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The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl XI champions!

NFLHC Retired Player Memorial

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Welcome to the NFLHC Retired Player Memorial. Any retired player can be added here as long as they have an updated wiki page. If you decide to make/update a wiki page for a retired player, please send it to me so that they can be added to the list.

:lombardi: = Super Bowl Champion

:star: = Pro Bowler

:wreath: = Hall of Fame


QB Javier Fields (2015-2022) ATL/WAS/KC/LV :lombardi:

QB Gary Baldacci (2015-2021) GB/NO/SF/CHI/IND :lombardi:

RB Kevin Richards (2014-2018) NO :star:

RB Tony Peaks (2014-2020) IND :star:

RB Bradie Sapp (2014-2020) LAR/TEN/JAX :star:

RB Booker T. Washington (2015-2022) BAL/SEA :star:

RB Fred Tindale (2016-2022) SEA/ARI/IND

RB Jerry Rambo (2016-2020) DEN :star:

RB Sterling Brown (2016-2022) NYG/NO

RB Kwendi Nkwenti (2018-2022) ARI/TEN

RB Don Williams (2014-2020) CLE/PIT/TB/ARI

WR Art Baber (2015-2022) ATL/TEN/NYG/ARI :lombardi:

WR Tommy Furrey (2014-2022) NE/HOU/TEN :star:

WR Kurt Hill (2014-2022) DAL/NYG :star::lombardi:

WR Tony Gross (2015-2021) IND/TEN/WAS/MIN

WR Brandon Snead (2015-2021) ATL/MIA/CHI

TE Bob Branch (2014-2019) LAR/CAR :star:

OT Jim Otto (2014-2017) PIT/IND/MIN/JAX/BAL/TEN

DE Blair Kopay (2014-2020) ATL/KC/GB :star::lombardi:

DE Tommy Wietecha (2014-2021) LV/BAL

DT Rich Moore (2015-2022) JAX/NE :star:

OLB Kwazi Robb (2014-2022) NYJ/IND :star:

OLB Damione Ellis (2014-2021) GB :star::lombardi:

CB Archie Velasquez (2016-2021) CIN/BUF

CB Sedrick Madison (2014-2021) DET/NYG/LAC/DAL:star:

CB Jacoby Seaverns (2015-2022) CIN/BUF/HOU/CAR :star:

CB Sammy Muhammad (2016-2023) BAL/TB :star:

FS Gray Corbin (2016-2022) LAR/DEN/SEA :star:

SS Keyshawn Ayanbadejo (2014-2021) LV/BUF :star:

SS Kliff Papac (2016-2021) CIN/BUF/LV/CHI/HOU


Many more players will be added this offseason.


Recently added:

5/5/20- RB Don Williams, CB Sammy Muhammad

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