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Ahven D'Gale

[2024] Colorado State Rams Spring Preview

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Welcome, one and all to Fort Collins, Colorado, as the Colorado State Rams look to kick off the 2024 football season with an electrifying spring game. Despite losing Seniors like WR Kameron Thornton, TE Alexander Lacy, DE Colin Adair, and ILB Amir Calhoun, there is a lot to like heading into 2024. Rams fans across the nation believe that they can win the division if the chips fall the right way.


Units on Display:

Offensive Line:

Image result for Colorado State Rams offensive line

The Rams expect to trot a line with three Sr's this season, but recruited last year to begin replacing them. Watch how the Green team holds up, and you'll see the Offensive Line of the future for Colorado State. Both RB's Davien Dickens and Malachi Dorsey have spent a lot of time with the big hogmolley's up front. Dickens said for every open hole in the defense, he'd bake a cake for the O-Line.


Running Backs:

Image result for Colorado State Rams running backs

Last season's poor performances resulted in a switch midseason. Dickens took over and breathed a little bit of life into the attack. This year, Malachi Dorsey is looking to break into the starting spot. He had two highlight runs in last year's game, but was unable to do much on any other carry. As a result, he red shirted and focused on the books to put some pressure on the coaches to get him playing time.


Battles to Watch:


While Barrow in his Jr. season is the returning starter, the backup spot is up for grabs. Kearns held it last year, and is leading the Green Team, but expect to see true Freshman Amadou Brock get some

reps and try to keep his jersey from turning red this season. 


Quote from the Coach: "We loved Brock in his Jr and Sr seasons at Port Charlotte. We brought him here for a reason. If Barrow goes down, we know that Kearns can step up. We are going to put Brock in some tough 3rd down situations to see if he can do the same."


Tight End: True Fr Marquise Youngblood is looking to fight redshirt Jr Pat Hyde for the receiving tight end spot following the departure of longtime producer, Alexander Lacy.


Quote from the Coach: "We were sad to send 'Xander off knowing what could have been. Hyde has spent a couple years in the program, and knows the system I want to run. I think Youngblood will fill Lacy's shoes...after a redshirt."


Inside Linebacker: After running a 3-4 last season, this spring game will reveal what Coach D'Gale wants to do this year. Expect star Fr Daniel Donaldson to try and compete with redshirt Fr Cole Wilcox for the second ILB spot if Coach decides to go that way.


Quote from the Coach: "Well, now, we brought Cole in for a reason. He spent last season learning the playbook, and we've seen tremendous improvement. Dan, on the other hand is a raw talent, looking to leave his mark. We're gonna see how they work together in a 3-4 scheme. However, the Gold team will be running a 4-3 with Milo Jewell holding down the fort. My DC's and I have not decided on a scheme for this upcoming season. Spring is about new life."


Long Snapper: Keep an eye on this battle as James Macdonald looks to hold off Amadou McClain for the starting spot. Last season went well as Marcus Queen hit every one of his 42 field goals, with no bad snaps from Macdonald.


Quote from the Coach: "James had a great year last year. If he keeps it up, McClain will have a tough time taking the spot from him."


Hopefully we as fans can see something that resembles a rushing attack, and a team that looks hungry for the Mountain West Crown!

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(Using 1v1 Spring Depth Charts)


@Ahven D'Gale

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29 minutes ago, Rome said:


(Using 1v1 Spring Depth Charts)


@Ahven D'Gale

Thanks! Hopefully we can outperform expectations!

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