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    [2025] Pre-season sign up + Roster Rules

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    Pre-season Sign up:

    Owners may contact other owners and set up 3 pre-season games (At least 1 Home, 1 Away) You don't pick the week you play someone, just the team and home/away.  When you have all 3 games set up, post them in this thread and I will add them to the schedule.  ONLY OWNERS MAY SCHEDULE GAMES.


    This is due Tuesday, August 3rd.  At that point, your team will be assigned a schedule if you have not submitted a schedule.  Some changes will probably have to be made as well.


    Roster Rules:

    In the pre-season, each team must play their team's projected starters against the other team's projected starters in week 2.  You may exempt seven veteran starters with at least five years of experience in the league (5 in the player line) from this game if you wish.  These players must be indicated in the inactive list on your depth chart for that game.  You may also substitute one of those 7 players with your starting QB if they are not yet a 5 year veteran.  


    Players that are currently injured (from camp, or previous games) do not count toward the 7 inactive veterans. 


    Also, if you have a true position battle and no clear-cut starter, you can play any player that is part of the competition, but there will be extra scrutiny on such cases to avoid people trying to exploit the system.


    You may do whatever you want in the other 2 pre-season games.  If you are planning on playing starters in another game, try to coordinate with the other team's coach so they can do the same. 


    A team that does not comply with this rule will have their entire team lose a large amount of starting fitness, and likely lose practices as well.


    Link to Regular Season Schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n6-gGzkxxaZ503EezXaakeZHu9FQTwD3jTEXq9f2R0Y/edit?usp=sharing

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