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Before The Wars: Update Thread

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Update #1 Dec 1899/Jan 1900 


President McKinley Concerned with “Break Away” States 



At a recent whistlestop, President McKinley spoke to an anxious crowd in Ohio about the multiple rising break away movement in the United States. McKinley questioned the validity of their sovereignty claims, especially those of EPCOT which has seized control in Missouri and Illinois, the Association of the Forlorn, Abject & Trivial (AssFAT) which has loose control over large swaths of land west of the Mississippi River including a strong hold on South Dakota and North Dakota, and the Florida Alliance of Tribes which is claiming to control the state. McKinley spoke at length about the continued strength of the United States government and their position as a world power after the victory over the Spanish in the war. The crowd seemed to be calmed a bit by this speech. However, there are reports from Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that residents are feeling isolated from the rest of the nation. For now the United States doesn’t seem to be posturing towards any physical confrontation but economic pressures could make the situation even more complicated as many rail and trade routes run through the affected territory. 


Exposition Universelle Announced




Officials in Paris France have announced a grand exposition to take place in 1900. Following the success of the 1899 Expo that introduced the world to the Eiffel Tower the French people hope to showcase their cultural and economic developments again in 1900. They are inviting all nations to send representatives along with exhibits to showcase their nations at the Paris Expo. 


Ferdinand Zeppelin Set to Unveil “Airship” Soon 




Speaking to colleagues, German Inventor Ferdinand Zeppelin indicated that his first “Airship” the Zeppelin LZ 1 is almost finished with construction. This lighter than air ship will use gas to fly passengers in the air reportedly at around 15 knots. The world waits with bated breath to see if this contraption will turn into anything substantial or will be a failure. 


Marconi Transmits Wireless Message From Ship 




Aboard the S.S. At. Paul Guglielmo Marconi has transmitted the first return to port message from an ocean liner. Marconi signaled when the vessel was 66 miles from port. This amazing display of the power of wireless radio telegraphy has caused a stir in capitals around the world with many reports of Admirals in multiple navies requesting the investigation of the technology. 


New Miracle Medicine? 


Hailed as a cure to many ailments including headaches, German company Bayer has release Asprin to the public for sale. Many people are weary of this new drug and refuse to even try it, with some saying “It’s the Devil’s Work.” Who knows which side is right? 


Carnegie In Talks to Sell Off Steel Interests 




Scottish-American business Magnate Andrew Carnegie has been rumored to be in talks to sell off his vast steel empire. Carnegie is a proponent of using one's wealth to improve the community around you. Many Carnegie Libraries have already been established around the United States. With the sale of his business interests it’s speculated that Carnegie will continue to fund philanthropic endeavors, perhaps at a global scale. 




A local man in Athens Greece is claiming to be the son of Zues. He has completed many feats of strength to prove his claim. No one has confirmed these reports 




Reports from around the Black Sea report of a Vampire plaguing the region. Residents in multiple countries have claimed to be bitten and have had their blood drained by the mythical Dracula. 


Panama Pleads, “Help Us With the Canal”




Work has reportedly been hung up for many months now as the company working to create a canal that will allow ships to pass through Panama and avoid the treacherous trip around South America has gone bankrupt. The people of Panama have written multiple pamphlets and newspaper articles all over the globe soliciting for someone to take over the project. So far no one has agreed to undertake the expenditure that will surely take years to recuperate the investment. Naval experts predict a canal in Panama would increase trade by an untold amount. 




Rumors of a massive load of gold deep in the Amazon rainforest have caused a rush from many different nations of immigrants to the area. The rail network in the area is very limited and the local population seems to be overwhelmed with all the new arrivals. No credible amount of gold has been proven to exist yet. 


Boxer Rebellion Continues in China, Control of Country in Question 


The Boxers have continued their rebellion that started in November. The world focuses its eyes on China where control of the country is in question right now and the future of foreign relations with the Chinese people is in doubt. 





(This is a pregame update to give some context of the world on the eve of the start of the game. If interested there is still time to sign up for the roleplay in the other thread:


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Update #2 July 1900


WAR, Imperium du Dahomey Invades and Overtakes Ghana 




The Imperium du Dahomey has launched a successful invasion of Ghana. Imperium battalions and Navy overran their neighbors and pushed their forces all the way to the border with the Ivory Coast. Many locals are cheering the decision and welcomed the troops with open arms and assistance. Ghana is suing for peace but there are reports that the Imperium may not be done with their territorial conquests. 


