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[2024] Ryan Harris Press Conference, Week 11

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Appearing before the press to give an update on his status, reigning MVP Ryan Harris makes his first public appearance since his injury against the Broncos in week 7. The Chiefs were undefeated at the time but have gone 1-2 under Erasmus McCready since Harris suffered a foot fracture. Harris opened by saying "I want to start with praise for Erasmus. He's really stepped in and done a good job of keeping the ship afloat. It's not an easy situation to come into a team with as high expectations as we have, y'know? So I think that he's done a pretty good job of that. He's been around the league for a while and knows how to win and I think that with him we're still looking at a pretty good playoff spot."


When asked about his injury status, Harris said "It still hurts for sure. The doctors said I can probably get the boot off by the end of this week or the beginning of the next. I should be back to practice next week. Then it really depends on how much its healed and if I can plant and throw. I'm not going to try to force anything because that's how you injure it more and then I'm out the rest of the year. That's a selfish thing to do. My goal is to be 100% for the playoffs and the medical staff seems very confident that that will be the case. The X-Rays look good. I won't be out there this Sunday but once I get this boot off and get back to practice, we'll know a lot more."


When asked about what he thought about the teams chances of making the Super Bowl again, Harris laughed replied "How rusty do you think I'm going to be? Obviously you want to win, and we've shown that we can. Time and time again. We made it last year and didn't slow down at all. You never know the future and I'm not going to make any bold proclamations that we're going to win it all or anything, because there are a lot of good teams out there. But this is the best team I've ever played on and we're going to prove that as many times as it takes."


Finally he was asked if he has any takeaways from the injury and he laughed again, saying "Yeah, don't get your foot stepped on by a 300 pound defensive tackle. On a real note,  it's been a cool chance to get to watch the defense play more. Usually I'm on the sideline watching the film, gameplanning with the coaches, or whatever. But now I can actually watch a lot more closely and see what's going on. The new kid we've got, Zack? He's special, man. I remember even in camp I could tell he was going to be a problem, but dang. The way he gets into passing lanes and disrupts the opposing QB... I'm glad I have him on my team."

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