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    Master Cap Sheet [Help Wanted]

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    Hey y'all, I think one big thing that would help a lot in these agent discussions would be a master cap sheet with every contract in the NFL on it.


    It would allow us to see the top players at each position, get a real idea of what the market looks like and who is on bloated contracts, give context to why players are making decisions (and even potentially holding out) and so on. It'd be an incredible tool and we could even use it to add every historical contract to have more information.


    With that being said, that's a pretty big endeavor, but I think as a site we can do this quickly. The biggest things will be owners making sure that their cap sheets are up to date and other users helping fill this.


    NFLHC Master Contracts Sheet - Google Sheets


    I've gotten it started with the Cardinals sheet, and everyone can see the formatting. Any help is appreciated!

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    The idea for this is to be able to create a dynamic range of "the market" that changes as players are signed and whatnot. So for the top x players at a position, you want to be however many standard deviations away from the mean salary. That part still isn't fleshed out and we can't really do that until the sheet is finished. Once we have that in place, we'll have a much better guideline for the kind of money agents should be asking for.

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    @DangerZoneh I made this


    like over 2 years ago, not sure if it will help much since it’s been 2 IRL years since it got last edited, but possibly a start?


    I was working on revamping it but right around when COVID broke out massively I ended up getting too busy with work. this was version 2.0 that has been barely touched, but was working on making it easier to read:




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    On 2/4/2021 at 5:52 PM, Jieret said:

    Do you want player colors involved when adding our rosters to this sheet?

    No, just the players names and the contracts! It's mainly going to be used to determine the AAV of the top x or x% of each position so agents have a guide for negotiating and what to ask for.

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    Just now, Soluna said:

    @DangerZoneh what is the status of this, can we finish this before I do re-signings?

    Haven't been able to get much done. Been dealing with a Covid outbreak at work and power outages most of this week. I'll try to make some progress when I'm done with work tonight. I knowit's taken longer than I've wanted

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