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Cotton Bowl: #1 SMU vs. #8 Washington

In a rematch of Week 12, where SMU defeated Washington 23-20, QBs Marcus Burden and Jake Davis face off once again.

Fiesta Bowl: #2 LSU vs. #7 Tennessee

In a rematch of the SEC Championship Game, won by LSU 13-7, Tigers OLB Leonard England will try to get the better of Vols QB Adrian Goldson for a second time.

Peach Bowl: #3 Oklahoma vs. #6 Duke

In a matchup of noted Heisman candidates, the Sooners and CB Elijah Williams will try to stop the potent Blue Devils offense led by QB Bryce Thompson.

CFBHC Bowl: #4 Michigan vs. #5 Florida

A playoff matchup of last year's bowl season, where Michigan won 24-17, sees Wolverines RB Nick Rowland try to outpace Gators QB Darion Harrison.


In the final week, the Browns, led by RB Sean Bell's 156 yards and 2 TD, avoid a winless season by the skin of their teeth in Week 17 by defeating the Bengals 30-24 in OT.
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Historical NCAA Basketball Simulator

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With the revival of CBBHC and the start of IRL college basketball, I thought it was a good time to post this.  A while ago, I created this web app, but I have not posted it hear yet.  I just updated it through the end of the 2019 season.  


How did I make it?  I scraped the final Kenpom data from every season since 2002 and used those ratings to create a simulator.  You can simulate a game between any team in the country in any of the years that they have been in Division 1.  


Let me know what you think, if you run into any issues, and maybe a couple of your best results!



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Got these on the first try. God. Damnit. (Michigan lost to both of these schools in the National Championship during that year)

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Here's what I got. Seems like a great game 

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Update: I believe the overtime issue should be fixed now.  Let me know if you run into any other problems.

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