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Titans win Super Bowl XII

Tennessee wins its first title after a victory over Chicago.
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    [2025] Draft Grades Part #1 (ARI through CLE)

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    NOTE: This doesn't include any value you got out of trading away picks for other assets. Grades are relative to each other based on chemistry, potential for skill and busting, and overall skill changes to your team.


    :cardinals: Arizona Cardinals

    • Overall: A-
    • Best Pick: QB Matt Ballard (Ohio State)
    • Best Value: FS Ron Knight Jr. (Clemson)
    • Best Potential: OLB Robert Devlin (Purdue)

    :falcons: Atlanta Falcons

    • Overall: B+
    • Best Pick: WR Deon Kirksey (Arizona State)
    • Best Value: TE Branden Wilkes (Nevada)
    • Best Potential: WR Ukeme Adamu (Grand Valley State)

    :ravens: Baltimore Ravens

    • Overall: C-
    • Best Pick: CB Reshard Hinton (Grambling)
    • Best Value: RB Bronson Willingham (UNLV)
    • Best Potential: OG Jeremiah Carlson (Maryland)

    :bills: Buffalo Bills

    • Overall: D
    • Best Pick: TE Ka'Jai Chisholm (Purdue)
    • Best Value: WR Benjamin Solomon (Oregon)
    • Best Potential: TE Ka'Jai Chisholm (Purdue)

    :panthers: Carolina Panthers

    • Overall: B-
    • Best Pick: WR Danny Brantley Jr. (Florida)
    • Best Value: CB Brian Bonds (Hawaii)
    • Best Potential: CB Akiem Pryor (Miami (FL))

    :bears: Chicago Bears

    • Overall: C
    • Best Pick: WR Logan Lawson (Purdue)
    • Best Value: DE Anthony Walton (Florida State)
    • Best Potential: QB Rasheed Bullocks (Duke)

    :bengals: Cincinnati Bengals

    • Overall: C+
    • Best Pick: OT Robert Davis (Stanford)
    • Best Value: CB A.J. Gilchrist (Fresno State)
    • Best Potential: OT Robert Davis (Stanford)

    :browns: Cleveland Browns

    • Overall: B-
    • Best Pick: WR Deontray Clay (Rice)
    • Best Value: ILB Marcus Roman (Boston College)
    • Best Potential: IT Adam DeLuca (Navy)
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