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Bred First To Be Champions

The SMU Mustangs are your 11th CFBHC National Champions!

Detroit Sends Lions to Maul Chiefs

Detroit has won Super Bowl X! DE Ilan Kuhn was named Super Bowl MVP with 1.5 sacks and fumble recovery TD.

Training Camp SZN

Training camp has now opened up. The defending AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs got to it early as they try to make their way back to Super Bowl XI.

The Cleveland Browns Select Zach Lombardi

With the first overall pick in the 2024 NFLHC Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Zach Lombardi, Quarterback, Navy.
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[2024] NFCE Preview

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:cowboys:Dallas Cowboys :cowboys:


2023 Record: 11-5

Offense Rank: 12th

Defense Rank: 10th

Overall Rank: 10th


3 Key Players Offense


QB Graham Burnett 6-3 211 4 Oklahoma [Pocket] [0] 91
WR Rodney Montgomery 6-0 185 9 LSU [Target] [-1] 90
OT Justin Campbell 6-6 291 9 Penn State [Run Blocking] [0] 95


The Cowboys sure have come a long way from the Vaughan Abraham Days. Burnett threw the 6th Most Passes in 2023. He was pretty good in doing so, throwing for over 4,600 Yards with 38 TDs and 13 Picks. Dallas has changed their offensive philosophy to get the most out of the former 7th Overall Pick, and it mostly worked. They made the Playoffs as the 6 Seed, but lost a tough first round match-up in San Francisco. There's not reason to think the Boys will go away from that strategy this season, and we should expect a monster year out of Burnett once again. Bringing Montgomery in to help the young QB was a great idea. Rodney lead the team with 1,397 Yards and 9 Touchdowns last year (although DeAndre Felder and Francisco Gibson also had 9 TDs). Rodney is a very smart receiver, and can always find the soft spot to sit down and give Burnett an open target. This duo works great together, and I think they'll be one of the better QB-WR combos again this year. Justin Campbell is an old head. The Cowboys have long had the league's best OL, and Campbell has been a big reason why. Campbell isn't quite as good as he used to be, but he's still damn good. He's a mauler on the end of the line, and I don't think the coaching staff has to worry about his assignments getting blown.


3 Key Players Defense


DE Javier Grady 6-1 238 3 North Texas [Blitz] [-1] [+] 85
ILB Sam Richardson 6-2 221 2 South Dakota State [Mike] [0] 81
CB Travis Chatman 5-10 172 10 Washington [Zone Coverage] [0] 95


Javier Grady lead the team with 9 Sacks in 2023, and finished 2nd on the team with 4 TFL. He's somewhat of a bust, as he just hasn't lived up to the first round billing. However, I think he can pull out double digit Sacks-TFL season. I don't think anyone expects Grady to be Ryan Frey or Khairi Bryant, but I do think we should expect more negative plays out of him. Especially with Philly's running attack, the defense needs all the help it can get on making stops in the backfield. That's where I'd like to see Grady improve. Cleo Blair just aged out of his position, and Sam Richardson is here to take his spot. Richardson had 21 Tackles with 2 PD, 2 Sacks, and 1 TFL last season. Not too bad in limited work. Plenty of draft experts had Soldier Brooks linked with Dallas, and I think it would have been a good pick, but when he went a pick ahead, they had to look elsewhere. With Richardson locking down the middle of the defense, there's a lot of pressure on him. He's a lower rated guy to be starting at that position, so I think the Cowboys may have a short-ish leash on Richardson. If he doesn't step up and play well, the Cowboys Defense could be in some trouble. I don't love their OLBs, so I don't think Richardson has a ton of help at that level. Chatman is very quietly one of the best Corners in the league that we just don't talk about. He had 5 Picks and 5 PD last season. Chatman has the ability to shut off one side of the field. The rest of the Cowboys Corners a question mark, so having at least one stellar guy you can rely on is huge for this team.


Biggest Losses


DE Joseph Randolph

ILB Cleo Blair


Randolph was let go, and honestly, it was for the better of the team. He was an absolute bust, and had just 3 Sacks last season. 3rd String DE Donte Floyd (now starting) was nearly as good. So, losing Randolph is for the better. Blair had been a mainstay of this team, and losing his presence in the lockerroom and experience in the middle of the field will be difficult.


