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Backup QB Paul Davenport has the Saints out to a surprise 2-0 start. He's also 13th in NFLHC in rushing yards.

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CFBHC recruiting, and Local Connections, start soon!
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Falcons Tackle the Manitou Springs Incline

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Falcons Tackle the Manitou Springs Incline


USAFA, Colo. - 


After a hard pre-season (1st Quarter philosophy) season, the Air Force Falcons football team is continuing to travel in an upward direction.  This time, it's running up the intimidating "Incline", a famous Colorado Springs landmark that attracts health enthusiasts and Olympic athletes alike from all over the world. The Incline is a popular training location for the Air Force football team, as they climb the daunting 2,610 steps, seemingly straight up, every year. 


Junior running back Bobby Crews holds the record among current team members for ascending the Incline with a time of 24:15 this year. That's not quite as fast as the unofficial record held by triathlete Mark Fretta, who ascended the Incline in 16:42 on his first of four trips to the top that day, not to mention with a broken collar bone from a bike crash earlier.


The Incline consists of the remains of an old cog train railway that once gave tourists a great view of Pikes Peak. Now with the train gone, the remaining railroad ties provide a great avenue up the side of the mountain, traversed by foot. The 8,600-foot high Incline has often been referred to as a "Stair-Stepper on steroids."


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Are linemen expected to perform at the same rate as the others?

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