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Hoosier Daddy?

The last undefeated team in the Big Ten is... Indiana?!?! The Hoosiers went on the road and dominated Wisconsin en route to a 31-17 win.

Wegrets as QBs Wheeled Out For Season

Jets QB Erik Wegert severely ruptured his PCL on TNF, and Titans QB Thomas Wheeler tore his rotator cuff Sunday, significantly hurting the hopes of both teams for 2023.

Horned Frogs SteAMRALled

#6 Oklahoma State took it to TCU, going up 28-7 at halftime and winning 38-14. RB Amral Brown came up huge with 142 rushing yards and 2 TD.

100-yard Curse Blackballed

The Colts hadn't had a 100-yard rushing game since Tony Peaks posted 150 and 2 TD in Week 17 of 2018. 2 games of JB Blacknall later, a 5-year drought is broken.

Catch Or No Catch?

Bengals WR Adrian Jankowski was furious that this catch on MNF didn't count, and it led to a tantrum and fine. Was it a catch? Depends on the perspective.
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BOFA Presents: The 10 Year Project

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BOFA Presents: The Ten Year Project



There was once a football game played between Virginia Tech and Penn State. It was a 41-24 victory for the Hokies that was halfway through the 4th quarter. 

If you just look at the scoreline of the game, you'll see some prominent names. Allan Taylor, Alvis Brumm, and Walt Peck all inhabited the rosters of these two teams, and have become staples of NFLHC since entering the league.

While the players on the field were quite remarkable, the biggest moment of this game was that there was a game at all.

This game marked the first game in CFBHC history.


We are now in the tenth season of CFBHC. There have been many changes in football since the VT-PSU matchup. The original FBS division had 53 teams in five separate conferences and no FCS teams. Now, there is an FCS division with 16 teams, and the FBS division has blossomed into a 130 team division, with ten separate conferences. Those players who exhausted their college eligibility or decided to leave school early, have joined the NFLHC which has also grown since it’s inception. 


The story of CFBHC has many chapters now, and while it is not close to being completed, the tenth anniversary of CFBHC calls for some reflection and storytelling. 


In this series we will highlight the seasons of CFBHC. Storylines, legends, stories that may have been lost to time as seasons stack up. The CFBHC project will pull from the memories of many coaches and individuals around the league who helped build up the league and are helping to bring it into the future. This will not be the complete story of CFBHC, as there is no way to completely chronicle everything that has gone on. However, the unique perspectives that will be given by coaches in CFBHC and NFLHC will try to honor coaches and seasons of past, and celebrate the monumental 10th season of college football.


If you would like to participate in this project, feel free to PM me or just write your own article. We’d love to hear from the perspectives of other members of the site, not just members of BOFA.


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Nice, excited to see where this goes!

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