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    Evaluate your 2018 NFLHC Draft

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    I was the Owner/GM/Head Coach for the :dolphins: Miami Dolphins for what would become my last Dolphins draft (can you guys believe it's already been 7 in game years?)


    1-21 Benjamin Blankenship, DE from Georgia

    • Good pick for the spot I was in. Hasn't been a hall of famer but a good long time performer. I think I evaluated him fairly correctly.

    1-32 Todd Hevesy, G from Michigan State

    • An unresearched panic pick that turned out to be a disaster. Don't know if he's still around but my god he was awful and I benched him early on.

    2-56 D.J. Gibson, TE from North Carolina

    • Great for the spot I got him I think. He had a few very good years recently and is still around as a top 10 tight end.

    2-64 Ricky Edwards, OT from Auburn

    • Overdrafted. Serviceable but not what you're looking for in a 2nd rounder.

    4-128 Andrew Wright, FS from TCU

    • Never did anything other than special teams from what I can tell.

    5-160 Joseph Stanford, OT from Cincinnati

    • Rotation option. Had a few starts but never did anything of note.

    6-193 Todd Sykes, WR from West Virginia

    • Nothing really happened here.

    7-232 Jason Stovall, ILB from West Virginia

    • Same as above.


    Overall I'd give myself a C on this draft for the acceptable Blankenship pick and the good selection of Gibson. This isn't good enough for having 2 firsts and 2 seconds. Edwards was meh and Hevesy was bad. The rest are depth or rotation options but none lit the world on fire.

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    1-6 Ivory Hull, CB from Texas

    • He will easily land in the Bears' Ring of Honor when all is said and done, so I don't regret taking him over Brandon Reamon. I think I've gushed about him in other draft retrospective threads recently, so I'll leave it at 27 INT, 26 PD,  4 defensive TD, and a kick return TD in his career and this season may well have been his best yet.

    1-26 Fred Huber, OT from Tennessee

    • However, if we had taken Reamon with our top pick then we could have perhaps traded down from here and picked Jack Ramsey. Instead, Huber got hurt year 2 and from there rode the express train to Bustville. With a QB of Brooksheer's mobility, that was a huge miss. We traded him for a 5th and the corpse of Josh Shiancoe. 

    2-59 Donnie Allen, TE from Notre Dame

    • Also covered him in another thread recently, but we were very focused on tight end here and the top three tight ends all went off the board picks 51-58. However, he fit in perfectly as the third Musketeer in a trio with David Gaines and Brandon Snead. He will very quickly become the second Bear to reach 5,000 receiving yards and 40 touchdowns.

    3-90 Jim Thomas, OG from LSU

    • He was a career backup-level guard who has managed to start for us far longer than expected because we just were not able to upgrade. He's still on the team and I would count on him retiring within the next year.

    6-163 David Mosley, ILB from Kentucky

    • I didn't remember him doing much, but it looks like he was our starting Will in 2019 and was second on the team in tackles after Morris Millen. Maybe Art Mills was hurt? Anyway, we upgraded over him with Kevin Harris so he didn't have much role after that.

    7-201 Ken Whiting, CB from Connecticut

    • Week 3 of his rookie year, he recorded an interception in a win over Green Bay. The following week, he snagged a second interception in a win over New England. He never made another statsheet ever again. What a legend.

    7-215 Michael Lamb, FB from Texas

    • Fullback.


     Not really a good draft. Hull is solid, Allen is solid, but a big whiff on the Huber pick and very little value out of anyone after the second round. For us, this is most notable for our draft trades: we traded a 3rd for David Gaines (more than worth it), a 4th for Jeff Holleyman (also more than worth it), and then our 5th was part of the previous year's Art Mills trade (paired with the previous year's 3rd, so not so worth it). We also may or may not have traded down in the second (picking up the third we used on Thomas) which they used to pick a certain strong safety who might or might not be pretty good at the position.

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    1-22: Darnerien Sohn, OT, from Miami (FL)


    Wanted to trade up to get him. He fell to us instead. All-Pro level stud franchise tackle. One of the league's best and glad we have him.


    2-40: Reshad Jenkins, FS, from Houston


    All-Pro stud. gravy's favorite. Still on the team. Still a huge playmaker. First two picks here are both potential Hall of Famers, can't hate on that.


