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Bred First To Be Champions

The SMU Mustangs are your 11th CFBHC National Champions!

Detroit Sends Lions to Maul Chiefs

Detroit has won Super Bowl X! DE Ilan Kuhn was named Super Bowl MVP with 1.5 sacks and fumble recovery TD.

84 OVR Season

Nevada OLB Jordan Butler and Oklahoma CB Elijah Williams had great pro days, increasing their overalls to 84.

The Cleveland Browns are On The Clock

The Browns dodged a winless season but still clinched the #1 pick. Who will they take #1 overall? Will they even keep the pick?
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Ahven D'Gale

[2023] Pounding the Rock-ies Week 13 Review

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Hello all, and welcome back to Pounding the Rock-ies!


Well, this was a reasonably light week for the MWC! Most matchups were not between teams with similar records, so viewership was down this week as people were focused on prepping for Christmas rather than watching mediocre matchups!


Saturday Afternoon Football

Colorado State Rams vs Colorado Buffalos


Positives:  The running game is starting to produce touchdowns, and turning the ball over zero times is good.

Negatives: The downward slide continues. Three straight losses after starting the year at 6-1 has deflated the town.

Looking Ahead: How about the next couple years, at least Coach is stealing good croots from his rival, which should turn the tide in the coming years.



Positives: Nothing. Thye aren't in the MWC, and thus, suck!

Negatives: Everything! They're stuck in the lowly PAC 12!

Looking Ahead: LOLZ! Why? They don't matter!


Saturday Night Football

Boise State Broncos @ Wyoming Cowboys


Positives:  One more win will lock up the division for the talented Broncos and coach @Azul!

Negatives: 19 points is not what you wanted to see, but it wasn't enough to cost them a win!

Looking Ahead: Time to start preparing for two very different teams in New Mexico and Utah State coming up!



Positives: This is just the story of the season, close but no cigar! The defense was on point, and the second half adjustments showed @SyndaKyt was ready to compete.

Negatives:  The O line couldn't hold their own, and it cost them managing a measly 57 total yards in the first half! 

Looking Ahead: At 2-8, the Juniors in high school are hoping to see some signs of improvement.



Fresno State Bulldogs @ UNLV Rebels


Positives:  Cagle is hitting his stride helping to take some of the weight off of Shaq's back!! 

Negatives: A sleepy third quarter had @Hchou17 fuming on the sideline. No matter that the win was in hand!

Looking Ahead: 9-1 and a couple of tough games to end the season. Luckily for them, CSU has been on a downslide recently and looks quite beatable.



Positives:  Well, Bronson Willingham fought well in showing that he will do what he can behind a questionable O line.

Negatives: There was a clear better team on the field in this one. Despite @ChizDippler making some great halftime adjustments, it wasn't enough!

Looking Ahead: The fans are already dreaming of next year, when Chiz can croot from the jump and not be stuck behind other coaches!



Hawaii Rainbow Warriors @ San Jose State Spartans


Positives: The receivers looked wonderful in this one.

Negatives: Youngblood was off target, probably still thinking about falling short the previous week. Of course, so did the defense as Clinton passed for 301 yards, mostly in the first half!

Looking Ahead: There isn't a whole lot of surprise left in this season for @GigemAgs a solid bowl game where Hawaii is underrated seems to be on the radar!



Positives:  There's only so much that coaches coming in during the season can do! @redeye4 Has done the best he can, and has Clinton and Rolle supporting him from the podium after tough games like this!

Negatives: A poor running game and O line limited how much the Spartans could threaten the more talented color-fighters! 

Looking Ahead: There are some good croots coming in this class who can start to turn the Spartans into a contender!



Officially Unofficial Mountain Best Game of the Week

New Mexico Lobos @ Utah State Aggies


There was a lot of debate for what game should be Game of the Week! We eventually landed on (2-7) New Mexico vs (1-8) Utah State because it was the most even matchup that we had this week.


Needless to say, Colbert ran roughshod over the Aggie defense which has been a sieve this year! A 17-6 game at halftime didn't even feel that close!


Coach @Clearlander didn't bother showing up for this one, and Farmer has been struggling because of this! Meanwhile @DarthJarJar has been spending an hour at every practice where Colbert has to run through every defender while they try to strip the ball! It's paying off as he didn't fumble a single time against the Aggies!


We wish you the,



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18 minutes ago, Ahven D'Gale said:

Meanwhile @DarthJarJar has been spending an hour at every practice where Colbert has to run through every defender while they try to strip the ball! It's paying off as he didn't fumble a single time against the Aggies!

I swear to God if Colbert fumbles again I will destroy something

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