  

    Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most?

    Not going to lie, half the conference scares me at times.  I've kinda gotten to be an anxious coach at times and this season is no exception.  The conference didn't send too much talent to the league, but that's because they're all still here!  I can't really pinpoint one specific team because so many teams on my schedule are scary.  Just way too much talent here.  Make them all graduate already and let me keep my guys :(


    What is the absolute maximum thing you will do to keep Solomon in 2023?

    On the field, we just need to win baby.  Keeping Solomon is not going to be easy, but if we can win a lot and keep him happy and interested in playing in Lubbock, I think we can convince him to stay.  But I will say, he's had a lot of carries in his time here.  I actively encourage him to go chase his dreams and get those checks.  He's playing on Sunday and I couldn't be happy for him, even if he goes early.  He deserves it hands down.

    In this last week, there has been a viral video of a man fornicating with freshly made tortillas in the Mission tortilla factory and you have been rumored to be the person? Any comments on that?

    I plead the 5th.


    Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game.

    I don't have a hard schedule prediction, but I can see us winning a few games we shouldn't on paper.  I'd look for us to finish somewhere in the middle of the conference and to make another bowl game.  This is a fairly talented and older, experienced team.  If everything gels, this could be a fun season with plenty of things to be excited about as a Red Raider fan!  

    If I had to predict it, TCU is a heavy favorite to make the title game.  So its hard to vote against them.  Texas, OU and OSU are all fairly talented teams.  If I had to pick one of those, its hard to not pick against OU.  They lost some big pieces, but with those Offensive pieces its hard to pick against them.  Not going to pick a winner though.  TCU-OU for the title game.  Wish I could homer it up and say Texas Tech, but there's just too much talent around the conference for us to be in there. 

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