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Spooky Scary Scramblers

The Ravens jump to 2-0 as the 0-2 Jets are still unable to overcome their fear of scrambling QBs.

No Luck Needed

Felix Luck leads TCU to 4th quarter victory over in-state foe Rice.

Y'all Got Any More of Them OLBs?

With W.M. Mitchell tearing his ACL, the Packers have 3 OLBs on IR just two weeks into the season.

Missouri Builds the Wall

And makes Kansas pay for it as they take home the victory in the Border War 28-14.

Battle for AW3 2... Me

After AW3's scorching debut, Clemson fans will be cheering him on while SMU hopes to show him he made the wrong decision.
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    Franz Kafka

    [2022] Franz's Facts: Week 1

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    Welcome to Franz's Facts!

    Your weekly home for tidbits, nuggets, statistical leaders, and the like


    Week 1




    Passing yards

    Aaron Devereaux, NO - 417
    Norris Brooksheer, PIT - 380
    Nick Hall, LV - 375

    Rushing yards

    J.B. Blacknall, DEN - 125
    Mike Latta, CAR - 115
    Sean Bell, CLE - 102


    Receiving yards

    Brian Gary, LV - 138
    Sean Jenkins, NO - 137
    Adrian Jankowski, CIN - 125


    Thomas Barry, TB - 10
    Daleroy Smart, SF - 8
    Shah Vereen, LV - 7
    C.J. Thomas, CLE - 7
    Daniel Watkins, LAR - 7



    Shah Vereen, LV - 2.0
    Brandon Thomas, SF - 2.0
    Earl Jackson, DET - 2.0
    Kendrick Droughns, CAR - 2.0
    Jonathan Bridges, NYJ - 2.0
    Early Davis, ATL - 2.0

    Anthony Ortiz, BUF - 2.0
    Ray McBride, CLE - 2.0
    Tyrone Jones, BAL - 2.0
    Carlos Washington, PIT - 1.5
    Preston Bryant, JAX - 1.5
    Matthew Davis, BAL - 1.5
    Michael Bruce, LAR - 1.5

    (many with 1.0 sacks)



    Zero multi-INT games this week

    Player Ratings
    QB Aaron Devereaux, NO - 9.64
    QB Brian Brown, MIA - 9.64
    QB Nick Hall, LV - 9.50


    DE Carlos Washington, PIT - 9.72
    DT Earl Jackson, DET - 9.71
    OLB Tyrone Jones, BAL - 9.64

    WR Tyler White, SEA - 3.18
    WR Marcus Ratterman, MIA - 3.32
    RB Evan Grant, MIN - 3.68


    SS Dwayne Tatum, TB - 1.95
    CB Andrew Boyd, KC - 2.85
    OLB Nathaniel Jeffries, WAS - 3.02


    Week 1 FACTS


    The warmest temperature this week was in Arizona

    Glendale, AZ - 97 F :sunny:
    :steelers: at :cardinals:


    The lowest OL rating this week was 7.84


    Teams with a higher OL rating than their opponents were only 9-7 this week


    There were only six "severe" injuries this week

    :jets: TE Matt Stone - Severe Calf Pull
    :titans: OT Lyle Matthews - Severe Ankle Fracture
    :dolphins: OG Todd Hevesy - Severe Achilles Rupture

    :falcons: WR Tyrus Wilson - Severe Hamstring Tendonitis
    :ravens: RB Davey Jones - Severe ACL Rupture

    :49ers: ILB Ernie Crawford - Severe Toe Bruise

    Two teams scored 10+ points in the fourth quarter
    :raiders: 17
    :dolphins: 11

    Only four teams converted more than 50% of their 3rd Downs 
    :steelers: 7/12
    :jaguars: 6/12
    :bengals: 5/10
    :saints: 5/10

    And a few were not as successful...
    :chargers: 1/11
    :49ers: 2/12
    :bears: 2/12
    :giants: 2/11

    The three highest low-player ratings...
    Justin Nielsen, K :bengals: 5.75
    Kiuga Kamu, OT :raiders: 5.25
    John Hinton, C :steelers:  5.09

    The three lowest high-player ratings...
    Taylor Heiden, QB :buccaneers: 6.57
    Mohamed Charles, WR :vikings: 6.74
    Sam Hiller-Weeden, WR :redskins: 6.94

    Four teams had an OL rating of 8.5+
    :redskins: 8.74
    :broncos: 8.64
    :cowboys: 8.55
    :jets: 8.53


    Teams who outscored their opponents in the first quarter were 8-3
    :fibur: (28-31)
    :buccaneers: (17-28)

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    4 minutes ago, Franz Kafka said:

    The three highest low-player ratings...
    Justin Nielsen, K :bengals: 5.75
    Kiuga Kamu, OT :raiders: 5.25
    John Hinton, C :steelers:  5.09

    well thats nice.

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