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[2023] (BOFA) Legacy of: QB Adrian Goldson, Tennessee

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Welcome Back! Today, we examine the career and legacy of Adrian Goldson of Tennessee.




QB Adrian Goldson 6-1 215 Fr Watertown (Watertown, TN) 1.0 of 5.0 [Pocket]


Goldson was a highly sought after Recruit. A 5* Quarterback doesn't pop up in Tennessee very often. The University of Tennessee and Vanderbilt battled hard to Goldson, but Adrian inked with the Volunteers in the end. He was the first 5* QB in Knoxville since Robert Aikman in the 2014 Season.


Statistics (From Wiki):




His 2023 Stats Include the Week 11 Game against Alabama. Outside of his Sophomore season, Adrian has been really good. His Career QB Rating of 144.40 is excellent. One thing Goldson does at an elite level is protect the ball. He's thrown more than 10 Picks just once, his Freshman year. He's on Pace to throw 6 in the regular season in 2023. He's been above 60% Completion every year, and above 65% 3/4 years. Statistically, it's hard to argue he's not the best QB in School History.


Prior QB Statistics (From Wiki):




Here are the full stats (from the Wiki) of all Tennessee QB's prior to Goldson's arrival. Those QB's are: Julius Thomas, Cleveland Jones, and Robert Aikman. One thing I want to illustrate is the season record for QB Rating before AG. It's 149.67 by Julius Thomas in 2018. Adrian Goldson's freshman season was 150.05, then his Junior year was 154.14, and his Senior sits at 162.40. And although Goldson is great at protecting the ball, that's a Volunteer QB Specialty. His 13 his freshman year is the most in school history. His 9 in both his Sophomore and Junior are then tied for 3rd Most. Thomas was the only other player who starter for at least 3 Seasons, and he threw 20 Total. Goldson is by far the most accurate QB. He has the 3 most Accurate Passing Seasons in school history. This to me shows how good Goldson has been.












The SEC has had some good QBs in Goldson's tenure. Tucker Dowden, Marcus Black are the best 2 he had to compete against. But, not getting 2nd Team once? Goldson is certainly on pace to make one of those Conference teams this season. However, no other Volunteer QB has earned a National Award or made an All-Conference Team either.


Team Performances:




Tennessee has been very productive on the field with Goldson under center. They've gone to a Bowl Game every season, and have won a majority of their Conference Games in Each Season. The Vols have won 68.8% of their games in this time, including 67.8% of Conference Games. No 10-Win seasons, but the Volunteers have been right in it for the Division every season.


Team Performances Prior QBs:




Here are the team's performances before Goldson came to Knoxville. A 63% Win Mark, with just a 58.8% Win Mark in the Conference. But, the 2018 Team won the Division and went to the SECCG (but lost). The 2019 Team won the Division, and won the Conference over LSU and made it to the Semis of the Playoffs. The 2019 Season has been the best in school history. Tennessee finds themselves in 2nd Place behind Georgia in the East this season, and if both teams win out, would not win the Division once in Goldson's time. If Georgia wins out and wins the Division, Goldson's legacy takes a huge hit.




We're counting: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Vanderbilt as Tennessee's Rivals.


2020 - 4-0

2021 - 2-2

2022 - 2-2

2023 - 2-1

Total - 10-5


Bama - 3-1

Florida - 3-1

Georgia - 1-3

Vanderbilt - 3-0



The Volunteers have really only struggled with the Georgia Bulldogs. Against the rest of their Rivals, the Vols have had great success. Going 3-1 against Alabama in this time is super impressive. The Tide are annual National Powers. Owning the In-State Rivalry with a normally good Commodores team is also impressive. The Soluna Coached Gators have been good over this time as well. This certainly goes a long way in Adrian's favor. Beating Vandy later this year only cements that.




For as good as Goldson has been and is, Vols fans have to feel a little disappointed wit the overall team's success. Never having a 10-Win season (although they are in great position to have one in 2023) definitely goes a long way to hurting your legacy. Tennessee had 3 10-Win seasons before AG. They also haven't won a Division Title with Goldson under center, and currently need some help to win it this season. Tennessee has never had a true QB Superstar, and the fans looked to Goldson being their first. And he just hasn't quite been that.


5, 10 Years down the line. Vols fans will look back at his tenure with a bit of pain. Being that good, beating your rivals, but never winning your Division? That'll be hard to swallow for Vols fans in the present and the future.

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Wow I didn't know until just now that Tennessee had a star at the QB position. 

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