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[2022] Hawai’i QB J.T. Youngblood celebrates 30th win, 100th TD, 10K YD milestones in W over Fresno State

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019    partly_sunny.png72°




Hawai’i QB J.T. Youngblood Celebrates Career Milestones






The Rainbow Warriors hosted Fresno State week 16, in what was a typical J.T. Youngblood, dog fight of, a win. Down 24-17 at the half, J.T got the offense on track for 2 touchdowns in the 4th to put the Bulldogs away. He finished with 281 total yards and 3 TDs. In the postgame J.T. compliments the opponent, “Fresno State always puts up a good fight and never gives up”.



Something happened that evening that Youngblood himself admitted is something he doesn’t keep track of.During the match, Youngblood scored his 100th career TD, reached the 10,000th total yard marker, and won his 30th career game . “Those numbers are great and all, but I still have more to prove”, said Youngblood when approached with the numbers. “Honestly, I didn’t realize I was close to those marks. Winning ball games for my team is the number 1 goal”.


His career numbers are now 8,830 P Yds, 76/24 TD/INT, 66.85%. Along with 1,391 R Yds, 24 TDs.  Totaling 10,221 Yards and 100 TDs.



-- Youngblood throwing the game winning TD vs Fresno State --



Reporters asked J.T. what inspires him the most when the days are long and difficult. “Grandpap’s crispy fried chicken back home, all the way. I still vividly remember going to his house after HS practice to talk ball and eat his famous chicken. Grandpap was one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known and taught me a lot”. It’s very clear that J.T. has an affection for the culinary arts and learned some very valuable lessons about hard work from his talks with Grandpap. 



The regular season is over and because of the loss to SDSU, Hawai’i will not be making the return trip to the MWC Championship game. When asked his plans, Youngblood sternly said, “We’ll be getting ready for our bowl performance, whoever we get matched up with. Then it’s time to prepare for 2023. My #1 goal is to bring home a conference title to Honolulu”.




Wednesday, February 27, 2019    partly_sunny.png72°

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One of my random favorite players. He's up there with BT, Storm, Singletary for Heisman Hopeful 2023...

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He's been kicking the rest of MWC's ass (exception:SDSU) for a while now. Go win that 2023 heisman Youngblood!

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