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    [2022] Buffalo Bills Announce Week #1 Starter

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    Buffalo, New York - Just over 4 months ago, the Buffalo Bills shook up the NFL world by swapping two of their three first round picks to the Los Angeles Chargers for the number one pick and the right to select QB Matt Jones from Purdue. The Bills had made no indication of when Matt Jones would be taking over the starting QB position thus far, stating all though they were happy with Jones's progress so far, they were not ready to announce him as their week 1 starter over long time vet and former super bowl winning QB Kamau Davis. Until today.


    In a press release made today in a closed media session, GM and Owner Fever_ful announced that the decision had been made to go with Matt Jones as the Bills starter for the upcoming season. 


    "Matt has done everything we have asked him too and much more, proving his dedication to improving in every facet of his game and becoming the leader that we know he can be. We've known he was the QB of the future for us for long before we drafted him, but he showed this preseason that he is ready right now to be the leader of this team", GM fever_ful was quoted as saying, adding "Kamau of course has made this a difficult decision for both myself and coach Dunkelbarger, and his competitiveness and talent at the QB position kept us up many late nights debating the best course of action for this season".


    When asked about Kamau's role on the team going forward, the team stated that they hoped he would continue to prepare and practice with the same fervor he has his whole career in case he is needed to take over, but also emphasized the need for him to act as a mentor for Jones and continue to teach him what needs to be done to be a successful QB as he has since Jones was selected.


    The buzz around Buffalo has been building since taking Jones #1, and fans of the team are as excited as theyve been since the teams inception. Now that the team has announced their intention to start Jones week 1, the future looks brighter than ever, but only time will tell if Jones will become the savior of the franchise as the front office hopes.



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