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Bred First To Be Champions

The SMU Mustangs are your 11th CFBHC National Champions!

Detroit Sends Lions to Maul Chiefs

Detroit has won Super Bowl X! DE Ilan Kuhn was named Super Bowl MVP with 1.5 sacks and fumble recovery TD.

Training Camp SZN

Training camp has now opened up. The defending AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs got to it early as they try to make their way back to Super Bowl XI.

The Cleveland Browns Select Zach Lombardi

With the first overall pick in the 2024 NFLHC Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Zach Lombardi, Quarterback, Navy.
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Week #1 B1G Ole Preview - Part 1

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FOOTBALL IS REALLY BACK, and so is the B1G ole preview week #1 (I'm as surprised as you). Unfortunately I did not have time to finish the preview for the Saturday games just yet since the B1G has so many damn games this weekend, but I wanted to get at least the Thursday nights out before the games were posted because, well, its not much of a preview if the game already happened. Stay tuned for Part 2 that has all the steamy Saturday B1G action you can handle!


Image result for big ten logo png



Texas State (0-0) at Indiana (0-0)
The Matchup- Rabid’s Texas State team may be coming off a losing season that left them just shy of bowl eligible, but they bring a surprisingly well rounded squad into Indiana to face off against Jamzz’z Hoosiers. Coming off a very rough season, Indiana looks to have a quietly solid team that should be enough to carry them through their non conference schedule, though things could again be a little shaky against the elite of the B1G.


What to Watch For-


Texas State-Dobbs’ Dominators
Texas State’s Oline is unquestionably led by SR 5/5 OT Sawyer Dobbs, but even outside of them they have an oline that is respectable at the very worse. I can see some B1G teams even being envious of this unit (not that I would know..), and they should be able to hold up fairly well against a middling pass rush


Indiana-The Grown Ups
Texas State and Indiana are really not that far apart on talent to the degree that one would think, but Indiana’s biggest advantage is clearly the expirence and maturity of this squad. All but 2 players on offense listed as starters on the depth chart are younger than a JR, and most of the defense is the same. On the other side, Texas State is starting a large amount of freshman, so I would expect a big leg up in the consistency of performance on the Hooiser’s side of the ball.


The Prediction-
I like Texas State a lot more than I expected I would before looking through the depth charts, but they still feel a year or two away from really competing with the P5 conferences, even a team like Indiana just has more mature talent than they possibly could. Being the road dogs will likely not help, and I see them pulling up a bit shy.


TSU 17 - IU 24


Rutgers (0-0) at Army (0-0)
The Matchup- In a battle of the colored knights, Scarlett takes on Black in one of the more interesting games in the Friday night slate. Quasar’s Scarlet Knights feature a roster thats been quietly building a store of nice talent, though a little development may be needed to take the next step. Largely unknown coach StorMy on the other hand, brings a well rounded and almost impressive average team into play to open at home, with little pro talent but almost no glaring weaknesses to exploit. 

What to Watch For


Rutgers- Scarlet Shirts
Rutgers will be debuting two new 5.0 potential prospects in this game at some of the most important positions in the game, with QB Omari Ricks-Hargrove taking the snaps for the offense, and B1G Ole DT Shawn Marshall throwing his 327 lbs around at the nose. Both are redshirt freshman, and this game could be a huge opportunity to show that they can live up to their rating and carry this team through a tough conference largely intact.


Army- Militant Discipline
As far as less talented teams go, I really like this Army squad for what they are. They really don’t have any stand outs that jump off a depth chart, but they also don’t start a single player worse than a 2.0/3.5 (or 3.0/3.0, depending on how you roll). They also start a lot of upperclassmen and exactly 0 freshman, so you can bet a squad of guys developed for years with an Army discipline are not going to give you anything easy.
The Prediction-
Rutgers really gets all the advantages going into this one expect the home crowd, they have a more talented team overall with more pro/star potential and a proven coach Quasar with experience under his belt taking on a debuting coach. If the Black Knights are going to have a chance they have to hold this offense in check early. That said, this feels eerily similar to me to the Michigan Notre Dame matchup of last week, with a more talented team with a lot of youth playing a well rounded team of underclassmen. Rutgers will likely be a fairly strong team this year that beats other better teams, but I am expecting week 1 growing pains to give Army just enough shot to hold on. 


RU 14 - ARMY 17

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