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Thursday Night Kickoff

Christian Skaggs and the Panthers travel to the desert to take on Nick Hall and the Raiders in the Season Opener.

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#1 Auburn cruises to a comfortable victory on the back of a powerhouse offense and a defense that left no room for TCU QB Felix Luck to breathe.
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    [2022] BigXII Off-Season Interviews: TCU

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    What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2022 season?


    Let’s start with biggest loss, because I think that’s an easier question to answer. I think that really has to be none other than free safety Matthew Dyson, who has moved on to the Bengals. He was a four year starter and an absolute staple of our roster, dating back to the 11-3 2018 team. He started in three Big XII championship games. The only players to ever do that are him and his teammates Adriel Sierra and Shamar Burroughs. While those are two losses as well, they’re somewhat mitigated by the amount of talent we have at each of those positions. At free safety, we have a young guy who I’m very excited about - Ian Worley - but he’s still got a lot to learn. Luckily the players surrounding him will have a lot of experience and hopefully he can get adjusted quickly. We’ll definitely be feeling the Dyson loss for a while, though. He was such a leader and an excellent player.


    As for our biggest gain, i don’t actually want to say who I’m thinking of because it’ll get to his head. *laughs* But it’s definitely Patrick Ross. I talk a lot about my players and I really try to sell them, but believe me when I tell you this - he’s the best player to enter this program since Daquan Darcey. On most other teams in the country, he’s going to be a number 1 corner and competing for awards. We get the luxury of playing him in the slot. Every day on the field he surprises us. He can run with Griff, he can high point balls over Finn, and he can tackle anyone. That being said, he does have a lot to learn as far as scheme goes. Physically, however, I’ve never seen anything like him.


    Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most?


    I think that has to be an easy choice, now doesn’t it? As much respect as I give the teams in the Big XII, it has to be Auburn. They’re simply loaded year in and year out and they will be a tough out. On top of that, we play them opening night so they’ll be difficult to prepare for. Marcus Black is the best player in the country and I see him winning the Heisman this year. That being said, I can’t wait for the game. Bright lights in an NFL stadium. The entire country tuning in. Starting the year off with the biggest game. It’s going to mean a lot. Luckily I learned last year that my guys don’t fold under pressure. They’ve been here before. They did it at USC. They did it against LSU. They did it in the Big XII championship. They did it in the playoffs. Hopefully they can do it again, but it won’t be easy.


    What kind of black magic do you perform to get those sweet sweet croots? 


    Turns out that Horned Frog blood has some really interesting properties. Did you know they shoot it out of their eyes? Makes it easy to collect and then spike the recruits drinks with.


    But seriously, while I appreciate the complement, there’s no magic to it. I’ve said it before, but you have to find a way to sell your program. Make it a place that players want to play. Find guys who are getting overlooked and bring them on board. Generate excitement. Even when I got here and we weren’t a winning program, I made TCU a place players wanted to play. Alex Engram was a star in our wildcat offense. We were 4-8 but a damn fun team to watch. Now we’ve evolved past that. Now we’re winning so we don’t need the gimmicks. Now players come here because they’ve seen what people before them have done and they know that in this system they can succeed too. Continuity in coaching helps a significant amount in that regard.



    If you were to suddenly become the coach of another team and you had to play TCU, how would you game plan against a team thats oozing with talent?


    Ha ha. Well, wouldn’t you like to know?


    Editors Note: Yes please


    In reality, I wouldn’t worry too much about the game plan at all. Don’t get me wrong, it does matter. The problem is that when you’re facing a team without many holes, there’s nowhere to gameplan to and exploit. You can’t spend the whole week trying to think of ways to trick the other team and outscheme them. When you play talented, disciplined players, that simply won’t work over the course of 60 minutes. So what do you do? Focus on execution. Play your game. The one you know and have worked on all summer. Yeah, you can throw some wrinkles in there, but at the end of the day football comes down to who makes the plays and you have to make sure that your team is ready to do that. 


    Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game.


    I really hate this question because I know what I want to say, you know what I want to say, and I know I’ll sound bad for saying it. But I’m going to predict 12-0. We’re a better team than we were last year when we went 11-1. If we get past Auburn, we’ll be in really good shape. I’m sure we can stumble somewhere along the way, but I have a confidence in this team that I haven’t had in any before. As for the Big XII title game, I think we’ll be seeing another rematch against Oklahoma State. They’re good. Texas will be good soon. Oklahoma is probably good now. But Oklahoma State already knows how to win and that will take them a long way.

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