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10th Round Title Bout

#1 Auburn and #6 TCU rematch the first game of the season - an Auburn victory - to determine the site's 10th national champion.

AFC CCG: Titans @ Dolphins

The Titans knocked out the defending Super Bowl Champion Raiders, while Miami destroyed Pittsburgh 38-10 in last week's slate. Two aerial attack based teams will try to make it to Super Bowl IX in this exciting matchup.

NFC CCG: Eagles @ Packers

The Eagles won a crazy 41-38 game over the Falcons while the Packers won a slugfest in the snow against the Lions in the last round; another snow game might favor an Eagles victory if they can keep up the run game from the prior week, but it will be tough against the well-rounded Packers.
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    [NFLHC] Benching Quarterbacks

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    Benching can have negative effects such as displeasing a quarterback and/or upsetting team chemistry. This short guide is a summary to when any of those take effect.


    The only two valid times you may bench a starting quarterback without upsetting the player or upending team chemistry are as follows:

    • The quarterback is injured with an out or questionable injury designation. (NOTE: probable is not included)
    • The team has already clinched playoffs by week 16 or 17 and the quarterback is being benched to rest them for the playoffs.


    Times in which you may bench a quarterback without upending team chemistry:

    • The quarterback is injured with a probable injury designation.
    • The team has lost at least 50% of their games in the season to that point and the quarterback has started at least the last four games.


    The following is a list of actions that will upset starting quarterback (i.e. their player line will become yellow, they will resent the current coach and/or GM, and the player may request team changes or to be removed from the team):

    • Benching the quarterback to "tank".
    • Benching the quarterback with no injury designation if he has won at least 60% of his games up that point in the season or has won the last four games in a row.

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    I will make an additional note here, If I suspect you are "tanking" your NFLHC team or openly advertise that you are, we will be issuing severe consequences and you may be stripped of your team. Play the game properly or be removed. These punishments will be given out at mine or @alienufo discretion and no appeals will be accepted. Play the game properly.

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    I want to be clear, as I was told by my F.O. that charges were leveled against the Broncos today while I was away from the site: we did not "tank" by any stretch of the imagination. Eric Jennings was never our 'starting quarterback'--he was a backup thrust into a role that was not suited to him. We replaced him with BETTER QBs for four weeks. I never have and never will "tank." Playing younger players is part of playing the game properly. 


    This is not in response to Soluna's posts above, just wanted to make sure it is known I'd never condone that...

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