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[2024] Air Force Spring Game review

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- Colorado Springs CO



2024 USAFA Blue-White Spring Scrimmage Review


Coach Kwheele had the following comments about his first Blue-White Spring game, the adaptability of the team to his new scheme, and the highlights of the game.


"Thank  you guys for being here. I want to first and foremost thank the 10,000 plus that were out there. They made it feel like a lot more than that. They came out even thought the early Colorado spring weather can be a challenge at times. They were awesome and I think those things cannot go unnoticed or go unappreciated. We all felt it, and loved it, and want to continue to make this spring game bigger and bigger, and an occasion to highlight Falcon football.


Then of course, I want to also thank our players for putting together fifteen great practices - not perfect, but certainly from an effort standpoint we improved and we got closer to our standard for what we want to be. We aren't there yet, but we are certainly making the right steps to getting there.


From an offensive standpoint, we asked a lot of these young airmen to make some rather serious adjustments to what they have done in the past - both schematically and tempo-wise, and they truly rose up to the occasion. I was very pleased to see what Mosley could do in a system better suited for his talents, and have the utmost respect for Ted Blake for adjusting to yet another new offensive scheme. Both quarterbacks did very well controlling their respective offenses and look forward to see who comes out on top in the fall.


It was nice to see Matt Schilling show his leadership and athleticism in toting the rock. I think he averaged almost 6 yards a carry when splitting time with Bobby (Crews). Those two are going to be a very potent one-two punch - thunder and lightning kind of - in this new scheme. Amosa Nelson also made his prescence felt again with his performance as well. It will be nice having a solid veteran to spell Schilling or Crews as the game goes, and I wouldn't put it past Coach Viger to create some special opportunities within future game plans to take advantage of Nelson's skill sets either. 


What can you say about the receivers and tight ends that hasn't already been said. Tran, Queen and Dutton stepped up big and seem to really adapted to this new scheme. It will be very difficult for Mountain West defenses to have to deal with such a deep receiving corp and a veteran backfield. I swear we have almost as many capable receivers on this team as some of the pro teams have. The depth is definitely a strength of this team and will be fun to watch them progress as a group since they are fairly young. Redd at tight end also seemed to appreciate the new scheme and did very well considering the limited amount of play calls given to him. If there is any one place I would like to see improvement would be getting our tight ends more involved in the vertical passing game.


Kudos to the offensive linemen considering they pretty much played both ways being back ups for each other due to a lack of depth at this position group. 


Defensively it is difficult to really judge this group considering the multitude of formations and tempos thrown at them the entire scrimmage. The defensive leaders of Joel Deck, Simon Keene, Keenan High and nose tackle Frederick Stone did a great job today. Very encouraged by their leadership and intensity during the entire spring practices and the scrimmage. They are going to be amazing leaders for our country someday. I tell you I was very encouraged by Ivan Rinehart today as well. He has really stepped up and shown that he needs to be on the field as much as possible. He can be a difference maker in this defensive scheme.


I would be remiss to say that I was underwhelmed by our secondary's ability to step up today. Granted we did throw some new coverages in this spring to see where our skills and strengths lie and that the new offensive scheme may have had them stressed a bit more than usual, but I will say this - Bethea did show that he is the leader of that position group with his play this afternoon.


Ok, that is the nutshell version of this spring's scrimmage. The coaches and I will be working tirelessly to review every part of this game and make the necessary adjustments for this fall and to our approach to recruiting the next few seasons. 


Any questions?"

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