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Illini Fight Off Huskies

The #25 Illinois defense stifled Washington's star QB Jake Davis as Illinois won a more defensive game 19-17, although QB Jordan Harrison did help with over 300 yards in the air.


Panthers QB Christian Skaggs throws for 506 yards on 49 attempts, adding 6 TD to 0 INT, as the Panthers rout the Bucs at home 42-12.

Hokie-Pokey Defense Turns Game Around

In a game that was 0-0 at the half, Virginia Tech managed to pull the upset of #12 Ohio State through a stifling defense that held OSU to just 3 field goals.

Sustainable Bills Sneak Past Saints

The Bills scored in every quarter, putting up 35; they nearly lost anyway as the Saints scored 27 in the 4th quarter in a close 35-33 game.
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[2023] Purdue Opens First Exhibit in Hall of Fame

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Floorplan of the first exhibit in the Purdue Boilermakers Hall of Fame which documents the rise of Purdue Boilermakers football in its first decade from 2013 through 2022.


WEST LAFAYETTE - The Purdue Athletic Department announced the opening of its first exhibit in the newly opened Purdue Boilermakers Hall of Fame. Purdue has inaugurated former football members into a Hall of Fame each season since 2018; however, their acknowledgement was limited to murals in the stadium. The department stated the plans of the new Hall of Fame will provide a permanent home to honor those players as well as the achievements of all former Purdue Boilermakers. The Hall of Fame will display the 7 bowl trophies, 2021 B1G Championship Trophy, as well as the 2021 National Championship Trophy along with acquired memorabilia.


The new exhibit features Champions Rotunda, a large domed room with a painted ceiling depicting scenes from the 2021 season, to document the 2021 National Championship team. The grounds will feature artwork as they expect the building to be used for events beyond exhibits honoring the players.


The Hall of Fame has employed a curator, former Purdue Boilermaker inside linebacker Nicholas Marr, to document and acquire memorabilia from the team's past. Marr stated, "its an honor to be trusted as a storyteller for this historic program." Marr said the Hall of Fame plans to announce new exhibits at a later date, as well as new artwork and important memorabilia as it becomes available to the public.


Longtime head coach inspiral said, "I feel the Hall of Fame is a great addition to our program. Its a way to connect more with our past and immerse ourselves in Boilermaker football. A perfect example is the inclusion of the importance of the Air Force-Purdue games in the exhibit--one of the most heated series in our early years."

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