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6 5.0 Croots 4 Florida

In the first round of recruiting commitments, Florida jumps out to the #1 class in the nation, signing six 5.0 potential players.

King Solomon

TTU RB McLaughlin puts up 170 yards and 3 TD as his team knocks off #5 Oklahoma State 38-31.

NFLHC Games Can Tie?

Giants WR Tevin Lattimore, who put up 5 receptions for 99 yards in a TD in the 21-21 tie against the Falcons, reportedly did not know such a thing was possible.

Colts QB Shea-ves the Day

After the Jaguars' 4th quarter comeback on SNF, Aaron Shea put together a masterful final drive in OT to get the Colts the 44-41 win.
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    ACC News

    [2022] ACC Power Rankings: Week 1

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    1. :duke: Duke Blue Devils (1-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: W 49-10 vs. :odu: Old Dominion

    Cause for Celebration: Bryce Thompson and Christian Collins are as scary a backfield as any in the nation, and having receivers Dean Stinson and Jeremy Foley making waves early bodes well for an offense that will likely need reliable wideouts down the line. The defense took it to quarterback Dylan Hamin, picking up three sacks and securing a pair of interceptions. Hard to be disappointed with this sort of thrashing.

    Cause for Concern: It wasn't a flawless performance, as expected from most teams nationally, but giving up 17.8 yards per catch to receiver Gregory Joseph could be a cause of concern for the secondary, more specifically second corner Aboubacar Garrett. Garrett made that up with an interception, but better receivers could leave him badly exposed in the future. Pass defense should expect a better game from Garrett. The Blue Devils' offense started a bit slowly in this game, only leading 7-3 at the end of the first quarter and a slightly-more-comfortable 21-3 at the half before pulling away. Says here this won't become a trend, but it's something to look out for in the foreseeable future.

    Up Next: vs. :nmsu: New Mexico State


    2. :clemson: Clemson Tigers (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: BYE x2

    Cause of Celebration: The heavy favorites to take the Atlantic Division had two bye weeks to kick off the season, so on the bright side, no injuries in Death Valley! Refer to the Season Preview if you want to read more about what the Tigers might have in store for us this season.

    Cause for Concern: Houston, the Tigers' upcoming opponents, also had a pair of bye weeks, so there's no recent film to go off heading into their opener this week in Clemson. What should we expect this weekend?

    Up Next: vs. :houston: Houston


    3. :uva: Virginia Cavaliers (1-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: W 55-3 vs. :ull: Louisiana-Lafayette

    Cause of Celebration: If Virginia was tabbed to be the closest competitor to the Blue Devils in the Coastal Division, they made one hell of a statement to back that up. Heavily favored against the Ragin' Cajuns, the Cavalier offense was firing on all cylinders last weekend, with debuting running back Isaiah Clinton looking like a very capable successor to Reginald Saunders, accumulating 194 yards and 3 touchdowns on just 18 carries! Throw in a smothering defense, a lethal receiving corp, and an absolutely insane return game (322 return yards and 2 touchdowns for Malachi Brown!) and Virginia looked unstoppable from start to finish. 

    Cause for Concern: There's hardly anything to peg against the Cavaliers, so much that ULL getting on the scoreboard is probably the worst thing to happen to them all day. The 84 return yards given up might look a little suspicious though, as would be the one sack given up on the night. Honestly though, this is like trying to find a needle in a very pretty haystack....if haystacks could be pretty.

    Up Next: BYE


    4. :bc: Boston College Eagles (1-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: W 59-0 vs. :umass: Massachusetts

    Cause for Celebration: Welcome to the big time, Jordan Godwin. An electrifying 258-yard, 4 touchdown performance from the JuCo running back filled Chestnut Hill with a fresh air that went missing last season, despite the division title. Jorge Tovar wasn't quite the filling replacement that Eagles' fans wanted, but Godwin's first impression, albeit against a weak UMass team, is very fulfilling. Elsewhere, Michael Britt bullied the Minutemen's offensive line and quarterback, getting 3.5 sacks all to himself. On another note, holding the Minutemen to just 27 offensive plays all game is astounding, even if UMass is now 1-24 over the past two seasons now.

    Cause for Concern: The main concern from this game comes from the offensive line, which while it didn't let J.M. Gill take a sack, was occasionally under fire from the UMass front seven. It won't bite them against opponents like UMass, but against teams like Clemson and Florida State, the Eagles should be wary. 