Biggest Additions


C Jordan Phillips 6-4 281 R Ball State [Pass Blocking] [0] 81
OG Drew Platt 6-1 289 R Ohio [Pass Blocking] [0] 78


Phillips had one of the best pre-drafts in the league this year. He came out as a 79 OVR 4.5, and then just kept moving his stock up. He won't start year one as Sid Henson rides out his career, but the Cowboys got another cornerstone of their Offensive Line. He'll be a good one. Platt was a 4.0, who came out as a 78. He had a mediocre Combine/Pro Day, but he has plenty of potential and has time to develop. I think he'll be a solid starter for this team in 2-3 seasons.




Stability. The Boys bring back a majority of their starters from an 11-Win Team. They may be aging in some places, but they have enough talent and coaching skill to get back to the playoffs.

Passing Attack. I was pretty low on Felder coming out, but he had a 1K Season and 9 Touchdowns. Montgomery had nearly 1.4K Yards, Francisco Gibson had over 800 Yards and 9 TDs as well. They can throw guys at you all over the field. Hell, even Alex Gash can bring some speed as the #4 guy and can spread your secondary thin.




Aging OL. The OL is still good, but Campbell, Brown, and Henson have all had at least 8 Years of NFLHC wear and tear on their bodies. These guys are at greater risk for injury, and typically have a lost a step or two and get beaten easier than in years past. This could spell issues at times late in games if Dallas is trying to ice an game or run a 2-Minute Drill.

Linebackers. I'm just not a fan of this unit. Losing Bailey makes that even worse of course. Presumed starters are: Jeff Mangum (old and has a red line), Adam Taylor (middle of his career and just average), Marcus Grant (just merely average), and Sam Richardson (young and inexperienced). This could be an area to attack with relative ease, I'd be hard-pressed to see these guys chase Marshawn Miller, Troy White, Allan Taylor, and Maurice White with much success.






I still like Dallas quite a bit. The Defensive Line is solid, the secondary is mostly solid, and I think the Offense will be very good again. 11-5 should put them in prime position to make the Playoffs one again.


:giants: New York Giants :giants:  


2023 Record: 2-14

Offense Rank: 32nd

Defense Rank: 32nd

Overall Rank: 32nd


3 Key Players Offense


QB Eric McLean 6-2 206 1 Rice [Pocket] [+2/C] 84
WR Tevin Lattimore 6-2 225 2 Missouri [Target] [-1] 86
OT Ryan Robinson 6-6 299 7 Oklahoma State [Run Blocking] [-1] 91


After controversially trading up to #1 to take McLean, there was a lot of pressure on the young man's shoulders. And he did not come close to meeting those expectations. He completed under 59% of his passes, with 23 Touchdowns and 17 Picks for a QB Rating of 78.62. That QB Rating is 5th worst among players who started at least of their team's games. Of course, the surrounding talent around him wasn't great. They had no running game, and limited options out wide. The Giants have added some weapons, which is nice, but still don't have much of a running game to speak of. Obviously Giants fans are expecting some big improvements this year. They're quite tired of picking Top 3 and would like to see some headway into making the Playoffs. McLean has a lot to prove still, and this year could be the year he breaks out. His best weapon isn't happy being in New York, and that is a problem. Lattimore was 2nd with 786 Yards and 3rd with 5 Touchdowns. They have to fix the chemistry between him and McLean ASAP. Both guys are 1st Rounders and clearly players the franchise has put a lot of stock into. This relationship has to work. 2024 will go a long way to doing that. Ryan Robinson is at least one consistent thing in this offense. He's one player you don't have to keep a close eye on. You know he'll do his job.


3 Key Players Defense


DE Khairi Bryant 5-10 263 2 Ohio State [Blitz] [0] 89
 ILB Alexander Hutton 6-2 240 1 Michigan [Mike] [+1] [+] 82
FS D'Qwell Moore 6-3 203 3 Florida State [Zone Coverage] [0] [++] 88


Bryant lead the team in both Sacks and TFL last season with 9.5 and 9 Respectively. That's really not a bad season, but it's definitely not elite. Bryant was one of the most polished and hyped prospects we've ever seen. Now, he needs to take the next stop and join the elite at his position. That would go a long way to helping this defense that needs help badly. Alexander Hutton was just OK last season, he head 32 Tackles and 3 TFL. The Giants have had a Black Hole at MLB for a long time, and looked for Hutton to fix that. Of course, not all rookies are built the same and you should expect some rookies to struggle. I'm looking for Hutton to take the next step and really lead his team from his position. D'Qwell is one of the most reliable players on this defense. He finished second with 39 Tackles (not a good sign!) while adding 2 PD and 1 FF. Unfortunately for the Giants, he appears to be a glass cannon. But, having a reliable guy in the back of the defense certainly gives you flexibility.


