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Bred First To Be Champions

The SMU Mustangs are your 11th CFBHC National Champions!

Detroit Sends Lions to Maul Chiefs

Detroit has won Super Bowl X! DE Ilan Kuhn was named Super Bowl MVP with 1.5 sacks and fumble recovery TD.

If You Can Dodge the Super Bowl, You Can Dodge a Ball

It's Pro Bowl season again, and with the return of the skills competition, Ron Rice (#97) will attempt to defend his dodgeball title.

The Cleveland Browns are On The Clock

The Browns dodged a winless season but still clinched the #1 pick. Who will they take #1 overall? Will they even keep the pick?
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[2023] Season in Review: Central Michigan

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Coach: @robcarlson77

Pre-Season Projection: 9-3

Final Record: 10-4 (9-0), MAC Champions


Central came into the season with high expectations. If anyone were to topple the Broncos, I thought it would have been the Chips. And they did that, beating Western pretty good in Week 16 to go 8-0 in Conference. They went on to defeat the Bobcats in the MAC Championship to win it for the first time in school history. This was clearly the best season in Chips history, and something they can build on.






The Chips went 1-3 against their OOC, with the lone win being against App State. Their first loss of the season to Oregon State was a surprise, it was first and just 2 times this year where they scored fewer than 20 Points. They fixed their issues going forward, and went 10-3 the rest of the way. They were undefeated in Conference Play, with only one close game. In Week 12 against the Eagle of EMU, they won 35-33. They went to the Famous Potato Idaho Bowl against San Diego State, and couldn't pull out the win. But 10-4 with a MAC Championship is a hell of a season.


Key Players


QB Byron Suggs (JR) - 347/563 4,502 61.63% 36 TD 5 Pick 148.13 QB Rating  352 Rush Yards 7 TD

RB Daveed Huff (SO) - 226 Carry 1,087 Yards 16 TD 4.81 YPC

WR Joseph Aikman (JR) - 91 Rec 1,312 Yards 9 TD 3 Drop

WR Dontae Peppers (SO) - 74 Rec 1,193 Yards 13 TD 4 Drop

DT Kareem Lindsey (JR) - 32 Tackle 8 TFL 8 Sack

OLB Bradley Lloyd (SO) - 21 Tackle 1 TFL 2 Sack 2 PD

CB DeSean Mathis (JR) - 27 Tackle 8 Pick 3 PD


Suggs was the best player in the conference. He was a threat to go for 350 every week. He wasn't a great threat on the ground, but he did add 7 TDs. He was one of the most singular best players on the year. Huff was a great Redzone threat, scoring 16 TDs. But, his every game performance was not really consistent. He isn't a big threat on most plays right now, and that needs to change. Aikman and Peppers were the best duo in the conference. They combined for over 2,500 Yards and 22 TDs. You can't stop both of them. Kareem Lindsey dominated games from the middle of the DL. Bradley Lloyd had a solid all-around performance, and was tasked with covering TEs and RBs in the passing game. DeSean Mathis lead the conference with 8 Picks, and added 3 PD. This trio lead the Chips Defense on All-3 Levels.


Impact Recruits


CB Isaiah Jenkins JR SR (5.0/5.0)

DE Jacob Gardner-Ware FR (1.0/4.5)

WR DaeSean Daniels FR (2.5/4.0)

CB Derrick Singleton FR (1.0/4.0)

RB Onaje Coleman FR (1.0/4.0)

DT Marco Bollinger FR (1.0/4.0)


Pairing Jenkins and Mathis in the secondary next year should bear plenty of fruit. Adding another playmaker at Corner along the Conference's Top Intercepter should put fear into the minds of opponents. Gardner-Ware will likely Red-Shirt, but they need a guy on the End to bring pressure. DaeSean should add great Depth at WR his first year, and then will be the Top Guy going forward. Derrick Singleton is the successor to DeSean Mathis, and will likely sit for a year. Onaje Coleman will be the guy at RB after Huff graduates, and should spend a year on the bench. DT Marco Bollinger will be the next guy in line at DT, a position the Chips have focused on.


Season Awards


QB Byron Suggs, MAC Player of the Year

QB Byron Suggs, MAC Offensive Player of the Year

robcarlson77, MAC Coach of the Year

QB Byron Suggs, MAC Quarterback of the Year

CB DeSean Mathis, MAC Defensive Back of the Year

WR William Coates, MAC Return Specialist of the Year

QB Byron Suggs, All-MAC, 1st Team

WR Joseph Aikman, All-MAC, 1st Team

WR Dontae Peppers, All-MAC, 1st Team

DT Kareem Lindsey, All-MAC, 1st Team

CB DeSean Mathis, All-MAC, 1st Team

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That loss to Oregon State still doesn’t make sense to me. I know I got cute and moved Peppers to the slot and he had no catches as a result, but still surprised it had that much of an impact. 

Looking forward to next season. Losing 3 starters on the offensive line but their replacements should be of similar skill level. 

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