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    Agent Contract Guidelines

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    Contracts can be negotiated at any time and are not subject to the mid-season/end-of-season resigning schedule.


    Contracts negotiated via Player Agents are allowed to be more complicated if the team and Player Agent both agree that this is acceptable. In addition to the guaranteed/non-guaranteed breakdown by year an additional breakdown of guaranteed into the following categories is allowed and all guaranteed money should be assigned to one of the following:


    • Signing Bonus: a one-time guarantee that the player is paid out in the first year of his contract but that the team can spread out over, at max, five years. 3% of the signing bonus is added to the Player Agents score at the end of the first season of that contract if the player is still under contract with that Player Agent.


    • Guarantee for Injury: guaranteed money that can be spread over multiple years to protect against player injury. If a player retires early because of injury only this money counts against the cap for the rest of their contract. If a player is cut healthy then this money is fully returned to the team.


    • Full guarantees: these are the other types of guarantees that protect a player from being released for being low skill or becoming a cap casualty. This works as the regular guaranteed money from before.


    • Incentives: Player Agents can negotiate any type of further incentive to add to the contract (making a Pro Bowl, throwing 4000 yards, whatever you want to agree on). Incentives exist in two types: LTBE (Likely to be Earned) or NLTBE (Not Likely to Be Earned) based on the stats they recorded in the season before the contract was signed. LTBE guarantees count against the current year's cap if they are earned and NLTBE count against the following year's cap if they are earned. For example, Player A did not make a Pro Bowl in 2024 but signs a new contract with a Pro Bowl Incentive in the offseason before 2025. If he then earns a Pro Bowl in 2025 the guarantee will not come into effect until 2026 because it was NLTBE.


    Once you have negotiated a contract please create a thread in this forum titled.


    [Agent Name] Contract negotiated between POS First Last and Team Name (Week X, 20XX)


    You may format however you want but please make it explicit in detail. After being posted by the Player Agent, the team GM must sign off on it and Soluna will provide final approval or rejection.

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