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[2023] Head Coach Hagan Resigns

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“My time leading the Cocks is over”


Head Coach Hagan looks on into the Williams-Brice crowd


The State is receiving reports that South Carolina Gamecocks Head Coach Hagan has resigned. He was the Head Coach from 2020-2023 for the Gamecocks football team. Below is the statement from university officials:


Statement from University of South Carolina Athletics

This morning, Head Coach Hagan resigned from his position from the University of South Carolina as Head Football Coach and Professor, Department of Agriculture. Coach Hagan has prepared the following words for his departure:


It’s been a wild ride these last couple years.

To the Gamecock family that welcomed me with open arms in 2020.. Thank You. I was a coach with no experience, I had no idea what I would be facing over the next seasons both in recruiting great talent to come play here and in coaching against some of the best.

I’ve had the great honor of bringing some amazing young men into this program. They are the best in the business as far as I’m concerned. You guys will do incredible things for this program, even if I’m not at the helm.

My family and I have been gracious to experience the hospitality and beauty of the state of South Carolina. I’ve have been so lucky to call myself your Head Football Coach. We look forward to spending time here in the future.

Lastly, I want recall some of the great memories I have from this program..

My recruiting classes: 2020     2021     2022                

The Bowl Wins:   2020 Charlotte Bowl      2021 Charlotte Bowl

Famous Upsets:  2020 Clemson       2021 Missouri


The way we have come together as a program makes me so happy and I’m looking forward to see where it goes from here.


My time leading the Cocks is over… This isn’t a goodbye… Just a see you later.


As a part of the sudden resignation, Coach Hagan has forfeited all bonuses, and his tenure with the University of South Carolina in the Department of Agriculture. He ended his reign as coach at 22-26 and the only 2 bowl wins in South Carolina history. As a professor, he published 10+ papers on the benefits of manure and grazing on grass quality. And was the spearhead on the effort to allow a dozen Hereford cattle to graze the practice fields in the offseason. Head Coach Hagan has made no public statements about his future plans, but he was seen heading to the Columbia Airport shortly after handing in his resignation papers. "I need a much deserved vacation, and some time family, friends, and my dog." said former Head Coach Hagan as a reporter caught him leaving the athletic facility.




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So many cocks are aching over this news....

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