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[2024] Air Force Falcons Spring Game Media Release

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What To Know: Air Force Spring Game Details


Colorado Springs, CO. – Air Force football will wrap up its first spring under head coach Kwheele  and for the 12th consecutive year will recognize the nation's armed services during its annual Spring Game at Falcon Field starting at 2 p.m.

With the inaugural season of the Kwheele era set to begin, spring practices have been filled with the Falcons football players learning a new offensive scheme, and tweaks to an already solid defense plus many anticipated battles for starting positions heating up. Coming off a rather lackluster and underperforming season in 2023, the new Falcons football staff has placed a focus on getting better each game, week, half, quarter, series, play and rep. The Falcons will be looking to rebuild into the premier service academy as well as compete in the Mountain West Conference on a weekly basis.

"This is a really big deal," Kwheele said. "Our spring game at Falcon is a huge deal, and we want to make sure that place is rocking. It's another opportunity to show what we are. We want to make sure our playmakers are on the field and putting on a great show for our fans. We want the entire country to see what our stadium is like on game day."
The annual Spring Game will also display the depth Coach Kwheele and his staff have worked to establish, as the roster will be split into two teams instead of the offense vs. defense format from a year ago. Rosters for the "Blue Team" squad and the "White" team will be unveiled soon.



10:30 a.m. – Parking Lots Open – free for those that arrive earlier than noon
Noon – Parking Lots start charging $5 per car
Noon – Shuttle begins from Air Academy High School and Chapel Hills Mall
Noon - Holoday Athletic Center Opens
1:00 p.m. – Falcon Stadium Gates Open
1:00 p.m. – Men's Tennis vs. San Diego State (Cadet Field House Tennis Center)
1:00 p.m. – Autograph Session with Men's Basketball team on the Falcon Stadium Concourse
2:05 p.m. – USAF Thunderbirds Demonstration team fly over
2:07 p.m. – 2024 Spring Game kick off





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With the introduction to their new coach, Falcon quarterbacks were put on notice that their level of production needed to match the intensity and effort that the rest of the team puts in and that the starting position will go to the quarterback that has the best off season and spring game. This puts the competition squarely between incumbent starter Ted Blake and redshirt Freshman Matt Mosley. “Both quarterbacks are at square one and have a clean slate in my eyes since both are having to learn my offense. No one has the advantage and the quarterback that can adapt to the new scheme and limit their mistakes (physically and mentally) will win the starting position. PERIOD,” Coach Kwheele stated at the pre-spring game press conference earlier this week.


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 Running Backs


Running back is one of the main strengths of this year’s team, even though they are few in numbers. The new offensive scheme will focus on having both Bobby Crews and Matt Schilling on the field to take advantage of each player’s unique skill sets and to provide some consistency and leadership on this Falcons offensive squad. Both players have adapted nicely to the new offensive scheme and are very focused on being the work horse of the offense. Coach Kwheele has praised the work ethic of both Crews and Schilling for their work ethic and leadership during this installation process. Coach Kwheele also noted the improve play of fullbacks Elijah Peters and Kahale Maeaeafeleasiolagi in this new scheme.


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Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

Last year was the introduction of Tran Nguyen to the Mountain West Conference secondaries. The wide receivers are a deep group with a wide array of talent lead by the Sophomore Nguyen. A particular focus this off season was developing and rounding out the skills of this group to be truly a strength of this team. This group has the flexibility to attack the varying defenses of the Mountain West and have been hard at work learning their new role in the offensive scheme.


The tight ends are being asked in this new scheme to add some flexibility to the offensive attack and are lead by senior tight end Andrew Sample. This spring has seen a very deliberate focus on developing the tight end group as a viable part of the new offensive scheme and to get their talents matched up against opposing linebackers where possible.


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Offensive Line

The offensive line, with it’s veteran leadership of OT Pat Linder and C Terrence Gilmore, have seen their work load simplified in the new offensive scheme. With a strong focus on building strength as a group and scheme knowledge, Coach KWheele is confident his offensive line will quickly develop into a dominant group in the Mountain West Conference.





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Defensive Line

Defensive Line one of the stronger units in this spring ball and a lot of that comes from very little change in the defensive scheme as a whole. Senior DE Derrick Dukes has been a strong performer in spring practices and off-season training session while still keeping a very high grade point average in Aeronautical Engineering here at the Academy. DT Fredick Stone and DE (ATH) Donte Lawton have also had extremely productive spring practices as well, showing their understanding of the new techniques  defensive line coach and defensive coordinator Richard Scott has brought with him from his days in the National Football League.


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Linebackers are a position that may be thin in numbers, but the defensive coaching staff feels very comfortable about in terms of skill across the unit.  OLB Cameron Kelly and ILB Keenan High have been instrumental in leading this unit during the off-season and getting to know defensive coordinator Richard Scott’s plan for them this season. Linebacker coach Stephen Garza was especially impressed with the development of ILB Simon Keene this offseason both in the weight room and the classroom, and looks forward to seeing great things from him as the season progresses.


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This group is also coming together quite nicely in blending the multitude of skills and experience.  The Falcons secondary will highlight the versatility and experience as DC Richard Scott has adapted the traditional 3-4 defense with his nickel defense background into a very strong hybrid. The flexibility the secondary brings will be able to highlight and support multiple coverages and defensive looks allowing the entire defense to paly a more aggressive style of football this season.


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Special Teams


The kicking department will be holding a tryout to backup standout senior kicker Sebastian White. The consistency provided by White will be key to sustaining drives and putting points on the board for the Falcons this year and is a main point of emphasis with the entire special teams unit. Redshirt sophomore Theo Ray will be called upon to help the Falcons establish and control field position as the offense adapts to the new scheme and to keep the defense off the field.

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Matt and Tran :wub:

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On 3/20/2020 at 10:54 PM, kwheele said:

1:00 p.m. – Men's Tennis vs. San Diego State (Cadet Field House Tennis Center)

Oooh! A tennis game before the football matchup. That's something these fans can go to before the actual game starts.

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