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    [2022] Thundering Herd Preview: "Us against the world"

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    Marshall Preview:
    Optimistic Despite Poor Preseason Prediction

    by Carl Benjamin, Junior Reporter


    With the 2022 CFBHC football season underway, fans around the country are awaiting the exciting debut of their favorite school's 2022 football team. Perhaps one of the most energized bases that is anxious to see their first game is the Marshall Thundering Herd fan nation. During the off-season, the Thundering Herd introduced a brand new Head Coach: Chem Trails from Lyons, Pennsylvania. With him, Coach Chem Trails brought on assistant head coach Owen Shroyer, Offensive Coordinator Alexander Jones, Defensive Coordinator Edward "Eddie" Bravo, and Special Teams Coordinator David Rubin. With this new blockbuster staff, the team has been working hard all summer to provide a well-oiled machine that can produce positive results for the school and the fans every game day. 



    Pictured Above: Thundering Herd Head Coach Chem Trails speaking with the press at Monday's Press Conference.



    Despite this hard work, the Thundering Herd received a "low-blow" earlier this month when the C-USA commissioner released the preseason predictions for the conference. According to the predictions (which can be viewed at: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/23728-2022-bubadas-c-usa-projections/ ), the Thundering Herd will only manage to amass an overall record of 2-10 with a division record of a measly 1-7. This is a stark contrast from last season, where the Thundering Herd finished 6-7 overall and an impressive 5-3 standing in the division. When asked about the dismal preseason prediction, a fiery Coach Chem Trails responded with optimism and energy. "I want everybody to look at this ranking. We are expected to finish 12/14th in the conference and they haven't even seen a snap. They haven't seen how hard our boys have worked all summer long. This should serve as as motivation, encouragement to prove these so-called experts wrong. It's us against the world. We have something to prove and *expletive* we are going to go out and prove it!" 


    After Coach Chem Trails spoke, a brief joint press conference was held with Assistant Coach Owen Shroyer and Offensive Coordinator Alexander Jones. When asked about the predictions, Coach Shroyer reacted calmly when giving his thoughts. "Well, we are the new kids on the block. I don't like to see such a low rating, nor do the players or the fans. It doesn't reflect the hard work we have been dishing out all summer long. I don't know who made the rankings and quite honestly, I don't care. We will prove the predictions wrong so that at the end of the season, we can look back at the predictions and say "Fake News"". Coach Jones had a more brief, but passionate response. "They don't know what we know. They haven't studied the data, looked at the reports, none of it. It's easy to put us down from an air-conditioned office and I promise you that we will expose them! We will prevail!" 




    Pictured Above: Assistant Coach Owen Shroyer (Left) and Offensive Coordinator Alexander Jones (Right) speaking with the press at Monday's Press Conference. 


    Around Huntington, the fans are still optimistic. "I don't care what the commissioner says. I see something special in these boys and he can't wait for them to prove him wrong!" proclaimed local resident Roger Stone. Other fans shared the same disapproval of the commissioner's rankings. "Well, he placed himself first, so I would say he is biased" said Huntington resident Matt Drudge. With the fans showing their disapproval of the rankings, there are still some fans who are skeptical of the new coaching staff and remain cautiously optimistic. "Well, we just need to see how they do during the first 2 games. I can't make my mind up on my own, I need to see the results first, and then I'll make my opinion of the team" said lifelong Herd fan Joseph Rogan. Despite the disappointing rankings, the community, the school, and the team remain confident and prepared for their season to kickoff. The Thundering Herd enjoy a BYE for week 1 before traveling to Buffalo during week 2. Their first home game will be on week 3 when they play Bowling Green. There will be a tailgate open to fans that will include all of the coaches behind the grill. Fans can enjoy the likes of Coach Jones' Alpha Angus burgers or Coach Chem Trails' homemade "Mooch Munch". During this time, fans will have a chance to meet the players of the 2022 team while supporting local businesses and charities. Stay tuned to the Herald-Dispatch for more updates and news regarding the Thundering Herd. Go Marshall! 

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