    3-69: Sebastian Vaughn, SS, Penn State


    RIP Seabass. Gave us a few good years as a starter and has 3 career playoff interceptions in 8 games. Never amazing but probably gave us enough value for a 3rd rounder.


    4-118: James Arnold, DT from Cincinnati


    He was not good and we moved him after 3 meh seasons as a backup to get Marcus Ratterman, who coincidentally was also not good.


    6-183: Marvin Washington, RB, from California


    All-Pro as a returner and has been one of the league's best third down backs for years. Gotta love him. Also still on the team, which is great for a 6th rounder.


    6-197: Chris James, DT, from North Carolina


    Was an ok backup for a 6th rounder, we traded him for a year of Shane Kaufman in the year of our TE injury wasteland. Not much.


    7-222: Rolando Olafson, CB, Notre Dame


    Kinda sucked at CB. We attempted to convert him to FS where he dropped to like a 63 overall and then we immediately cut him and he retired. Always felt a bit bad about that but he sucked either way, so can't feel too bad.


    7-229: Matt Okoye, OLB, Florida State


    Former All-Pro special teamer, still on the team for leadership and special teams purposes.


    4/8 picks still on the team going into 2025, this is probably our most successful draft (as has been talked about to death)

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    1-2: Ryan Frey, EDGE, Miami (FL)

    • What else is there to say - Ryan is one of the few hallowed 99 overall players in the history of the game and is on a Hall of Fame trajectory as an all-time great pass rusher and perennial All-Pro. With no signs of slowing down and a long term contract that keeps him with us until the end of 2027, we'll do everything to make sure he never puts on another team's uniform.

    2-33: Jack Green, OG, Cincinnati

    • This felt like a steal when we drafted him and his output hasn't disappointed. An All-Pro at guard and one of the anchors of our rushing attack. He regressed for the first time this offseason but that seems more like an anomaly given his performance on the field. Couldn't be happier with a second round pick like Green.

    3-66: Troy White, RB, Louisville

    • Three picks, three Pro Bowlers so far in this draft. This was a homer pick but I knew Troy had a lot more to give then I was able to coach out of him at Louisville where he left having not reached his full potential (4.0/5.0). He was marvelous as an Eagle and it was tough to let him go but the time had come to part ways with one of my favorite players in the entire 6+ years I've been participating in the sim.

    4-97: Cameron Whelahan, WR, Arkansas

    • We had high hopes for Cam as a top-100 WR who finished his last season at Arkansas with an eye popping 100+ catch season. While he achieved a nice career for his draft position, we thought we'd found a truly special player here who never really materialized with us. On and off issues with drops saw us move on from Cam in a trade with the Bengals.

    5-130: Kevin Hartley, FS, Ole Miss

    • Being such a young team in 2018, we were able to grab a player in Hartley who had the talent to start immediately for us. Never a great player, Hartley offered middling safety play for a few seasons until we moved on from him only to bring him back as a backup for the 2024 Super Bowl run. Glad he could retire with us and with a ring.

    6-162: Donald Collier, OLB, Washington State

    • OLB is a position I've never really been able to assess or draft well and Collier may be my first failed attempt. For the same reason as Hartley, he did start for us but was a constant poor performer and was a core member of our decorative OLB cast which helped cost us the '21 Super Bowl by getting absolutely torched by Brian Gary.

    7-202: Damani Spillman, TE, Ball State

    • Another starter-due-to-expansion player who did progress pretty well into the low-mid 80s for us, but was non-existent in the pass game and had attitude problems. We moved on after his rookie contract and I believe he's still bouncing around the league.
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    1 - 16 | OG Jason Osorio 6-2 275 R Virginia Tech [Pass Blocking] 82
    One of my few successful 1st round picks. Osorio is still starting at OG for the Texans and is currently at 89 skill. I dont think he ever broke the 90 skill barrier but he has been the interior OL anchor as John Chance has gotten older.

    3 - 73 | DE Freeman Schubert 6-6 260 R Arizona State [Pass Stop] 76

    Schubert ended up being an okay pick that hung around on the Texans as a backup for a number of years. Started on the end for a year in 2021 and managed to get 5.5 sacks but was clearly not the long term answer and was off the team the next season or the season after.

