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6 5.0 Croots 4 Florida

In the first round of recruiting commitments, Florida jumps out to the #1 class in the nation, signing six 5.0 potential players.

King Solomon

TTU RB McLaughlin puts up 170 yards and 3 TD as his team knocks off #5 Oklahoma State 38-31.

NFLHC Games Can Tie?

Giants WR Tevin Lattimore, who put up 5 receptions for 99 yards in a TD in the 21-21 tie against the Falcons, reportedly did not know such a thing was possible.

Colts QB Shea-ves the Day

After the Jaguars' 4th quarter comeback on SNF, Aaron Shea put together a masterful final drive in OT to get the Colts the 44-41 win.
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    Franz Kafka

    [2022] Franz's Facts: Week 2

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    Welcome to Franz's Facts!

    Your weekly home for tidbits, nuggets, statistical leaders, and the like


    Week 2




    Passing yards

    Aaron Devereaux, NO - 418
    Brian Vardell, MIN - 397
    Matty Swift, LAC - 333

    Rushing yards

    Kenyon Randall, DET - 111
    O.J. Carano, NYG - 102
    Sean Bell, CLE - 99


    Receiving yards
    D.J. Gibson, MIA - 127
    Raheem Robinson, JAX - 126
    Sean Jenkins, NO - 126
    Gary Faneca, Sr., BUF - 125


    Markus Golden, LAR - 8
    Alex Martin, LV - 8
    Garrett Holliday, NO - 7

    Andre Brooks, TB - 7
    Cleveland Merrill, MIN - 6

    Reynaldo Harris, HOU - 6
    Randy Humphreys, TEN - 6
    Daniel Barnes, CIN - 6
    Cameron Jonah, DEN - 6

    Kelly Mitchell, IND - 6

    Louis Peterson, NYG - 6

    William Thomas, ARI - 6

    Daleroy Smart, SF - 6
    Julio Barnes, GB - 6

    Garrison Jackson, GB - 6

    Ron Mobley, PIT - 6




    Brian Hernandez, BUF - 2.0
    Anthony Ortiz, BUF - 2.0
    Ryan Frey, PHI - 2.0
    Ulysses Smith, PHI - 2.0
    Doug Carolan, DET - 2.0
    Andrew Phillips, DEN - 1.5
    Tyrone Jones, BAL - 1.5
    (many with one sack)



    Keyshawn Thompson, DET - 2

    (many with one interception)

    Player Ratings
    TOP OFFENSIVE (Week 2)
    WR Gary Faneca, Sr., BUF - 9.52
    C Lucas Hurd, GB - 9.50
    WR Mike Miller, NO - 9.26


    TOP DEFENSIVE (Week 2)
    DE Ryan Frey, PHI - 9.45
    CB Keyshawn Thompson, DET - 9.13
    ILB Randy Humphreys, TEN - 9.00

    WR Ibrahim Smiley, ARI - 2.26
    WR Curtis Jeffreys, NYG - 2.95
    OG Jim Thomas, CHI - 2.95
    RB Emmanuel Fields, NYJ - 3.00


    CB Eric Houser, SEA - 2.60
    DT Emanuel Serano, DEN - 3.09
    OLB Shawn Richardson, GB - 3.85


    Week 2 FACTS


    The warmest temperature this week was in the Sunshine State

    Jacksonville, FL - 92 F :sunny:
    :bengals: at :jaguars:


    The lowest OL rating this week was 7.86
    :bears: for the second straight week.


    Teams with a higher OL rating than their opponents were 10-6 this week

    And 19-13 on the season


    There were only nine "severe" injuries this week

    :patriots:DE Mark Logan - Severe Hamstring Tendonitis
    :panthers:OG Vincent Peck - Severe Achilles Tendonitis
    :bears: WR Aaron Pagliei - Severe Achilles Rupture

    :browns:FS LaMichael Jones - Severe Toe Sprain
    :packers: OLB W.M. Mitchell - Severe ACL Rupture

    :seahawks: WR Jaheim Lemons - Severe Concussion
    :cowboys:ILB Tom Lavergne - Severe ACL Rupture

    :cardinals: TE Noah Hills - Severe Ankle Dislocation

    :falcons: QB A.J. Jefferson - Severe Thumb Dislocation


    Only two teams converted at least 50% of their 3rd Downs 
    :patriots: 6/12
    :cowboys: 6/12

    The three highest low-player ratings...
    WR Bruce Riley :saints: 5.26
    TE Michael Baxter :cowboys: 5.09
    CB Gary Chamberlain :jaguars: 4.64

    The three lowest high-player ratings...
    QB Jarius Jones :seahawks: 6.06
    ILB Kelly Mitchell :colts: 6.32
    ILB Daleroy Smart :49ers: 6.94 

    Six teams had an OL rating of 8.5+
    :redskins: 8.74
    :packers: 8.57
    :broncos: 8.52
    :cowboys: 8.51
    :rams: 8.50 
    :texans: 8.50

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    28 minutes ago, Franz Kafka said:

    If there are any additional tidbits, stats, facts, etc. that people would like to see added for future weeks, let me know.

    I’d love to see, if you’re willing, some tracking of win/loss for team with higher rushing yardage totals...in the same way you track OLine rating record. 

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