Biggest Losses


RB O.J. Carano

OG Jerris Jordan


Carano was a shell of a shell of himself. He had 286 Yards and 3 TDs on 3.62 YPC. Those 286 Yards actually lead the team. Even though he lead the team, I don't think the Giants will miss him much on the field. Jerris Jordan was not a good player, so I don't think the Giants will miss him much.


Biggest Additions


RB Chris Bell 6-3 198 5 Navy [Speed] [-2] [+] 81
WR Cotton Lewis 6-1 182 7 Auburn [Target] [0] 82
TE Matt Thomas 6-3 219 6 Hawaii [Receiving] [0/C] 86
OT Rafael O'Donnell 6-5 310 4 Colorado State [Run Blocking] [-1] 86
DT Frank Williams 6-8 293 9 Alabama [1-Gap] [+1/C] 89
CB Jeremiah Butler 5-11 178 R Purdue [Zone Cove age] [+1/C] 81


Chris Bell was brought in to presumably start? That's just not going to go well because Chris Bell sucks shit. Cotton Lewis is also not good, I hope the Giants don't ask him to play a big role. Matt Thomas is a guy I like now (sorry for shitting on him during the draft broadcast Dean). I like bringing him to add another weapon in the passing attack. Rafael O'Donnell is probably a fine OT. The Giants needed another OT, so in he steps. Frank Williams is most definitely not the player he once was, but the Giants had a black hole at DT. He'll likely be a one year solution, but should be a good stopgap. I liked Jeremiah Butler coming out in the Draft, so I like the Giants bringing him in. Will Hall has seemingly plateaued, so I imagine the Giants will replace Hall with Butler in a couple years.




More Experienced McLean. McLean was raw as hell last season, so one more of experience and off-season workouts can only be a positive for this team.

New Weapons for McLean. Primarily Matt Thomas is who I'm talking about. Adding Cotton Lewis as a depth piece is fine. Adding to the OL to give him protection is good as well. Surrounding your #1 Pick with weapons is always a good thing. They added a couple youngsters in Uzumati Jones and Major Linton who I both like, just not this year in major roles.




Running Game. Chris Bell and Raekown Thomas are the top two guys, and boy is that rough. I imagine the Giants will rotate them in and give them equal amount of work. But either way, we know up front the Giants will have major issues on the ground.

Tough Division. All 3 of their opponents are legit Playoff Caliber teams. The Giants could be a better team this year, but it may not necessarily show in the Standings.






I don't see this team being all that better than last year frankly. The offense is one-dimensional, and doesn't quite have the talent to run that one dimension. The defense has some talent, but also has some serious issues. Plus, being the East is likely the worst Division for this team to be in.


:eagles: Philadelphia Eagles :eagles:


2023 Record: 11-5

Offense Rank: 4th

Defense Rank: 15th

Overall Rank: 8th


3 Key Players Offense


QB Allan Taylor 6-0 202 10 Virginia Tech [Scrambling] [+1/C] 91
RB Marshawn Miller 6-1 225 3 Connecticut [Speed] [-1] 87
WR Michael Hawkins 5-9 196 7 Florida [Speed] [+2] [+] 86


Allan Taylor got injured in the Pre-Season and missed 9 Regular Season Games. Taylor completed just over 62% of his passes with 8 TDs and 5 Picks. He was outperformed by Alex Bridgewater by a slight margin in terms of QB Rating. You definitely have to worry if the injury has taken anything from AT. He was part of the original Draft Class and had injury issues in Jacksonville. He's taken a lot of hits in part to a bad OL early in his career and his play style. Fortunately, the Eagles don't need him to be MVP level for the offense to work. Marshawn was listed above White on the Depth Chart, but White was the primary Back last season. Both averaged over 5.5 YPC. I think it might be time for Marshawn to take over for White, so we'll see if Miller has as good of a season that White did last season. The offense should still be good. Hawkins was limited with injuries as well, so only managed 312 Yards and 2 Touchdowns. But, he should be the #1 Option this year and has had a good connection with AT in years past. The passing game is clearly 2nd Fiddle in Philly, but is still important in creating explosive plays and keeping the defense from just loading the box with 9 Guys.