    3 - 81 | SS Tyler Trent 5-10 210 R Alabama [Man Coverage] 77

    Trent was a day 1 starter with the departure of Tywan Tafoya and proved he was capable in two years starting in Houston. However his greatest value to the Texans came from being included with a conditional 4th Rd pick in a trade for star SS Darren Manning. 


    4 - 99 | C Rodney Atkins 6-1 291 R Navy [Run Blocking] 76
    The Texans built around OL for the first couple seasons before investing heavily into a QB. And pretty early on both tackles and both guards were well above average but we never could get a C we liked (Which persisted as an issue until the 2024 draft). Atkins was us settling for a C out of need and started for quite a while in Houston but it was always clear we had a huge problem at C even while he was starting. 

    4 - 104 | CB Brent Johnson 5-11 181 R Utah [Zone Coverage] 75

    Johnson progressed really well and played very solid for us as a slot CB for a few years and was progressing really well. We ended up trading him (to I think DET) because all our other CBs were man corners. In hindsight I would be less concerned with it and have kept him around because he was one of the few above average CBs we have ever drafted.

    4 - 105 | QB Tommy Jones 6-3 198 R Michigan [Pocket] 82

    If youre new you probably think this would be a great pick. We still didnt have a good QB and an 82 rated rookie in the 4th is great value. I still stand by the pick because a 4th was well worth the chance TJ would be good, but it was pretty clear from his college stats he would need a large turn around to succeed. Maybe if he had been able to sit for three years he could have developed but we didnt have that option and he was as terrible as we thought he would be.

    5 - 135 | OG Stan Flutie 6-1 297 R UCLA [Pass Blocking] 75

    A lifetime backup OG that had a few spot starts in his career. Not a whole lot to write home about but about the value you'd expect of a 5th round pick.

    6 - 165 | TE Stanley Sherk 6-7 232 R Virginia Tech [Run Blocking] 79 

    Another guy we took for potential value but had a lot of doubts. Sherk had 7 receptions for 85 yards and no TDs in his senior year at Virginia Tech. His professional stats were 7 receptions for 98 yards and 1 TD over three years.

    6 - 167 | ILB Barty Tillman 6-2 222 R Clemson [Run Zone] 74

    I have no idea who this is anymore but I assume he was a depth ILB that probably never started for us.

    6 - 173 | RB Bryan Browning 5-8 185 R Kentucky [Speed] 72

    Browning was my RB when I was the Kentucky HC and was a 1,000 yard rusher and showed a little promise coming into the league. He never really developed into a starting caliber runningback but I think with the modern gameplan options he could have developed into the RB2/ 3rd down option.

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    2018 was my last year as the Packers owner. @Dacder did most of the work for the lead up to the draft 


    Round 1 Pick 28: Peyton Roaches, ILB


    A monster in college at racking up tackles, I pushed hard to grab Roaches to solidify the Packers LB corp but he never lived up to a 1st round pick pedigree. He's a backup maybe rotational guy at best in the league and definitely a bust compared to where he was picked 


    Round 2 Pick 34: Julio Barnes, SS 


    Probably should have been the 1st rounder tbh. Dacder def pushed hard for him and we pulled the trigger on a move up. Was worth it as he quickly became a great starting SS in the league. 


    Round 3 Pick 86: Bud Howard, DT 


    A pick I pushed for due to the need for a starting DT. He was never really able to be a good starter, definitely not worth a 3rd rounder. 


    Round 5 Pick 138: Gil Novacek, RB 


    The last pick and only offensive guy was Gil Novacek whose Russian self was a decent backup RB in the league for a few years there. 


    Overall the people I pushed for were bad so personally would give myself a F, organizationally with Barnes the draft probably earns a C. 

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    Before my time, but when you look at the 2018 draft for the Chargers, it helps to tell the story of why the team I eventually inherited lacked young talent.  The expansion Chargers went all-in on a win immediately now strategy from what I can tell, and that carried over into missing a lot of draft picks.  The picks they had in the value rounds (2-4), where you need to find quality starters or guys that eventually grow into that role, were not great at all.


    Round 2, Pick 49: Asante Willis, OLB

    Willis turned out to basically be "league average coverage linebacker"  At his peak, maybe he was slightly above average (maybe?), but he never really stood out, bouncing around to several different teams.


