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What Can Brown Do For You?

With 270 yards 3 TDs, QB Brian Brown led the #7 seed Broncos to a 24-17 victory over Tennessee, Denver's first playoff win since 2018.

Defensive Swarm in Seattle

The #3 seed Seahawks won a drag-em-out game over Green Bay behind the defense, letting up 225 total yards and intercepting Jason Johnson twice.
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  • Around the NFL | Divisional Weekend:
  • (SAT - 4 PM) SEA at WAS
  • (SAT - 8 PM) DEN at LV
  • (SUN - 3 PM) BUF at BAL
  • (SUN - 6 PM) PHI at DET
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      If you could create a team from any players in the NFL what kind of currently rarely-used scheme would you run?

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      Here's what I use to daydream about trying, with some modern upgrades:


      Scheme: Wing-T - Flexbone (or Wing-T - Spread Option if secondary limitations were relaxed)


      QB Marcus Black 6-6 225 1 Auburn [Hybrid] [+2/C] [+] 86

      RB Sean Bell 6-1 209 4 Baylor [Speed] [0] 89

      RB Latavious Murray 5-6 210 1 Colorado [Speed] [-2] 77

      WR Adrian Jankowski 6-4 194 5 Texas A&M [Target] [0] 94

      WR Kevin Williams 6-0 165 8 Boston College [Speed] [+3/C] 91

      WR Jacory Kessler 6-3 224 4 Auburn [Speed] [-1] 87

      TE Curtis Henry 6-6 202 4 Utah State [Receiving] [-1] [+] 93


      Obviously I absolutely adore Marcus Black and building an offense of speed and spacing around him was my wet dream. A few homer selections obviously, but I really like Murray as a relief to Bell who'd get the volume of carries. Jank is just a beast and would provide a clutch #1. Then you play around with Williams and Kessler, likely Kessler in the slot due to his bigger frame going over the middle. Then Curtis Henry is just the cherry on top.


      Something like:


      Gameplan | Wing-T - Flexbone

      Coaching & Blowouts | Aggressive - Neutral --- Yes - Yes --- No - No - Yes - No

      Offense | Normal - Normal - Short to Intermediate - Under Center - Wait for Opening - Corners - Predetermined Break --- Outside - Wait for Opening --- Route Tree --- Zone Blocking

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      I think something like 









      Wouldd be a really fun offense to run. These are all players I had a big draft crush on or just really like to follow. And I feel it’s extremely realistic. I’d have a primarily heavy run offense but can take the top off with Dykes and Cobb. 

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      I would love to run a similar offense to what I ran at WVU in 2020. 


      Scrambling QB (Mofo is obviously my fave, but Tucker Dowden would be nice also)

      RB - Yeldon (mainly because that dude is amazing)

      WR - Weldon, Jank, Jennings. 

      TE - Henry (he's a stud) 

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      QB - Ryan Harris.  Ultra accurate gunslinger.  

      RB - Jaz Durant (but would save cap room and go with Griffin McHanna)
      WR1 - Adrian Jankowski (need the best possession WRs we can get)
      WR2 - Monte Jackson (nice combination of speed and size)
      WR (slot) - DeAndre Felder (Young guy with size, production, but not a lot of drops, hopefully can catch the ball over the middle)
      TE - DJ Gibson  (great pass catching TE who can play through contact)
      WR 4 - DJ Barnes (ultra speedy deep threat)

      Pass blocking O-line.


      Gameplan | West Coast - Air Raid

      Just a pass happy offense with playmakers at WR and TE.  McHanna basically is a WR in this offense.  Harris has to find whoever is 1 on 1 and get him the ball as fast as possible.  Running plays will be draws or WR reverse.  Short passes, relying on yards after the catch to move the football, unless Barnes is in the game, he should be running streaks nearly every down he's on the field.    Ultra quick release, no huddle, want to see 70 pass attempts per game.


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      1) Turn on the air raid sirens.


      2) Restrict myself to 1st- and 2nd-year players. 


      3) ???


      4) Profit.


      QB: Bryce Thompson

      RB: Griffin McHanna (because all I care about is his receiving)

      WR (X): Freddie Jackson

      WR (flanker): Percy Brown

      WR (slot): Ryan Childs

      WR (X): Lucas Dykes

      WR (slot): Jermaine Jennings

      TE (receiving): Garrett Taylor

      TE (blocking): Mualu Sititi

      OT: Shane McCord

      OT: Dahntay Dickerson

      OG: Silolo Siula
      OG: Walter Shannon

      C: Miguel Prieto

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