Pope Visits Iberico, Praises Contraceptive Law



Making a routine visit to his loyal followers Pope Leo XIII praised the newly passed law in Iberico that bans the sale of contraceptives. Pope Leo XII hopes that other Catholics will follow suit and ban the sale of contraceptives like Iberico has. (Iberico will receive a population bonus at year end) 


IPPPC Announced


The Indian-Pacific Peace and Prosperity Coalition (IPPPC) was announced today. This coalition includes 6 nations and will provide multiple benefits for the involved nations. The biggest immediate benefit was the dropping of tariffs among the member states: L.I.O.N, Asiatic State Alliance, Aussieland, Kingdom of Lili, Hindustan and Iberico



Madagascar and South Africa Join Aussieland




Citing the benefits of IPPPC and the protection that Aussieland’s navy can provide, the island of Madagascar and the people of South Africa have signed a treaty joining the nation. Some local bands of militia have risen up but no major organizational efforts are being undertaken at this point. 


Great Horde Intervenes in China, Takes Land by Force 


Claiming the land as their divine right, The Great Horde has advanced into Western China. The nation is still in the throes of revolution as the Boxers still are fighting to control the nation. The Great Horde was met with some resistance from local fighters. They risk involvement in the revolution if they move further East than where their advance has stopped. 


Panama Absorbed By GDJ, Canal Resumes Construction 


Finding a suitor for their pleas, Panama has agreed to join the nation of Guerreros del Jardin. This is a strategic and diplomatic victory for GDJ as it will give them control of the Panama Canal when completed and access to a route to the Atlantic. 


Fat, GDJ Expedition Unsuccessful So Far


A joint expedition by the Florida Alliance of Tribes and Guerreros del Jardin has turned into a wild goose chase as they were not able to find any gold so far. The cost has hurt both nations' economies and it will be seen if they decide to continue the venture or cut their losses before too much damage is done. 


Urugentina Proposes First World Congress of Nations


A World Congress of Nations was proposed by Oriental Empire of Urugentina to take place in Montevideo. No particular issues were brought to the forefront but it’s widely known that the Urugentinans were against exploitation of the Amazon’s natural resources by FAT and GDJ. 


Paris Expo Continues, Olympic Games Announced



The Paris Exposition has begun to large crowds. EPCOT unveiled the world's first commercially available tractor. Imperium du Dahomey brought their tattooist guild to exhibit their art. LION brought wonderful agricultural exhibitions. AssFat unvield their new patented assembly line process. Officials for the Expo announced that the Olympic games will take place at the Expo starting in August and running until the end of the expo in October. Rumor has it that the Delta Republic has a headstart on training athletes for this competition. 


Canada Invests in Alyaska 


The Canadian government has made investments in their western neighbor Alyaska. The Canadians hope that their investment shows their commitment to a conflict free continent. 


Hindustan Revamps University System 


Hindustan has made a commitment to revamping their country's university system. All universities will be organized under the Hindustan Institute of Technology (HIT) umbrella. What kind of developments come from this is unknown but it’s a promising sign for the nation. 


AssFat Makes Breeding Progress 


In an attempt to regenerate the bison herd numbers in their territory researchers at the Dakota School of Sciences- Sioux Falls have successfully integrated cattle DNA to increase the resiliency in the bison, a huge breakthrough for AssFat and science. 


Disney to Open “Parks” Worldwide


In multiple agreements EPCOT has agreed to open what they are calling “theme parks” in many nations all over the globe. An undercover investigation into the construction has found that EPCOT might not be on the complete up and up with their intentions and the business agreements might be more than they seem. 


Greenland, Iceland Reject FAT


The islands of Greenland and Iceland have both vehemently rejected FAT’s proposal to join the nation. It is unknown how FAT will react to the news. When asked why they voted no an Icelander was quoted as “FAT destroyed all their schools. We don’t want to be idiots.” 


Boxers Continue Rebellion, Gain Ground 


The Boxers have continued their rebellion and look poised to overtake the Eastern portion of the Chinese nation. It’s unknown if they can be stopped at this point. 


