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6 5.0 Croots 4 Florida

In the first round of recruiting commitments, Florida jumps out to the #1 class in the nation, signing six 5.0 potential players.

King Solomon

TTU RB McLaughlin puts up 170 yards and 3 TD as his team knocks off #5 Oklahoma State 38-31.

NFLHC Games Can Tie?

Giants WR Tevin Lattimore, who put up 5 receptions for 99 yards in a TD in the 21-21 tie against the Falcons, reportedly did not know such a thing was possible.

Colts QB Shea-ves the Day

After the Jaguars' 4th quarter comeback on SNF, Aaron Shea put together a masterful final drive in OT to get the Colts the 44-41 win.
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    [2022] Week 2 Power Rankings, Part One #1-13

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    Cleveland ran right around the Raiders this week with an Overtime win


    What a crazy week of NFLHC action! We had some shootouts, some blowouts, some nail-biters, and some cakewalks. Results this week have given us not only a new #1, but also a new #32, so congrats the NY Giants on not being the bottom anymore. The AFC North suffered it's first loss of the season (yes, that's true), but still see 3 of 4 teams in part one of these rankings. It is truly the Spookiest time of year...when up is down and in is out. It's all a blur these days in the NFLHC. Bring on the rankings...


    Remember, if you don't like where you are in these rankings...play better!


    Power Rankings – Following Week 2


    1. Philadelphia Eagles (+1) :eagles:

    The Iggles used their Sunday 1pm matchup to essentially run masterclass for the Bears on how to build a team based around a running QB. While Vaughan Abraham had a nice day, he was matched in every way by Marshawn Miller. The Philly WRs were effective (despite the loss of Seb Babb), and Allan Taylor just flat out busted Mo Foster. Stat of the Game: 3/14 on 3rd down for the Bears vs. 4/11 for the Eagles.


    2. Tennessee Titans (+2) :titans:

    The Titans are starting to look like contract killers—no emotion, just destruction. They went into the Nation’s Capital and wiped Washington off the field. Not only did the ball-hawking secondary force Bowman into 2 picks, the Titan offense even found a little balance with Dess and Crowe. I’ve got the Titans jumping the Dolphins slightly because of the apparent ease of victory, even though both were on the road.


    3. Miami Dolphins (--) :dolphins:

    This “Steven Gore as Closer” thing is starting to be really fun. Gore stepped in for the Legend Brian Brown, threw a touchdown, and then went back and sat down. Pretty nice for the Phins to have a guy like that behind Brown, who is showing his age a bit this season. More to the point, the Miami back 7 did some WORK on Alex Leshoure—50% passing, an INT, and a fumble lost. Not a good day for the Texans gunslinger. It feels like Miami will be dealing with injuries all season, but they keep winning, so they stay up in these rankings.


    4. Jacksonville Jaguars (+1) :jaguars:

    Soluna’s men do all the little things extremely well. Nice punt average, very few penalties, generally do ok at things like 3rd conversions (both O and D), etc. Sowell is being eased back into a heavier workload, but it’s working out nicely because TRod is having a very nice bounce-back season throwing to better receivers than he’s ever seen. JAX @ TEN (and the return trip) is starting to look like Game of the Year in the AFC South.


    5. Green Bay Packers (+1) :packers:

    The Pack walked into L.A. and kicked the Rams to 0-2. Jason Johnson and Jaz Durant were fabulous on the day, and the Pack got up to a quick 17-3 lead. That hazards the Rams to come back, since they have moved away from a Verticals offense at all (am I remembering that right?) and are going with a more balance-oriented approach in Spread-Pistol. While I’ll talk about the Rams later (Pistol?!??!), this was a nice chance for the Packers to prove that close loss to the Eagles in Week 1 wasn’t a fluke. They’re still a very solid team, and might meet their nemesis in Philly in the Playoffs.


    6. Las Vegas Raiders (-5) :raiders:

    I get to drop the Raiders this far because they lost to the Browns. That is no longer a dig (seriously), but it was the WAY in which they lost. Granted it was overtime, but Hall didn’t look especially good, and since the Browns scored a TD in OT, Hall didn’t have a chance to ‘come back’. The Raiders DLine got absolutely gashed in this game, and the OLine didn’t fare much better. I think they will continue to be okay, because LVR is getting some intense contributions from offensive playmakers, but the decay on both lines is worrisome.