3 Key Players Defense


DE Ryan Frey 6-6 277 6 Miami [Blitz] [+1/C] 98
ILB Rodrick Milligan 6-2 254 10 Michigan [Mike] [0/C] 86
CB Travaris Jackson 5-10 185 3 Eastern Washington [Man Coverage] [0] 89


Ryan Frey lead the team with 15.5 Sacks and 11 TFL. He's one of the best, if not the best, Blitz DE in the league. He's been a monster since the day he stepped into the league. He is a match-up nightmare for every single team they play and has to be double teamed. He creates opportunities for those around him and have allowed the Eagles to rely on the Defensive Line to get pressure on QBs. Rodrick Milligan is still starting in the NFLHC. He lead the team with 79 Tackles last season, and also added 1 PD, 2 Sacks, and 3 TFL. He's a reliable tackler and has lead the middle of the defense here in Philly for a while. He's been a team leader and a guy the Coaching Staff can rely on game in and game out. Travaris Jackson is now the Top Dog at Corner, and the Eagles have a good player in him. He lead the team with 6 Picks and 7 PD. He locks down receivers and I think is clearly a better player than Ball Hawkins. The Eagles have playmakers at all three levels of the defense.


Biggest Losses


SS Joe Johnson


Johnson was one of the original Eagles, and was always a guy they could rely on. But, he had regressed over the past couple of years and was clearly past his prime. The Eagles have a couple guys in Demetrius Kirkpatrick and Brandon Guillory they can replace him with effectively.


Biggest Additions


WR Ricky Cameron 6-2 189 R Boston College [Target] [+1] [+] 79
OG Kameron Suggs 6-1 274 R Florida State [Run Blocking] [+2/C] 81
ILB Soldier Brooks 6-4 237 R Virginia [Mike] [+1/C] 82


Michael Hawkins and Richard Wilson are both near retirement, and the Eagles need some young talent out wide. Rickey Cameron is a guy with a lot of potential but needs some development. I like him to be a solid player (nothing elite, but perfectly fine) in a couple years when both Hawkins and Wilson are retired. Robert Fontenot is not a caliber starting Guard, so I imagine Suggs will start year one. I like him, he has a lot of potential and should be a long term starter for the Eagles. Soldier Brooks is my baby. He's the future at Mike after Milligan is done, and getting him where they did is highway robbery. I love him.




Stability. The core of this team has returned from last year, and they should be in the hunt for the Playoffs once again.

Healthy AT. Having a healthy AT to start the year is huge, Bridgewater was good last year, but he wasn't as good as AT is in this offense.




Front-7. There's talent in places, but there's youth in some spots and some real old guys in others. I don't particularly like OLB for this team, neither Dennis Himes or Martin Whiting give me much confidence. Ulysses Smith is old, and Jerraud Blount is super young, so the Right End spot could be a question mark as well.

Wide Receiver. The top guys are aging, and I don't love the depth behind them. The passing game isn't the focal point, but an injury to Wilson or Hawkins would really strain the effectiveness of the passing game.






I like this team, they have a tough start to the season. How they rebound after their Bye will determine if this team competes for a Playoff Spot. Their Away games out of Division are mostly favorable (TB, SEA, NE), which helps a lot.


:redskins:Washington Redskins :redskins:


2023 Record: 14-2

Offense Rank: 2nd

Defense Rank: 5th

Overall Rank: 3rd


3 Key Players Offense


QB Tanner Bowman 6-2 203 3 Penn State [Pocket] [+1] 92
RB Maurice White 5-11 231 1 Oklahoma [Power] [+1] 85
WR Sam Hiller-Weeden 6-3 205 4 Fresno State [Target] [-1] 91


Not many teams have a trio of players on offense this young. Bowman was excellent in 2023. He completed over 64% of his passes for over 4,500 Yards with 31 Touchdowns and 13 Picks. He's an absolute stud. Then of course, you add in Maurice White. He ran for over 1,400 Yards with 12 Touchdowns on 5.75 YPC. I honestly don't know how you defend this backfield. You have a really efficient Quarterback and an absolute bowling ball RB who will run all over you. And of course, you have to add in SHW. He had injury issues last year, and only played in 11 Games. He had 861 Yards and 3 Touchdowns. He's a stud out wide, he's big and can bully just about every DB he plays against. I don't have much more to add, this trio is incredibly difficult to defend.


3 Key Players Defense


DE Jonathan Bridges 6-6 267 5 Penn State [Blitz] [-1] 91
OLB Derrick Martin 6-0 241 9 UCLA [Blitz] [+1] 90
CB Tre'Davious Dikes 6-2 199 2 Oregon [Man Coverage] [0] 86


Bridges was second on the team with 10.5 Sacks, and first with 6 TFL. He's among the top DE's in the league. He's a consistent menace to opposing teams, and is a guy you have to gameplan for and double team. Derrick Martin actually lead the team with 11.5 Sacks. So, you double team Bridges, and then Martin comes from the other side and overwhelms your OL. This duo works off of each other very well and completely alters the opposing team's offensive strategy. Tre Dikes lead the team with 6 Picks and 4 PD. He's now overtaken Michael Barber as the Top Corner, and has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. The Skins Pass Defense was very good last season, and he has to maintain the status quo.


