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Delay of Games

Only NFLHC games this week; only CFBHC games the following week; back to normal after that.

It Takes Two

It took two overtimes for Minnesota to top Illinois on a clinching run by RB Tredaveon Jennings.

Sometimes, It Be Ya Own Self

The Saints ruin their undefeated season by running trick plays, as punter Adonis Rosa throws an interception. You'd think people would have learned by now.

What Happens in Reno

Nevada upsets #6 Duke 17-13 by shutting down QB Bryce Thompson; true freshman Damon Goode had a pick for the Wolf Pack.

Cardiac Cards

The Cardinals were down 17-0 in the 4th quarter... and put up 21 points to win. WR Marcus Banks caught a 40-yard TD pass with a minute left to cap it.
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    [2022] Recruiting Point Worksheet

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    I thought I had put this in a post somewhere, but if I did I can't remember where.  Anyway, here is the worksheet I used to calculate weekly and visit points.  Unlike last year's this is not editable by the public.


    Since inspiral has already populated points, etc. on the interface, any coach who joined after that has 1 less weekly point than what it shows on the spreadsheet.  Sorry @ImmaManIm40.




    EDIT: This sheet does NOT track or account for Tiers and bonuses.  If your rival has more weekly points than you think, are you sure it's not because they chose a perk that gives extra points?

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