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    If you could listen to one album for the first time again, what would it be?


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    This is something I was thinking about last night watching album reactions on youtube last night. If you could pick one album to erase from your memory and listen to for the first time again, what album would it be. So not necessarily your favorite album but from like a listening experience perspective. For me, I think it would probably either be Blonde by Frank Ocean for like the emotional angle or Yeezus by Kanye for like the wow this is something else and crazy angle. 

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    I've got two, and both were foundational for me, but only one debuted during my lifetime.


    The first: I didn't "get" modern rock when this came out in '94. I listened to jazz and classic rock and some top 40 stuff. But when I heard this whole album for the first time, I understood how heavy sound and melody and angst and "fuck you" all kind of swirled together to create something serious. I'm a "fan" of Weezer, but this was more like a gateway drug for other music.





    And Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" - I found this a little later, and I was blown away at how IMperfect the performances are, but still breathtaking. 




    Now, with as much time I've spent in music, knowing what I know NOW, I would love to hear these albums again for the first time. 


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    Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago


    For me, I wish this was an album that I discovered later in life, as I don't think I really understood what was going on in the album whenever I heard it back in high school. Also, I feel like nothing is more transcendent for me when listening to an album than when a song seamlessly transitions into the next and the transition from "Creature Fear" into "Team" just gets me every time and I'd love to be able to experience that for the first time again.


    Sturgill Simpson- A Sailor's Guide to Earth


    An absolutely stunning portrait to fatherhood and unconditional love. The horns from the Dap Kings throughout, along with the beautiful string orchestration throughout the album, make it one of the best listening experiences I've ever had, so how could I NOT want to experience that again.



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    Channel Orange - Frank Ocean came out at a time I really needed it. I haven’t been secretive on this site about my struggles with depression and anxiety, and they really flared up during my junior year of high school, and a lot of days I made it through only because of music therapy. It’s hard to go back to listen to Channel Orange straight through now because I’ve just played it so many times in the 8.5 years since it came out, but I would love to go back and soak it all up again. 

    MBDTF - Kanye West is such a great work of art start to finish. Kanye gets ripped on a ton by the media, a lot of it deserved, but MBDTF was also another instrumental piece in my development from teenager into early adulthood. 


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    Because the Internet- Childish Gambino. This album is always in my rotation because not only does Donald show his range but the themes and experiences he sings and raps about, I relate heavily too. One of the most versatile performers who I feel doesn't get their due diligence.
    CARE FOR ME- Saba. If you haven't realized already I am heavily into deeper rap. This album told a story of lost and honoring a family member. Listen to PROM/KING, cuz it is a rollercoaster.
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    When I first started listening to music, I rarely listened to full albums.  But there were two albums that I listened to fully on a whim in my younger years that were such great experiences that I'd love to relive those for the first time.


    Regional at Best - Twenty One Pilots. It's crazy to me still that TOP is one of the most popular bands in the world right now. The first album of there's that I listened to was Blurryface which is still probably my favorite album they have HOWEVER, when I first listened to Regional I felt like some of the songs on there were written for me personally. It sucks that the record company that signed TOP eventually took this album out of circulation making it harder to listen to, but luckily someone has uploaded the full album on YT for me to go back to. And some of the songs on here were "upgraded" for their album Vessel but tbh I much rather prefer the original tracks.


    The Click - AJR. Holy moly, this album just had banger after banger after banger after....(except Call My Dad, which isn't a bad song but as you can probably tell is a bit of a tearjerker and not really "groovable") If I had to pick my most favorite album of all time it's this one easily. AJR is so good at making Overture's to start their albums and The Click's gets you right into the bops. Just 45 minutes of good beats and fun lyrics and then 3 minutes of feeling guilty about not talking to your dad; overall, a very solid album that I would love to experience for the first time again.


    Other albums I like: A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships - The 1975; Simulation Theory - Muse; The Human Condition - Jon Bellion; TALKING IS HARD - WALK THE MOON; Fine Line - Harry Styles

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    On 5/29/2021 at 6:25 PM, tsweezy said:

    WANT by 3oh!3


    this was my shit over the summer from 7th into 8th grade. I’ll still go back and listen to a few songs off it every now and then, which is wild since it’s from half my life ago, and other than like The Carter III, I don’t really listen to any of the same stuff I did then.


    50 minutes ago, VerifiedThing said:

    The Click - AJR. 


    AJR just stays consistently putting out quality albums. Looking at Spotify, The Click might actually be my least favorite album of theirs and that’s not a critique of The Click at all. They’re very good at fitting my vibes, 

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    Couldn't pick so did mine by decade but couldn't decide between 3 in the 2010s 


    70s - Steve Miller Band  - Fly Like an Eagle

    80s - AC/DC  - Back in Black
    90s - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

    00s - The Strokes - Is This It

    10s - Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour / Bon Iver - Bon Iver / Tyler Childers  - Purgatory

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