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Backup QB Paul Davenport has the Saints out to a surprise 2-0 start. He's also 13th in NFLHC in rushing yards.

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[2023] SEC SSC Week 1

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With week 1 in the books, and most every team now having played a game, let's look at the stat leaders from the best conference in the nation!


Stats Leaders


Passing Yards

Dominick Sherman :auburn: - 400 yards

Storm Whittaker :msst: - 399 yards

Tyler Mackey :vandy: - 300 yards


Passing Touchdowns

Storm Whittaker :msst: - 4 TDs

Dominick Sherman :auburn: - 3 TDs

Nathan Singletary :tamu: - 3 TDs


Rushing Yards

Sean Meade :auburn: - 204 yards

Israel Coleman :auburn: - 135 yards

Jonah Ponder :tamu: - 132 yards


Rushing Touchdowns

Israel Coleman :auburn: - 2 TDs

Sean Meade :auburn: - 2 TDs

Jonah Ponder :tamu: - 2 TDs

Zaire Minor :miss: - 2 TDs

Lawrence Owens-Hodges :vandy: - 2 TDs


Receiving Yards

Benjamin Hurd :auburn: - 153 yards

Trevon Bowser :msst: - 148 yards

James Jones :vols: - 144 yards


Receiving Touchdowns

Nick Rawls :msst: - 2 TDs

Donte Delmas :auburn: - 2 TDs

Anthony Adams :tamu: - 2 TDs


OL Rating

:vandy: - 6.70

:msst: - 5.80

:florida: - 5.60




Alshon Sinclair :kentucky: - 7 tackles

Greg Schlosser :scar: - 7 tackles

Blake Barrett :scar: - 7 tackles


Tackles for Loss

Myles Wallace :auburn: - 3 TFLs

Jason Siegel :auburn: - 2 TFLs

Branden Riggins :msst: - 2 TFLs

Brandon Triplett :msst: - 2 TFLs

Sebastian Shockley :vols: - 2 TFLs

Trevor Burkhart :florida: - 2 TFLs

Nathaniel Hollis :florida: - 2 TFLs

Fernando Garcia-Velasquez :uga: - 2 TFLs

Griffin Berman :miss: - 2 TFLs

Zachary Clemons :vandy: - 2 TFLs



Fernando Garcia-Velasquez :uga: - 2 sacks

Zachary Clemons :vandy: - 2 sacks

Branden Riggins :msst: - 1 sack

Marcus Coles :vols: - 1 sack

Orlando Redd :vols: - 1 sack

Sebastian Shockley :vols: - 1 sack

Trevor Burkhart :florida: - 1 sack

Nathaniel Hollis :florida: - 1 sack

Jason Siegel :auburn: - 1 sack

Kahiau Afamasaga - 1 sack

Christian Crouch :uga: - 1 sack

Robaire Chavis :vandy: - 1 sack

Franklin Hollowell III :arkansas: - 1 sack

Myles Wallace :auburn: - 1 sack

Alexander Waters :scar: - 1 sack

Ryan Redd :tamu: - 1 sack

Corey Stovall :vandy: - 1 sack

Russell Corbin :kentucky: - 1 sack

Griffin Berman :miss: - 1 sack

Gavin Best :tamu: - 1 sack

Antoine O'Neal :tamu: - 1 sack



Dennis Beach :auburn: - 2 INTs

Branden Riggins :msst: - 1 INT

Jalen Britt :msst: - 1 INT

Lavonte Chatman :florida: - 1 INT

Khiry Tillman :msst: - 1 INT

Emmanuel Hunter :vols: - 1 INT

Brandon Terrell :auburn: - 1 INT

Jonas Hooker :vandy: - 1 INT

Shane McCrary :miss: - 1 INT

Dillon Vann :scar: - 1 INT

Darius Allen :uga: - 1 INT

Jarvis Bolton :uga: - 1 INT

Zac Forte :kentucky: - 1 INT

Darron Bynum :kentucky: - 1 INT

Zion Oates :arkansas: - 1 INT

Branden Valentine :miss: - 1 INT

Kayden Pritchett :auburn: - 1 INT


Notable Tidbits


This is definitely the preseason where stat padding is king, and it shows with a number of players tied for #2 in interceptions and #3 in sacks. Hopefully the stat padding continues, and players are able to break away from each other in week 2. I would also expect Auburn's lead at a couple of these positions to drop next week, as they are the only team in conference that has played 2 games.


Fernando Garcia-Vasquez had himself a great game against the Wisconsin Badgers. The freshman OLB had a great debut against a tough Badgers squad with two sacks, and two tackles for loss. We at SSC look forward to the remainder of his collegiate career.


Ole Miss might not be projected to win too many games this year, but they still had a great game against the Trojans of Troy. Running back Zaire Minor led the way, with 106 yards, and two touchdowns on only 19 carries against their Sun Belt opponent.



Matchup of the Week


Week 1: 

WR Deontray Clay  vs  CB Branden Pollard


One of the most anticipated matchups this week was between the high powered passing attack of the Rice Owls and the stalwart defense of South Carolina. In particular the battles between, Rice wideout Deontray Clay and young South Carolina corner Branden Pollard stood out.


Clay: 6 receptions for 74 yards

Pollard: Didn't make the stat sheet.


Verdict: Deontray Clay


Week 2:

QB Bryce Thompson :duke: vs :bama: Alabama Secondary


In both teams' start to the season, and one of the most anticipated matchups of the week, heisman candidate Bryce Thompson and the Duke Blue Devils go up against the star studded Alabama Crimson Tide defense. A good performance by the Crimson Tide secondary could vault the team into title contention, and expectations in Tuscaloosa are high.

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52 minutes ago, serwendel said:

OL Rating

:vandy: - 6.70

:msst: - 5.80

:florida: - 5.60


That's a big gap from 1st to 2nd.

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