    Round 3, Pick 92: Steve Poole, DT

    Poole was not good at all.  He never developed and never played.  I just remember knowing we didn't have DTs and made that a priority right away.


    Round 4, Pick 123: Eric Sochia, FS

    Eric has bounced around the league a good bit too.  I think his peak was probably as a slightly below average safety.  He's mostly been a backup or a stopgap bridge starter.


    Round 5, Pick 145: Rafael Davidson, K

    Up until he got hurt a few seasons ago, was the league's most accurate kicker.  He's slumped recently, but this certainly would have to be considered a quality pick, though 5th round kickers is not how you build a strong foundation of a team.


    Round 5, Pick 154: Joshua Saunders, CB

    Was a backup corner for a couple of teams.  Never really amounted to much.


    Round 7, Pick 227: Raphael Fulton, FB

    Was the starting fullback here for several seasons.  If you get a starter out of the 7th round, it's usually something to rejoice about.  A fullback though, is worth tempering that enthusiasm a bit. 



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    2018 was my first Draft as a member of the Colts, although @LaserCats was the GM.


    Round 1, Pick 1 - QB Aaron Shea, Missouri

    We held both the #6 and #27 Picks (6 was earned, 27 came via trade) and I initially wanted to keep both. I was looking at someone like Will Hall or Ivory Hull at 6 and then Tommy Jones at 27. Thank God LaserCats finally got through to me about Shea. He's a Top 5 QB in the league. Bonafide stud. Has made 3 Pro Bowls.  A+


    Round 2, Pick 41 - ILB Kelly Mitchell, Michigan State

    Mitchell fell super hard. And we were happy to have him, he is the All-Time leader in Tackles for the Colts Franchise, even with playing mostly OLB the past season. I def think we had a big hit with him. No Pro Bowls or anything, but was a big contributor for years. B


    Round 2, Pick 61 - C Tim Thomas, Florida

    Thomas was a long time starter for us, and just recently retired. He never really progressed more than an 80 Overall. He had a couple injuries, and we didn't seem to lose a step on the OL. C


    Round 3, Pick 72 - DE Joey Green, Boston College

    Green was a starter for a while for us as well, but I don't think he really fit our Defense. He was a contain guy in a 4-3. He had 48 Tackles with 11.5 Sacks for us and then we shipped him off. C-


    Round 3, Pick 93 - CB Aaron Samuelsson, Michigan State

    Our second Spartan in this class. We loved Sammy. He was a good nickel/#2 guy for us for a long time. But he just hit his value peak and we decided to go another direction and traded him away. He make the Pro Bowl in 2020 for us. But we did just re-sign him. He had 39 Tackles and 13 Interceptions for us. B


    Round 4, PIck 113 - FB Cory Hendricks, Oklahoma

    Hard to evaluate a FB, and he never progressed higher than like a 82 or 83. We let him go at the end of his Rookie Contract. D


    Round 5, Pick 141 - OT William Kindard, Texas

    Mostly a Depth Guy, he played early on but was replaced by better players down the line. Got mad, didn't re-sign and went to New Orleans I think? He's retired now. C


    Round 6, Pick 170 - TE Shane Kaufman, LSU

    Shane sucked. We moved on from early Colts legend Jason Lee for this kid, and he was just doodoo. Had just over 1K Yards in like 3 years for us. We traded him to the Jets for basically nothing and he did nothing for them there either. F


    Round 7, Pick 233 - OLB Tom Johnson, Georgia State

    I don't even remember who this guy is. There's a Wiki page for his name, but it goes to a guy in the short-lived NHLHC. F


    Round 7, Pick 237 - QB Corey Mendoza, Purdue

    We considered Corey Mendoza with this pick. He was Mr. Irrelevant, and we were hopeful to get a long term backup with him, but he just didn't progress and didn't go past his Rookie Contract. Was almost never active for games iirc. D


    Overall - B


    I know there's a lot C's and F's here, but getting a HOF Caliber QB and a couple of Defensive Studs early overwhelms the late whiffs. In the first 3 Rounds, 3 of our Picks are B or better and the other two guys are C Range. So I'm comfortable with a B Grade.

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