    Up Next: BYE


    5. :miami: Miami (FL) Hurricanes (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: BYE x2

    Cause for Celebration: Same for Clemson and the other teams that were on bye: no injuries. Only difference between the 'Canes and Tigers is that Miami gets some film to catch after Akron got smacked by Middle Tennessee State. Not much to worry about this weekend.

    Cause for Concern: The real concern here lies within the division after fellow challengers Duke and Virginia were stunning in their openers, with the Cavaliers in particular quickly looking to separate themselves from the 'Canes as the prime challenger to Duke. Can Miami dazzle like the Cavs?

    Up Next: vs. :zips: Akron


    6. :louisville: Louisville Cardinals (1-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: W 48-17 at :cincy: Cincinnati

    Cause for Celebration: What a debut for the newcomers on offense. Nick Carr was a quick refresher after the disaster that was Harrison Pratt last season. Erik Gray was no DeSean Dockery, but a 134-yard performance will let the Cardinals' staff put faith in the ground game. Logan Swain is back to his ball-hawking best, and Miles Rinehart quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the pass rush. A very reassuring performance for a team coming into the seasons with a lot of questions.

    Cause for Concern: It's hard to pinpoint where the defense went wrong as the numbers don't suggest that the Bearcats were worthy of 17 points. The run defense could clean up just a bit after giving up 4.18 yards per carry to the duel-threat backfield of Cincy, The linebackers should be more wary of tight ends going forward, as Jean Guzman looked to have maybe been the beneficiary of a few more passes his way after averaging a first down plus change per catch. 

    Up Next: BYE


    7. :vt: Virginia Tech Hokies (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: BYE x2

    Cause for Celebration: Yadda-Yadda no playing, yadda-yadda no injuries, you've heard this before. Season starts with Tulane, which should be a breeze for the Hokies, except...

    Cause for Concern: The Green Wave offense looked very deadly in their Week 0 opener against Troy. Yes, it's Troy, but this came out of the blue to most people outside New Orleans. The Hokies shouldn't be caught off guard, but the Green Wave have momentum...

    Up Next: vs. :tulane: Tulane


    8. :fsu: Florida State Seminoles (1-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: W 28-10 vs. :arkansas: Arkansas (WEEK 0)

    Cause for Celebration: It's a winning start for the Seminoles after the disaster that kicked off the previous season. Khalil Harrel looked dominant in coverage with an interception and two deflections, and Noa Sapolu stepped up huge with a forced fumble and solo recovery to go along with a sack. A.K. Schwab had a fine debut on offense, racking up 70 yards receiving and a touchdown on six receptions. 

    Cause for Concern: Something isn't clicking with this team, it appears. The offensive line got punished hard by Arkansas' front seven, giving up three sacks on that Friday evening. That does not bode well at all given some of the killer front sevens in this division. Brett England hasn't yet found his stride as the starting quarterback for the Seminoles, with his performances showing more of a "good enough" look last season, as was the case to open this season. There's a fair bit to work out on this team, though they'll be able to fine-tune a few things over the next month before dipping into conference play.

    Up Next: BYE


    9. :gt: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (1-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: W 22-17 vs. :ball: Ball State

    Cause for Celebration: Junior Mondragon! The true freshman came to life in his debut, getting to Leonard McIntosh in the pocket on three separate occasions and dragging him down once more behind the line. The front seven in general was disruptive all evening, and the secondary looked fairly solid in admittedly limited action on the evening. The defense looked the better of the two side the Yellow Jackets fielded, which should be reassuring, only...

    Cause for Concern: The offense threw up a bunch of red flags on the evening. Josh Beckett was all over the places with his passing, and though he didn't get picked off, he wasn't anywhere close to as accurate as last season. The run game isn't really a threat, but that's been a known fact for several years now. A couple of sacks given up doesn't help the case of the offensive line either. This was a performance that gives a lot more questions than answers, and the Yellow Jackets might find themselves quite fortunate that the result still swung their way.

    Up Next: BYE


    10. :pitt: Pittsburgh Panthers (0-1, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: L 35-38 at :PSU: Penn State

    Cause for Celebration: It's not the Penn State teams of old, but Pitt came into the game as an underdog and gave their in-state rivals a run for their money. Kareem Jackson was monstrous on his debut as he and Franklin Pineda split the receptions and caused nearly equal amounts of damage. The defensive line held very strong against a good Nittany Lion defensive line, only giving up one sack and giving Messiah Winston the room to hit his receivers. 

