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Éireannach Go Bragh

Notre Dame pulls off the first big upset of the season, defeating #14 Michigan by 10 points.

Luck of the Aggies

Former TCU QB Felix Luck is now a member of the UC Davis Aggies, thanks to the NCAA Transfer Portal.

Week 1 Kickoff: Seahawks @ Packers

The defending champion Green Bay Packers host the Seahawks to kick off the 2023 NFLHC season, the 10th in league history.

Place Your Bets!

The Betting Market is now open, place your bets for a selection of weekly games with some prop bets, such as Super Bowl odds.

[2022] UNLV Hires New Unproven Head Coach After Complete Annihilation by Hawaii

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UNLV Decides To Take The Program In Another Direction With Coach Sillakeon.


Monday afternoon marked an important movement for the future on UNLV's FBS team. After the loss Saturday evening 35-0 to division rival Hawaii, UNLV decided to part ways with their previous head coach in order to progress the team with it's desire for the future and developing the young core that has been gathered. Graduate assistant coach Sillakeon has since been promoted to the role of head coach.


Since the promotion we have only recently been able to reach out to new coach Sillakeon. Coach was asked late last night after team practice what his plans for the future of the program were. "It's an honor to be promoted to the position of head coach. After watching the program struggle for the past couple seasons (recruiting and field play) it became apparent that some things within the team needed to be changed and unfortunately that resulted in the release of the old coach. In wake of the situation I have decided to hit the recruiting trail harder than was being done in the past. As we move forward, this program will prove to become one of the powerhouses that it once was. The results may not be immediate, but I hope to prove that what I bring to this team isn't just youth, but a love for the program that will spread to the players and recruits that will be joining us in the upcoming seasons."


As UNLV's latest game comes against a Colorado State team that is trying to keep the fire going after a close 26-24 win against struggling Boise State, we asked coach what he would do in preparation for the upcoming road game. "When people talk about some of the better teams in the MWC most people would overlook CSU. It's the kind of team that no matter what the stats say about them, you always have to be wary of them. We plan to review the film and clarify to the boys that we will do as we always have and continue to take this one quarter at a time and play aggressive for all four quarters. At the end of the day we hope to come out with a win or at least fight to the last second."


To close out the season UNLV has a stretch of games that includes a first time meeting between Coach Sillakeon and Coach Hchou at Fresno State, a home game versus San Diego State lead by starting QB David Edmundson, and a final game at Nevada.

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