Aussieland Film Industry Booms 


In hopes of boosting their economy and culture, Aussieland officials have invested into the film industry. This investment has paid dividends as many potential filmmakers have relocated to Sydney and have created multiple studios. The first films are expected by years end 


Stat Changes 

Assfat: +.6 Ed, +.2 Tech, +.4 Econ 

EPCOT: +1.1 Econ

Kingdom of LiLi: +.1 Econ 

Delta Republic: +.1 Sea MP 

Imperium du Dahomey: +.2 Infra 

Union of the Britons: +.4 Infra, +.3 Sea MP 

FAT: -.4 Ed, -.1 ECON, +.3 Sea MP 

LION: +.6 Econ 

RUSS: +.6 ECON, +.5 Land MP 


Iberico: +1 ECON, +.2 Sea MP 

GDJ: -.1 Econ 

Ottomans: +.3 Land MP, +.2 Sea MP

Alyaska: +.1 Econ 

ASA: +.3 ECON, +.4 Health 

Hindustan: +.1 Ed, +.2 ECON, +.3 Health

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Edition #3 Jan 1901


Man Flies “Aeroplane” in Uruguay! 



An outstanding invention has turned up in Urugentina as the Gomez Brothers have invented an aeroplane powered by an engine that has sustained flight. The amazing invention has people all over the world praising the Gomez Brothers and frantically working to replicate their work. Urugentina now certainly has superiority in the aeroplane industry. 


Attempted Kidnapping Spoils Spirit of World Conference of Nations 




An air of cooperation was spoiled at the World Conference of Nations in Montevideo. Leaders from many of the nations of the world gathered to discuss multiple topics, including the current situation in Ghana. The group was not able to do anything for Ghana as the representatives were indecisive. The Urugentian representatives proposed a World Currency which had some support but will be needed to be brought up in individual capitals. Other minor issues included the rights to free exploration and some representatives wanted to discuss the militarization of the skies. All of this good work however went out the window when the representative from the GDJ was a victim of attempted kidnapping. Three men were captured by local authorities and identified as citizens of FAT. It remains to be seen what will happen to them and to future WCoN Meetings as a 2nd WCoN was proposed at the conclusion of the meeting. 


Delta Republic Sweeps Olympics 


Sending athletes for every event, the Delta Republic was by far the most prepared nation for the 1900 Olympics in Paris. They took Gold in all the events that occurred this year. Organizers are looking to decouple this event from the World's Fair in the future but it drew massive crowds from the Fair. 


Iberico and LION Unveil “Radar” at World's Fair End 


A novel device has been unveiled by Iberico and LION called “Radar”. Using radio waves to bounce off objects it is able to detect the distance between objects. Reportedly this will be used to detect ships coming into harbors and hopes to stop avoidable accidents. 


Urugentian’s Unveil Mechanical Air Cooling Device 



Researchers in Urugentina have unveiled a new device to cool the air indoors called an “Air Conditioner.” This device is in its infancy but will help to moderate hot climates or help in the summer months across the world. 


McKinley Wins Election Despite Militias Rising Up 




William McKinley has won another term as President of the United States of America. The President defeated William Jennings Bryan despite many local militias rising up in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio demanding reforms. McKinley has pledged to keep all the current states in the Union. Seen as a large victory, voters in Minnesota and Wisconsin both voted down referendums to leave the Union as well. Unsurprisingly, the people that bothered to vote in the states that are associating with the AssFat voted overwhelmingly for the McKinley Ticket after their government endorsed it. 


Boxer’s Agree to Truce with ASA Citizens, Continue Fighting, Intensified in Manchuria




The Boxers leadership has agreed to stop targeting citizens from the ASA but do not recognize their claims in China and have made it known they will not stand for further aggression in China. The Boxers acknowledge the losses on their Western frontier to the Great Horde but will not retaliate as they feel a kindred spirit towards the Great Horde. Illustrating their point is their counter offensive against RUSS troops encroaching in Manchuria where they routed an invasion force. The Boxer’s are close to gaining full control over the nation and are very hostile to all outsiders that they feel are ruining their lands. 


Brewing Suez Crisis?




Multiple nations have made overtures to the former British Colony of Egypt, which has gained independence with the takeover of Britain by the Union of The Britons, to join the Ottoman Sultanate. These all were rebuffed by the Egyptians however who wish to remain independent and control the Suez Canal for themselves. Many observers are worried that this rejection will lead to bloodshed as it is reported that the Ottoman’s have started a “Foreign Corps” that has bolstered both their navy and army. The Suez Canal is one of the most important pieces of infrastructure in the world and as of now it remains open for trade. If it closes the world economy could plunge towards a depression. Many are calling on the Union of The Britons to take action but their calls are unanswered as of now. 


GOLD! Alayska Flooded with Immigrants 




A substantial amount of gold has been discovered in Alayska near Nome. The nation has been flooded with immigrants seeking fortune. Potential citizenship also was a draw for some but mostly the GOLD. This has given the Alayskan economy a big boost. In addition to the Gold the Alayskan government has announced the discovery of Continuous Tracks for vehicles which should help to tame their rough nation a bit. 


