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    Hello site members,


    I am making this post to see the interest levels of resuming the 2024 CBBHC (and NBAHC) season and spark a discussion on any ideas we could go forward with this season as a whole as it has grinded to a whole standstill as of late. I personally enjoy CBBHC but I realize that the system we have currently is, how I would say is a little tedious and for everyone involved that it would be beneficial to have it be automated, either by Excel or Google Sheets to allow for a better experience for those involved.


    Any thoughts?

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    I think CBBHC would be perfect for the time after CFBHC. 


    I also think the major holdback was score calculating/auditing games. If there were a score checker (on Excel or some other way), that would significantly improve that aspect.


    Either way, I really loved CBBHC and would definitely be willing to help organize anything!

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    I would love to join again, but my concern at the moment is with my involvement in NFLHC and CFBHC right now. I was hoping CBBHC would be a thing to occupy the time in-between seasons. 


    The main problem was with the score calculations, I know when CBBHC first was conceived it was running through one person's sim on the interface similar to how CFBHC is run. 

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    As someone who has never been in cbbhc, I have to say what has held me back in the past is mostly the dice rolling mechanic of the game. If that were to change I would become VERY interested in playing. It would also be a great idea, in my opinion, to have it during the offseason of cfb. The offseason was way too long this year and almost made me, and others, leave the site. So if there was a way to change the dice rolling gameplay and have the season during the offseason of cfb I would be very interested in playing. 

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