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Fort Worth It

#5 TCU upset defending champions #1 SMU in a 2OT thriller.

Faces in New Places

New Patriots RB Ron Thomas, Vikings OG Joe Farmer, Giants RB DeNorris Jackson, and Steelers QB Taylor Heiden will all see action in NFLHC Week 1.
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[2022] Independents Report - Stat Leaders, Regular Season

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Passing Yards

Player Team Passing Yards Class
Brendan Lange Notre Dame 3,048 (Jr)
Vince Larue Army 2,704 (Fr)
Jabari Sneed BYU 2,556 (Sr)

Passing Touchdowns

Player Team Passing TDs Class
Brendan Lange Notre Dame 24 (Jr)
Jabari Sneed BYU 19 (Sr)
Vince Larue Army 15 (Fr)

Passing Yards Per Attempt

Player Team Passing YPA Class
Jabari Sneed BYU 8.25 (Sr)
Vince Larue Army 7.04 (Fr)
Brendan Lange Notre Dame 6.93 (Jr)

Rushing Yards

Player Team Rushing Yards Class
Adarius Galloway BYU 1,387 (Fr)
Timothy Gonzalez Liberty 936 Sr
Nigel Royal Army 892 So

Rushing Touchdowns

Player Team Rushing TDs Class
Adarius Galloway BYU 19 (Fr)
Nigel Royal Army 15 So
Timothy Gonzalez Liberty 9 Sr

Rushing Yards Per Carry

Player Team Rushing YPC Class
Adarius Galloway BYU 5.44 (Fr)
Nigel Royal Army 4.29 So
Ray Briscoe Notre Dame 4.18 (Sr)


Player Team Receptions Class
Nicholas Spence Jr. UMass 71 (Sr)
Roman Byrne BYU 61 (So)
Ahmed Slade Notre Dame 57 (Fr)
Aiden Crouch Army 54 (Sr)
Adam Kenyon Notre Dame 52 Fr

Receiving Yards

Player Team Receiving Yards Class
Roman Byrne BYU 964 (So)
Ahmed Slade Notre Dame 842 (Fr)
Xavier Bruno Army 821 (Sr)
Aiden Crouch Army 765 (Sr)
Nicholas Spence Jr. UMass 736 (Sr)

Receiving Touchdowns

Player Team Receiving TDs Class
Roman Byrne BYU 8 (So)
Adam Kenyon Notre Dame 8 Fr
Ahmed Slade Notre Dame 6 (Fr)
Shawn Clay Notre Dame 6 (Jr)
Xavier Bruno Army 5 (Sr)
Justin Dobbs BYU 5 (Fr)

Offensive Line Average

Team Offensive Line Average
Notre Dame 4.60
BYU 4.57
Army 3.96




Player Team Tackles Class
Carter Schell UMass 61 (Jr)
DaeSean Woodard Notre Dame 54 So
Vincent Dillard Liberty 50 (Fr)
Randy Brown New Mexico State 49 Sr
Brayden Reeder BYU 47 (Fr)


Player Team Sacks Class
Frank Cornell BYU 9.5 Jr
Louis Quintero Army 8 (Fr)
Nathaniel Woodson Army 7 (Sr)
Adalius Proctor Notre Dame 3.5 Jr
4 Players Tied   3  


Player Team Interceptions Class
Brayden Reeder BYU 6 (Fr)
Micah Bowers Army 6 (So)
DaeSean Woodard Notre Dame 5 So
5 Players Tied   2  


Special Teams

Kicking Points

Player Team Kicking Points Class
Leonard Denton BYU 98 So
Paul Stamper Army 92 (Sr)
Beckett Burke Notre Dame 79 (Jr)

Kicking Stats

Player Team FG Made FG Att FG % XP Made XP Attempt XP % Long Class
Beckett Burke Notre Dame 15 17 88.24% 34 34 100% 47 (Jr)
Paul Stamper Army 18 23 78.26% 38 38 100% 48 (Sr)
Leonard Denton BYU 18 23 78.26% 44 45 97.78% 44 So

Punting Average

Player Team Punting Average Class
Lenny Casas Notre Dame 40.64 (Jr)
Griffin Linn Army 39.98 So
Isaako Kini BYU 38.82 So

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