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Cotton Bowl: #1 SMU vs. #8 Washington

In a rematch of Week 12, where SMU defeated Washington 23-20, QBs Marcus Burden and Jake Davis face off once again.

Fiesta Bowl: #2 LSU vs. #7 Tennessee

In a rematch of the SEC Championship Game, won by LSU 13-7, Tigers OLB Leonard England will try to get the better of Vols QB Adrian Goldson for a second time.

Peach Bowl: #3 Oklahoma vs. #6 Duke

In a matchup of noted Heisman candidates, the Sooners and CB Elijah Williams will try to stop the potent Blue Devils offense led by QB Bryce Thompson.

CFBHC Bowl: #4 Michigan vs. #5 Florida

A playoff matchup of last year's bowl season, where Michigan won 24-17, sees Wolverines RB Nick Rowland try to outpace Gators QB Darion Harrison.


In the final week, the Browns, led by RB Sean Bell's 156 yards and 2 TD, avoid a winless season by the skin of their teeth in Week 17 by defeating the Bengals 30-24 in OT.
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[2023] SEC Network: Week 0 Power Rankings

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Week 0 Power Rankings


1. Auburn Tigers - at Nebraska, 35-3, W

Auburn dismantles Nebraska on the road. Auburn's defense shines as they hold their opponents to a 20% 3rd down conversion rate and forcing three turnovers. oh wow Auburn #1


2. Mississippi State Bulldogs - at Temple, 41-24, W

Hurricane watch is in effect in Starkville. Storm Whittaker continues his amazing run as the leader of this Mississippi State team. If you haven't yet, go take a look at the Temple defensive secondary. Storm Whittaker threw for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns, and ran in another. All SEC defenses must be on high alert.



3. Florida Gators -  at Miami, 21-16, W

Florida comes out in their first game and takes down a very talented Miami team on the road. The Florida running game was extremely potent, and despite turning the ball over twice and allowing over 300 yards passing, the Gators held the Hurricanes to only 16 points. When Miami moved the ball inside UFs half, the Gator defense stood tall, forcing 4 field goal attempts.


4. Tennessee Volunteers - vs BC, 26-9, W

It wasn't the prettiest game from star QB Adrian Goldson, but the Vols and coach Tazer have started off the season with a big win over Boston College. The Tennessee defense got to the QB 4 times on Saturday, and gave the BC offense fits. Goldson will have to improve his play come conference play, but the Vols are off on the right foot.


Everyone else is still yet to play, but here goes.


5. LSU Tigers

6. Missouri Tigers

7. Alabama Crimson Tide

8. Texas A&M Aggies

9. Georgia Bulldogs

10. Vanderbilt Commodores

11. South Carolina Gamecocks

12. Kentucky Wildcats

13. Arkansas Razorbacks

14. Ole Miss Rebels



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