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Agent-Initiated Marketing Event Guidelines

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Players agents are alloted TWO marketing events per IRL month they can use amongst all their players.


To initiate a marketing event the player agent should create a post in this subforum. Soluna will respond with the benefits the event provides.


The player agent can provide as much RP as they would like as to what the player is exactly doing.


If any media event resolution provided by Soluna call for a response from the sim player then that response is required to be made by the Player Agent.


Currently available marketing events (check back as I will add more occasionally):

  • Public Speaking Event: Change a player's locker room value +1 permanently; cannot be done more than once a season per sim player.
  • Coaching Clinic: Change a player's innate intelligence value +5 (it's on a hidden scale of 0-100). This will help dictate coaching points for retiring players going forward.
  • Endorsement Deals: Chance market favorability of a player +5 (it's on a hidden scale of 0-100). This will help dictate marketing media going forward.
  • Regional Outreach: Provide's a +1 fund to a sim player's team's media fund.


If you have ideas for any new types of media events you want added please request them in this thread.

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