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Delay of Games

Only NFLHC games this week; only CFBHC games the following week; back to normal after that.

It Takes Two

It took two overtimes for Minnesota to top Illinois on a clinching run by RB Tredaveon Jennings.

Sometimes, It Be Ya Own Self

The Saints ruin their undefeated season by running trick plays, as punter Adonis Rosa throws an interception. You'd think people would have learned by now.

What Happens in Reno

Nevada upsets #6 Duke 17-13 by shutting down QB Bryce Thompson; true freshman Damon Goode had a pick for the Wolf Pack.

Cardiac Cards

The Cardinals were down 17-0 in the 4th quarter... and put up 21 points to win. WR Marcus Banks caught a 40-yard TD pass with a minute left to cap it.
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    ACC News

    [2022] ACC Weekend Preview Guide: Week 3

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    Week 2 Recap


    Winners: :clemson: 52-13 Hou, :duke: 41-0 NMSU, :fsu: 42-16 Char, :unc: 23-20 Wyo, :pitt: 30-10 Cincy, :vt: 34-17 Tul, :wake: 30-27 MiaO

    Losers: :miami:, 13-28 at Zips, :cuse: 24-26 at Purdue

    On Bye: :bc:, :gt:, :louisville:, :ncsu:, :uva:


    Players of the Week

    Offense: :clemson: QB Akiem Williams III - 17/26 for 235 yards, 2 TD; 10 carries for 126 yards, 2 TD

    Defense: :fsu: DE Anthony Walton - 3 tackles, 2 TFL, 2.0 sacks

    Special Teams: :unc: K Jeremy Bouchard - 3/3 FG, 2/2 XP, two 40+-yard FG, GW 26-yard FG


    Week 3 Previews: Saturday


    Saturday Morning Football

    Storrs, CT :bc: Boston College Eagles (1-0) at :uconn: Connecticut Huskies (0-1)

    • Headliner: Northeastern Control. As has been the case for the past five or so seasons, Boston College has been the team to beat in the Northeast. After having decimated UMass two weeks ago in Chestnut Hill, the Eagles travel a short distance to Storrs to take on UConn, another team that's struggled to find its way in recent seasons. The Huskies' defense found life hard against the ramblin' Bulls of Buffalo, giving up 226 yards on the ground in their 11-point defeat at home to the MAC side. With Jordan Godson coming to town after a stunning showing against the Minutemen, one can assume a similar showing against the Huskies' rush defense, or even worse.
    • Injuries: None.
    • Player to Watch: DE Michael Britt. With the Eagles' offensive thrashing of UMass, did anyone notice the outstanding performance from Britt a fortnight ago? Britt was an absolute unit going up against a paper-thin offensive line, and the difference in skill showed throughout the evening as Britt picked up 3.5 sacks and forced a fumble from Pita Ponifasio. Britt's the captain of this defensive line, and with another fairly weak offensive line unit standing in his way this weekend, Britt is likely going to put up similar numbers in making Rob Andersen and the UConn backfield very uncomfortable throughout the day, and in particular making getting the ball to Gavin Faulk very difficult.
    • Prediction: The difference in talent between Boston College and the rest of the Northeast is massive, and if it didn't show against feeble UMass, it'll show against a UConn side with more longevity against the Minutemen. The Buffalo game acts as a preview to the damage Godson will do to the Huskies, though look to J.M. Gill to put together another respectable passing performance against a more top-heavy secondary. If there are questions about this BC side, we won't see them arise in this game. :bc: BC 48-13 UConn :uconn:


    Atlanta, GA :wmu: Western Michigan Broncos (0-1) at :gt: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (1-0)

    • Headliner: A Change in Pace. The Jackets looked out of sorts against Ball State. The passing game looked as if the hole left by Jahmir Rolle was a lot bigger than anticipated, and Gabriel Sewell was far from ready for the FBS stage in his debut. The defense stepped up to cover for the offense's misfirings, but that was against a Ball State team known for offensive inconsistency. In steps DeSean Madison and the WMU Broncos, who remain a scary proposition for this Georgia Tech side despite their horrific shortcomings against Michigan State. Will the Jackets get back on track, or will they fall hard against the class of the MAC?
    • Injuries: None.
    • Player to Watch: DE Junior Mondragon. What better way to follow up your three-sack debut with another strong showing against a team built on the run? Mondragon was a force against Ball State's inferior offensive line,  headlining Georgia Tech's five-sack assault on the Cardinals that also featured a force fumble and a tackle for loss from the freshman defensive end. Chase Sims didn't face too much adversity from Michigan State's front seven yet still was rather inconsistent throwing the ball; just imagine how he'll fare when actually put under pressure? It's up to Mondragon to lead the Jackets' defensive line once more, hopefully to the same effect that saw them slow Damani Laws and the Cardinals.
    • Prediction: I badly want to believe that the offensive failures from two weeks ago were a fluke, but the lack of a running game isn't ever going to be a fluke. The Yellow Jackets might live and die on the consistency of their non-Swanson receivers, and if this ends up being the case week-in and week-out, then it's hard to trust the Jackets' offense in most games. This is certainly one of those games as a failure to continually produce on that side of the ball will allow for the Broncos, a team with a defense much better than their opening game indicated, to wear down Georgia Tech's defense until it eventually breaks. :wmu: WMU 31-21 GT :gt:


    Miami Gardens, FL :vt: Virginia Tech Hokies (1-0, 0-0) at :miami: Miami (FL) Hurricanes (0-1, 0-0)

    • Headliner: Opening In Two Directions. It really was a tale of two teams a week ago, as the Hokies took apart Tulane while Miami inexplicably stumbled on the road in Akron. Conference play might've come at the worst possible time for the Hurricanes; will they really run the Wildcat again, or will they quickly try to snap back to a run-based scheme to accommodate for their rush-first offense? As for the Hokies, they'll look to take quick advantage over a Miami team in disarray, but they shouldn't be so quick to discount what the 'Canes have shown to do in years past. Ronnie Peterson is still a threat, and there's no telling when the young guns on this team will show their potential. In any case, both teams are currently heading in opposite directions, but one needs to correct their course before it becomes too late.
    • Injuries: None.
    • Player to Watch, VT: DT Kevin Best. This is strictly about Ronnie Peterson. After an iffy but untested performance against Tulane's Thomas Moses, Best and the Hokies' front seven will face their routine Peterson check-up. They failed this check-up last year in Blacksburg, letting the heart of this Miami offense rush for 136 yards and 2 touchdowns as the Hokies barely clutched out a 38-35 win. Simply put, the front seven has to perform better, and who better to look for than the man in the middle that'll more often than not meet Peterson at the line? You won't see him show up in the statbook, but a silent or even slowed performance from Miami's main source of offense will be considered a success for the defensive tackle.
    • Player to Watch, UM: WR Joaquin Bond. Nonexistent in the showdown between these teams a year ago. Deftly silent against the Zips last week. Bond has an unfortunate tendency to disappear when needed, and he'll have to be called upon if the 'Canes are to stand any real chance against their rival visitors. Going up against Trevor McKinney is never easy, but Bond is going to have to step up at some point, so what better time then against a corner of McKinney's quality in a game that means a lot more for Miami than it does for Virginia Tech right now? Peterson is good, but Bond will have to provide the spark for this offense.
    • Prediction: Can anyone trust Miami? Coaching has come under fire after the Akron disaster, and a similar performance simply won't cut it in a very important conference game between what appeared to be two contenders for the division. Miami's offense won't find its rhythm, and a hearty game from Peterson simply won't be enough. Expect a par for the course game from the Hokies' offense, but that's all that's required for them to jump to the top of the Coastal division. :vt: VT 26-14 UM :miami:


    State College, PA :unc: North Carolina Tar Heels (1-1) at :PSU: Penn State Nittany Lions (1-0)

    • Headliner: A Not-So Happy Visit. The Tar Heels will be coming off a strong high after their nailbiting win over Wyoming, but what awaits them is nothing short of a massive jump in competition. Penn State's win comes over fellow ACC Coastal side Pittsburgh - a game that saw Sione Sagaloa run through the Panthers while Dillon Sneed had an efficient showing in his first start. If the Tar Heels look overmatched, that's because they are. That said though, momentum is on UNC's side for once, and it's up to them to use this if they're to stand any chance of knocking off the Nittany Lions.
    • Injuries: None. 
    • Player to Watch: RB Kristian Noel. The Heels have had a weak running game for the past few seasons, with last season being particularly poor for Noel in particular. His 58-yard showing against Wyoming, however, was his best performance in the argyle-patterned uniform, and he'll need to replicate that, or surpass it even, for this offense to move the ball against a not-so-stout Penn State defense. The Tar Heels can't afford to be one-dimensional - the arm of Mtchell Denton is nowhere near good enough to win them many games, but a good showing from Noel might give this offense a sliver of keeping up with Penn State.
    • Prediction: It's not going to be pretty. UNC isn't equipped to stop the run effectively, and the same problems that saw them give up 250 yards to Georgia three weeks ago will see them falter hard against Sagaloa. The Heels will be lucky to put up double-digits against a defense that kept Brayden Pepper quiet in his debut, and North Carolina will inevitably drop down to reality faster than they can turn the ball over. :unc: UNC 6-49 PSU :PSU:


    Saturday Afternoon Football

    Louisville, KY - :kent: Kent State Golden Flashes (0-1) at :louisville: Louisville Cardinals (1-0)