    Cause for Concern: Brayden Pepper did not have a good debut. Pepper averaged under 3 yards per carry and was unable to break off any big runs. The running games in general was stifled by the Nittany Lions, and that ended up hurting Winston's performance in the air more than anything. Speaking of running games, the rush defense has a lot of work today after getting shredded by Penn State's duo of Sione Salanoa and Aden McDonough. The secondary sort of let Dillon Snead pass at will bar one interception, and the pass rush was next to nonexistant on the evening. There's a lot of improvement needed from this defense.

    Up Next: vs. :cincy: Cincinnati


    11. :ncsu: North Carolina State Wolfpack (1-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: W 31-24 vs. :isu: Iowa State

    Cause for Celebration: This was the kind of gritty performance that the Wolfpack weren't able to pull off last season. After a very poor start that saw the Pack fall behind by 14 at the half, the offense exploded for 24 points in the third quarter en route to a 7-point win. Keith Harley has never been flashy, but a solid performance on the ground and, for the first time, in the receiving game proved that he could be a generally reliable performance on the offense. The passing game was never a threat for the Wolfpack defense, and the defense as a whole came out for blood, picking up an interception and taking the ball from Kofi McCullough (and almost from Vaughn Shepard as well). 

    Cause for Concern: McCullough still got a say in the matter, rushing for 140 yards and finding the endzone twice against the Pack's run defense. McCullough might be one of the better backs the Pack face this year, but the fact that they were essentially lifeless in stopping him should raise a few angry eyebrows. The slow start is also very alarming, and though they were able to make up for it in the third quarter, better teams would make the Pack pay with a deficit much larger than 14.

    Up Next: BYE


    12. :wake: Wake Forest Demon Deacons (1-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: W 38-7 vs. :gsu: Georgia State

    Cause for Celebration: Georgia State is a mess on offense. That didn't stop Wake from having a superb performance defensively, holding the Panthers to just 212 yards on 44 plays. The running games was contained, and the pass rush murdered Zachary Mattson, either forcing him into several bad throws or taking him down on four separate occasions. The offense had their fun as well, with James Betts being exception in passing and in running. It was a win the Deacons needed to pick up, and they never put the result in doubt.

    Cause for Concern: Offensive line play is really the only thing that can be seen as a knock against this performance, despite not giving up any sack to the Panthers. Zion Hayward struggle to find many big openings, but he still made do in racking up 94 yards and two scores on the evening. Will he get the same opportunities against the far tougher defenses in the division? Likely not.

    Up Next: vs. :miao: Miami (OH)


    13. :cuse: Syracuse Orange (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: BYE x2

    Cause for Celebration: You know the drill. I just want to go to bed.

    Cause for Concern: Purdue exists and they look good. The Orange have little to no shot of knocking off the defending national champs in West Lafayette, though this Purdue team isn't nearly as strong as the one that brought home glory a year ago.

    Up Next: at :purdue: Purdue


    14. :unc: North Carolina Tar Heels (0-1, 0-0 ACC)

    Last Result: L 24-55 at :uga: Georgia

    Cause for Celebration: Despite the two interceptions, JuCo quarterback Mitchell Denton didn't look too shabby in his first Division 1 start, throwing for 209 yards and 3 touchdowns on 67% completion. Putting up 24 points should also be considered a plus given how dismal the Tar Heels were in scoring last season. That's.....really where the positives end.

    Cause for Concern: Where to begin? The Bulldogs put up 250 yards on the ground and an additional 367 yards in the air. The offensive line gave up five sacks to the Bulldogs' front seven. Kristian Noel was once again ineffective on the ground, much to the same result provided in his few starts last season. The secondary looked hapless again Leonard Elam and Ryan Haines. The Bulldogs put up 55 points. This team isn't good, which isn't really a surprise, but this performance was absolutely dismal, even for the Tar Heels. They'll have an easier time with Wyoming, but there is a ton on which the Heels need to work.

    Up Next: vs. :wyoming: Wyoming

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    26 minutes ago, ACC News said:

    Brayden Pepper did not have a good debut. Pepper averaged under 3 yards per carry and was unable to break off any big runs.


    You really nailed it here. Almost debating if a scheme change over the off season caused this but hoping to see better results this week.


    28 minutes ago, ACC News said:

    Speaking of running games, the rush defense has a lot of work today after getting shredded by Penn State's duo of Sione Salanoa and Aden McDonough.


    The depth chart has been changed for week 2, hoping to get some guys back on the stat sheet this week with a little shuffle but there may be more of one in the future. 

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