Ghana Rebels Emerge, Remain Under Imperium 


Rebel bands are now roving the countryside in Ghana as they resist Imperium rule. The nation remains very much under Imperium but Fmr. President Buhto’s plea at the WCoN has inspired many to rise up against the Imperium government. Imperium officials are working to integrate the broader region with religion, making Vodun the official religion of the state and sending missionaries to the surrounding areas to try and convert them. 


Large Shipping Accident in Iberico Waters 




A large ship has exploded killing all 100 crew members off the coast of Barcelona in Iberico. It is unknown why the ship exploded but Ibericans are weeping for the lives of the poor souls that were lost. 


Mexico Sells Baja California to Kingdom of Lili 




Seeking to expand their nation, the Kingdom of Lili has bought Baja California from Mexico. The Mexican government was looking to get rid of Baja California since it became cut off from the rest of the nation (separated by GDJ). The Kingdom of Lili paid a hefty sum for the land and it’s unknown if they will recover economically right away but the land area has expanded greatly for the Kingdom with the acquisition. 


 Ozzy Colonizers REJECTED

Colonizers from OZZY have been murdered in Botswana. Attempting to make a peaceful acquisition quickly turned bloody as they were quickly murdered upon crossing the border. Other colonizers in Namibia were kicked out of the nation and returned to South Africa. 


Kingdom of LiLi, LION Broadcasts Voices Over Radio 


Building upon Mr. Marconi’s inventions, the Kingdom of Lili, have successfully transmitted sound over radio waves. This breakthrough has been widely sought after and will improve the lives of many on the island nation. This will certainly bring great interest to the isolated nation. It’s reported that LION scientists have also broadcast voice over the radio. The Pacific Rim has become the hotbed of radio advancement and both island nations will benefit from this. 


Urugentian Antarctica Expedition Feared Dead 


A brave crew of explorers searching around Antarctica from Urugentina are all feared dead. They were supposed to send one of the ships back for supplies before the end of the year but it has not returned to port yet. 


Marconi Visits Delta Republic, Establishes New Business Venture 


Italian radio pioneer Gugliemo Marconi has visited the Delta Republic’s Universities and created brand new radio technical programs at them all as a great benefit to the nation's education. Mr. Marconi has also established a new business venture in the Delta Republic that is expected to be lucrative moving forward. 


No Progress on Panama Canal 


GDJ Engineers have arrived in Panama to resume the Panama Canal but have run into multiple issues that have hampered their progress on the canal. It’s unknown how long this will continue. 


Still NO Gold in Amazon 


FAT explorers have not found any gold in the heart of the Amazon to the continued detriment of the nation's economy. The GDJ withdrew from the venture after 6 months. 


Borat Tour of World Starts 


Borat, a man that the Great Horde has many hopes for has started his tour across the world in the Middle East and Europe. He plans to head across to the North American continent in 1901. 


Thailand Joins LION, Cambodia and Malaysia Form Anti-LION Union 


The nation of Thailand has decided to join LION and IPPPC. This will add to the already expansive Pacific nation. However it’s reported that Cambodia and Malaysia have rejected LION and formed their own Anti-LION Union, calling for LION to stop their expansion. 


Rio Grande do Sul to hold Referendum 


The Brazillian state of Rio Grande do Sul is going to hold a referendum in 6 months to see if they will join Urugentina or continue to be Brazillians. 


ASA Opens “Red Light District” 


The ASA has opened a “Red Light District”. You know what that means ;). Many men from around the world are flocking there for pleasure trips.


AssFAT Resarchers Dig Up Ancient Beast 


Digging in the Bad Lands has revealed many ancient beasts that assFAT researchers are still studying at great length. 


Stat Changes 

Alyaska: +.5 ECON, +.4 Tech 

ASA: +.6 Econ, -.3 Health

assFAT: +.4ED

Delta: +.7 ED, +.1 Infra 


FAT: -.1 ECON, +.2 Sea MP 

Hindustan: +.1 ED, +.1 ECON

Horde: +.6 Econ, +.2 Health

Iberico: +.2 Tech, +.3 Infra, +.1 Health 

Imperium: +.3 Land MP 

LiLi: -.2 Econ, +.3 Tech 

LION: +.5 Tech, +.2 Infra, +.2 Health 

Ottoman: +.3 Land MP, +.6 Sea MP

RUSS: +.1 Infra 

URU: +.9 Tech 

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