    • Headliner: Gray is the New Black. Erik Gray made a superb debut against Cincinnati in hostile environment, rushing for 134 yards and finding the end zone twice while only being plagued by one fumble that he himself recovered. Kent State has had two weeks to recover from the drubbing that Lloyd Samuels gave them in a 31-20 loss to Oregon State, but this shallow front seven might have to put up with another back running rough-shed. Louisville answered a lot of questions going into the Cincy game, but the Cardinals won't be shy to firmly restate their answers with the Golden Flashes coming to town.
    • Injuries: None.
    • Player to Watch: OLB Miles Rinehart. The general college football audience doesn't get to see a lot of dominant pass-rushing linebackers, but Louisville provides arguably the best in the young Rinehart. Against Cincy, Rinehart picked up a pair of sacks and a pair of TFLs, stuffing out any approaches to the edge of the box. Kent State will have a more linear approach to their rushing game, but this is an opportunity for Rinehart and the pass rush to take advantage of a young offense line and two freshman making their first starts at quarterback and running back. What better way to welcome them to the game than by chasing them around the backfield all game?
    • Prediction: If these two teams' respective opening games are any indication, Louisville is going to literally run over the Golden Flashes, and Kent won't have much of a reply from their offense. Nick Carr and Erik Gray will look comfortable in their home opener, whereas Cameron Hare and C.J. Williams won't be able to catch a break all afternoon. Over/under on Louisville sacks on the day? I'll put it at 3.5 for good measure. :kent: KENT 10-38 LVL :louisville:


    Saturday Evening Football

    Clemson, SC - :smu: SMU Mustangs (0-1) at :clemson: Clemson Tigers (1-0)

    • Headliner: AW3 Not to You. The storyline around this game might be more interesting than the game itself. The heated battle between the Mustangs and Tigers for Akiem Williams III quickly became the biggest JuCo battle in recent memory, with Clemson eventually edging out SMU for the coveted scrambler. The results so far? AW3 thrashed Houston for 361 total yards, including 126 yards on the ground. As for SMU? Redshirt freshman Marcus Burden had a rough outing that saw him throw his first career pick in a home loss to a talented Hawaii side. SMU will want to take it to Clemson for stealing their prize, but will Clemson give them the chance?
    • Injuries: None.
    • Player to Watch: RB Josiah Brock. Whereas defensive attention will be on Williams III, let's not forget about the other big body in that backfield. Brock rushed for 139 yards against the Cougars and has quickly developed into a reliable weapon in the backfield, making this offense all the more scarier for opponents to defend. SMU's defense had their own troubles against Hawaii, notably on the ground as Chris Fraser put up 124 yards on the Mustangs. Look for Brock to run wild once more, and combined with AW3's insane rushing ability, the Tigers might not find much stopping them from pouncing early and often.
    • Prediction: All the signs point to Clemson, but something's keeping me from calling an easy victory. SMU has a loaded defense, a developing but talented offensive line, and quite a few playmakers on offense that just haven't quite come to fruition yet. The Mustangs are far stronger than Houston, and that'll show as Williams III struggles to find the same rhythm that saw him explode over the Houston defense. That said, Clemson's secondary in particular will keep quiet SMU's dangerous wideouts, and Clemson will come away with a respectable out-of-conference win. :smu: SMU 20-28 CLEM :clemson:


    Champaign, IL :uva: Virginia Cavaliers (1-0) at :illinois: Illinois Fighting Illini (2-0)

    • Headliner: The Soldier Enters the Castle. The stories of Illinois' defense are far from exaggerations, or at least that used to be the case. Gone are the days of an Illini defense that would completely smother any and all teams that entered their fortress, but this defense still has a few key playmakers that can make life hard for any team going against them. But the best defensive player on the field won't be wearing orange, rather white. The stories of Soldier Brooks are far from exaggerations, nor will they ever be exaggerations as the inside linebacker continues to captain this Cavalier defense. Is it time for a change of guard?
    • Injuries: None.
    • Player to Watch: CB Ashton Evans. The Illini offense has rarely been talked about over the years, but it appears that it'll come to the forefront of this team with Jordan Harrison under center. A big performance against FIU was enough to stave off an upset in Miami, and he'll be bound to put up some numbers against the Cavaliers. Ashton Evans recovered a pair of picks against the last quarterback that tried to do this though, though his direct opponent in Rory Cooley appears to be a much tougher challenge, even if he is a freshman receiver. A similar dominant performance from the best player in this Virginia secondary will go a long way to putting a damper on the Illini passing game.
    • Prediction: Illinois have recorded wins on two rather simple opponents, although they nearly fell on the road to FIU. Virginia's win on ULL was controlling if not expected. Both teams haven't really been tested, but that changes in Champaign. Virginia won't be able to pressure Harrison the same way they terrorized Emory West, but the secondary will hold firm against a brutal aerial assault. Isaiah Clinton's name hasn't come up much yet, but he'll have to put in a similar showing against the Illini seeing as FIU was able to effectively run the ball, albeit between two players. This'll be a nailbiter in the evening, but expect the better defense to come out on top. :uva: UVA 24-21 ILL :illinois:

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