    7. Detroit Lions (+1) :fibur:

    I really wanted to move Detroit up higher than this. Their beatdown of Carolina AT Carolina was really quite impressive, and should be recognized as such. The key to the win was at three levels: Keyshawn pilfered Skaggs twice (and knocked down another); LeCount was decently efficient, and Kenyon Randall learned a valuable lesson from Week 1—run with passion and you’ll be okay. That stingy Panthers D had no answer for the rookie from LSU, to the tune of 20 carries for 111 yards and 2 TDs. Lions are flying right now…can’t wait for Lions-Packers coming up…


    8. Pittsburgh Steelers (-1) :steelers:

    I’d like to drop the Steelers a little bit more than just one spot for the tepid showing against the Chiefs, but I think the Chiefs are better than, say, the Saints first two opponents, which would affect the Steelers’ ranking. So, here they are. The Brooksheer Revenge Episode 2 was a little hot & cold—the Steelers got up early through two Norris TD passes, but then coasted the rest of the way, and almost let K.C. come back. Nice to see Chester Henson helping out with some efficient running (and a long burst on one run to the outside), but sad to see Pat Murphy go down with an injury.


    9. New Orleans Saints (--) :saints:

    On the flip side of the Steelers: the Saints. I’d LOVE to move the Saints higher up this list, but pasting #1 pick contenders is much different than beating Playoff teams, as the clubs above the Saints have done. Still, they are kicking royal ass these days, with fabulous WR play (three (!!!) 100 yard WRs in Week 2) and excellent interior defense. No one has been able to run on the Saints yet, nor stop Devy and Company through the air. Saints have an enormous game coming up that might give us a clue if they will continue winning by 3 touchdowns or come back down to Earth a bit.


    10. Cleveland Browns (+7) :browns:

    CLEVELAND ROCKS! Wow, have the Browns played well in the first two weeks. I guarantee that when the schedule came out and the Cleveland FO looked at the Rams and Raiders in the first two weeks, they did NOT have those penciled in as “W.” But win they have, and they’ve been doing it on the ground. Ryan Clark has been rather efficient passing, but it’s the combo rushing by Sean Bell (a legit MVP candidate if the Browns keep winning), Clark, and Grady Mitchell that has propelled this offense. Yes, they needed a little help in OT by scoring before Hall touched the ball again, but this is not your father’s Cleveland Browns. This team has taken its first two weeks and knocked off the #1 seed in the NFC last season, and the defending champs.


    11. Denver Broncos (--) :broncos:

    Broncos got the gift of No Shea when Indy visited on Sunday at 4pm. Shea’s backup threw two picks, both to linebackers, and that was basically all the Bronco O needed to get into the end zone three times. I hold that if the Broncos score 28, they aren’t gonna lose. Well, this was only 24, and it was still plenty with a toothless Colts offense on the other sideline. The ageless Ken Peelle popped up as the leading receiver on Sunday, with the loss of Darren Jones, which was an interesting development. But JBB still rolled…he’s averaging over 5 YPC and scoring already as much as last season.


    12. Buffalo Bills (+3) :bills:

    Hide your QBs, the Bills have decided it is fun to rush the passer again. A year after an odd drop away from Sack City, the indefatigable Buffalo front 7 is at it again. Plus, Matt Jones, who apparently only wins footballs games (no losses since 2020!!!), is playing just well enough to get the Bills into the endzone regularly. Two savvy moves for the Bills—picking up Gary Faneca Sr., and seeing the value that Marshawn Matthison still had. Double M has been really good so far, and provides enough on the ground to compliment the air attack. Bills currently 2nd best team in the AFCE.


    13. Baltimore Ravens (+8) :ravens:

    I’m doing one more, since this is the biggest mover up the charts this week. The Ravens, perhaps the goofiest FO around*, took advantage of Coach Grv’s complete inability to defend a scrambler and let Brett Fisher weave his way through the Jets for the win in Baltimore. The defense is nasty—obviously, any team with Tyrone Jones is gonna be filthy—but you gotta like that Moussa Goode is really play well too. Plus, the Darrell Mack trade is working out nicely for the Nevermores, and I’m glad to see him having fun again. What is happening to the AFC North?!?! So many years of early draft picks, and now three teams in the top 13, plus a Bengals squad that isn’t QUITE as bad as I had thought. BREAK UP THE AFC NORTH!


    Part Two, coming tomorrow. Here's some hints:


    Moving Up: :giants::falcons::texans:

    Moving Down: :jets::panthers::redskins:

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    8 minutes ago, bingo415 said:

    My comment about the Ravens having the goofiest FO around--I think I'm totally correct on this. 


    Ravens have the goofiest FO in the league, CMV.

    We are super cereal. SMH. 

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    17 minutes ago, rabidsnowman said:

    We beat the Falcons at their place and they are moving up?  I’d think that was a compliment if you didn’t have us in day 2.  

    You're also moving up, just slightly less than the Falcons are. But you're above them, guaranteed...

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    On 11/1/2018 at 4:21 PM, bingo415 said:

    My comment about the Ravens having the goofiest FO around--I think I'm totally correct on this. 


    Ravens have the goofiest FO in the league, CMV.

    Thank god I got away from those YOKERS

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