Biggest Losses


TE Oscar Fisk

OG Virgil Madison

OT Preston Gill

OT Tom Scott


Fisk was lost in the weeds in this TE group, and his loss won't be impactful at all. Madison was a borderline starter, but then again so is Angelo Denny. That is an area of concern for the Skins, I think they might be better off had Madison stayed with the team. Preston Gill was never an elite player, but a good one with a lot of experience. He's been replaced by Gabe Morrison, so I think the Skins are in good shape there. Tom Scott was a depth player with a lot of experience, and that's hard to replace. But Jon Hartman will take his place, so again, they'll be fine. None of these losses will make a serious impact.


Biggest Additions


RB Chester Henson 5-11 226 10 USC [Speed] [0/C] 82
TE Abdoul Brinson 6-2 198 R Louisiana-Monroe [Receiving] [-1] [#] 79
OT Gabe Morrison 6-4 278 R Michigan [Pass Blocking] [-1] 82

K Mason Williams 5-9 152 R Illinois [Accuracy] [0] 82 


Chester Henson is no longer a feared player. But the Skins needed a sidekick to White, and Henson has already publicly expressed his excitement to play that role and help mentor White. He may only get 10 or so carries a game at best, but he can still bring a speed threat to the edge. Brinson was brought in to try and bring some stability to the TE Group. Frank Moffett is unhappy and regressed hard very unexpectedly. He will probably not start, but could bring valuable contributions in a rotational role before possibly starting in 2025. Gabe Morrison will likely start at Tackle, and he looks like he'll be a really good player for a long time. Mason Williams graded super well in the pre-draft process, and the Skins took him in the 3rd to replace a guy they had just picked up the year before. He did well in Camps, so it looks like he'll be a good player as well.




Versatile Offense. The Skins can win both in the air and on the ground. If Bowman has a rough game, they can lean on White to win. If White isn't working, they can rely on Bowman to win. They're one of the tougher offenses in the league to stop.

Secondary. With Dikes, Barber, Whitney, and Driver, the Skins have a reliable and talented secondary to lean on. The Pass Rush and Secondary work off of each other very well, the secondary lock down receivers early and allows Bridges/Martin to get to the QB.




TE. I really don't know what's going on there. I don't know who's going to start, who's going to be in the rotation. They have logjam and mid to upper 70s guy there. It won't be that big of a deal because of how good the receivers are, but having a question mark at TE is not a good thing.

Linebackers. I don't think the LBs are as bad as some do, but if you're going to attack an area of this defense, it's clearly the Linebackers. Martin is a very good Pass Rusher, but I don't know how good he is in coverage. Anthony Brown was never very good, Nicholas Haskell is just fine, Raheem Burkett is meh. They're the biggest weakness of the defense.






14-2 is very difficult to duplicate. Philly and Dallas are tough match-ups on the road late in the season. SF is a tough team on the road, and Detroit is still a very good team. Those 4 feel like losses to me at this point. However, I do think Washington is capable to winning any of those games. 12 Wins feels like the floor for them to me.


Divisional Standings




I still think Washington is top Dog in the East, but Dallas and Philly are Playoff Caliber teams. The Giants are still one of the worst teams in the league.






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15 hours ago, npklemm said:



TE. I really don't know what's going on there. I don't know who's going to start, who's going to be in the rotation.


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Great analysis though. I think it comes down to how AT rebounds vs if the Cowboys take another step forward vs if the back 7 of our defense and our new OG and OT can hold up. Should be another exciting year in the NFC Beast

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On 6/13/2020 at 10:04 PM, npklemm said:

E. I really don't know what's going on there. I don't know who's going to start, who's going to be in the rotation. They have logjam and mid to upper 70s guy there. It won't be that big of a deal because of how good the receivers are, but having a question mark at TE is not a good thing.

Linebackers. I don't think the LBs are as bad as some do, but if you're going to attack an area of this defense, it's clearly the Linebackers. Martin is a very good Pass Rusher, but I don't know how good he is in coverage. Anthony Brown was never very good, Nicholas Haskell is just fine, Raheem Burkett is meh. They're the biggest weakness of the defense.



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Great write-up!


I do need to mention that while Jerraud Blount is young and only in his second season, he absolutely dominated playing LDE opposite Ryan Frey. He took over the starting DE position in week 13. He made the stat sheet in every game he started racking up 7 sacks, 7 TFL and 1 FF in only 5 starts. Beast.

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