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    Pro Football Hall of Fame Nomination Guidelines

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    Nomination Guidelines

    • Users may nominate an eligible player/user in this forum.
    • Players must be retired at the time of nomination.
    • Users must be without an official role on the site at the time of nomination (unless there are special reasons/circumstances).
    • Both players/users will be eligible 3 years after their retirement.



    • Create a thread titled as follows [Year Eligible] Name (for example, [2049] Soluna)
    • The thread should include the following at a minimum but more can be added:
      • Player picture to be used in the Hall of Fame.
      • Name
      • Career Summary (College and NFL including teams played for and how long)
      • Career Stats (as much as available)
      • Career Achievements
      • A write up on why you feel he should be nominated for the Hall of Fame
    • To be eligible to come up to a vote to the HoF committee, at least 5 users should then additionally respond to the thread with a write up on why they also believe the player/user to be a Hall of Fame player.
    • If all the above is met I will lock the thread with a confirmation and it will be forwarded to the committee to vote.
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